Kryptops - This dinosaur came equipped with its own face mask. Kaatedocus - This Diplodocus relative had a characteristic grin. Put a metatarsal on the metacarpal table and get ready for an earful. Pampadromaeus - This "Pampas runner" was ancestral to sauropods. Montanoceratops - A primitive ceratopsian of the late Cretaceous period. Sahaliyania - This hadrosaur's name is Manchurian for "black. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Also, this never happened. With Wallace Beery, Bessie Love, Lloyd Hughes, Lewis Stone. The second, more immediate problem with putting the Pterodactyl in dinosaur books is that there is (was) no such animal. Albertaceratops - The most basal "centrosaurine" yet identified. Beipiaosaurus - The only known feathered therizinosaur. I'm going to accept Jon Hanna's answer since he was first. Batyrosaurus - One of the most basal hadrosaurs yet identified. Eocursor - This late Triassic reptile was one of the earliest true dinosaurs. Neimongosaurus - A rare therizinosaur from inner Mongolia. Seismosaurus - It was huge, to be sure, but might it have been a species of Diplodocus? Puertasaurus - This titanosaur rivaled Argentinosaurus in size. Darwinsaurus - "Darwin's lizard" may or may not be a valid dinosaur genus. Got your attention yet? I feel quite comfortable calling either Pterodactylus antiquus or Pterodactylus longicollum a pteradactyl. Kosmoceratops - This ceratopsian had a bizarre, downward-folding frill. Ornithodesmus - This mysterious raptor was once thought to be a pterosaur. site design / logo © 2020 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under cc by-sa. Leptoceratops - One of the most primitive of all ceratopsians.

One of the longer sections of our dinosaur collection, you'll discover a number of interesting finds here. I’ve virtually no understanding of coding but I was hoping to start my own blog soon. One stitched together word…badass! Hexing - This early ornithomimid was recently discovered in China. What is certain is that flying dinos — birds — have been around much longer than your post states! As does pretty much everybody, so I think the paleontologists should loosen up and go ahead and put the term BACK in the book, where it was when I was a kid. Suchomimus - A fish-eating dinosaur with a distinct crocodilian profile. Aegyptosaurus - Try and guess which country this dinosaur was found in.

Xiongguanlong - A small, primitive tyrannosaur from Asia. Dinosaurs once ruled Earth and we're continually learning more about them. Dacentrurus - The first stegosaur ever to be described. Efraasia - This Triassic herbivore may have been ancestral to sauropods. Ferganasaurus - The first dinosaur ever to be discovered in the USSR. Rugops - This wrinkly-faced carnivore probably fed on abandoned carcasses. Fukuiraptor - One of the few carnivorous dinosaurs ever to be dug up in Japan. Tataouinea - No, this dinosaur wasn't named after Tatooine in Star Wars. Of course, both words are made using the Greek word πτέρυξ (originally pronounced /'ptɛruks/) 'wing', and this word, as well as the English words feather (p -> f and t -> θ via Grimm's Law), compete, perpetual, ptomaine, symptom, and hippopotamus, all are descended from the PIE root *pet- 'to rush, fly'. Borogovia - This theropod was named after a Lewis Carroll poem.

Pararhabdodon - The western European equivalent of Tsintaosaurus. Huanghetitan - Yet another contender for the biggest dinosaur that ever lived. No, it is not how the ancient Greeks pronounced it: /pt/ was a possible initial cluster (as were /pn/, /ps/ and /kt/). I would say that it is now the job of the writers of dictionaries to figure out what people mean when they use the term pteradactyl and write up that definition for clarification.

Nemegtomaia - This dinosaur had a bizarrely shaped skull. Fabrosaurus - This early ornithopod may have been a species of Lesothosaurus. ", Therizinosaurus - What did Little Orphan Annie say to this dinosaur? Triceratops - The famous, three-horned, plant-eating dinosaur.

Atlasaurus - This sauropod had unusually long legs. The birds are just a group of theropod dinosaurs, the same group that T Rex belonged to. Ojoceratops - A very close relative of Triceratops. Kinnareemimus - This "bird mimic" dinosaur was recently discovered in Thailand. Pls work harder. Tsaagan - One of the earliest raptors yet discovered. Sinosauropteryx - The first dinosaur proven to have feathers. Deinodon - This "terrible tooth" is important from a historical perspective. Sinornithosaurus - A typical dino-bird of the early Cretaceous. Gasparinisaura - One of the few ornithopods known to have lived in South America. Chilantaisaurus - This large theropod may have been ancestral to Spinosaurus. Mei - The current record-holder for "shortest dinosaur name.".

Erlikosaurus - This late therizinosaur roamed the Mongolian forests. The first film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a land where prehistoric creatures still roam. Saurolophus - One of the few hadrosaurs known to have lived on two continents. This has happened for some time, since while pterodactyl is a relatively recent word, we've been talking about Ptolemy for quite some time. Cryptovolans - Was this the same dinosaur as Microraptor? Amargasaurus - A bizarre, spined sauropod from South America. Tianyuraptor - A small, long-legged raptor from eastern Asia. Cryolophosaurus -This crested dinosaur was once known as "Elvisaurus.". Thanks @tchrist As well as being what I did indeed want, it's nicer looking in the font I'm seeing it in, too. Chaoyangsaurus - An early ceratopsian of the late Jurassic period. Maxakalisaurus - One of the biggest titanosaurs ever found in Brazil. Mapusaurus - This huge carnivore was closely related to Giganotosaurus. Troodon - Possibly the smartest dinosaur that ever lived. When does a topos satisfy the axiom of regularity?

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