Colgate has many dominant spaces that affirm Greek life, and we believe there is need for a space where people can publicly share their criticism. Tradition.

As the ice melted, the pepper would drip into their eyes. The member removed from office by Fraternity staff may use the typical appeal procedures. Under no circumstances should an advisor also serve on an Alumni Association Board or a House/Facility Cooperation, or the Board of Directors.

This does not preclude accountability for other violations including, but not limited to, social event management violations, sexual misconduct, hazing, assault, etc. X got laid!

No person may possess, use, provide, distribute, sell, and/or manufacture illegal drugs or other controlled substances while on organizational premises or at any activity or event sponsored or endorsed by the organization. Each organization is expected to maintain a minimum size of 40 men or be the largest on campus, whichever is highest. DKE International Headquarters has made a shift in focus from a heavy emphasis on liability and policy to an approach that encompasses the fundamental obligation to “Do the Right Thing” and how to meet that obligation. There was a problem saving your notification. No Chapter may make any additions, deletions, or any alterations to the Rituals of Delta Kappa Epsilon, nor should there be any sub-rituals.

The allegations against members of LSU's now-closed Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity were horrendous. Upon any written request of the Fraternity or its officers and officials, any organization or member having registered any domain name containing any insignias of the Fraternity shall assign such domain name to the Fraternity at no cost to the Fraternity and shall not contest or oppose any effort by the Fraternity to recover any such domain name through applicable regulations and procedures following expiration or termination of any license contemplated by these Standards or the Constitution & By-Laws. Phi Delta Theta has been banned from LSU's campus until at least 2033 as a result of the investigation into the events leading to Gruver's death. The national chapter had investigated allegations from a grandfather who reported hazing wounds on his grandson, over the student's objections.

In contrast to the DKE investigation, numerous Phi Delta Theta pledges and some Phi Delta Theta members cooperated with Moore's office and testified at Naquin's trial. Each organization is encouraged to adopt and enforce additional standards, suitable for their particular circumstances. It should be. Any behavior that directly conflicts with the values, mission, and vision, Objects, or expectations of Delta Kappa Epsilon that are expressed and implied. They echoed the district attorney's sentiments. Where applicable, organizations are to be in good standing and recognized by the host institution. The presence of alcohol products above 15% alcohol by volume (“ABV”) is prohibited on any organization premises or at any event, except when served by a licensed and insured third-party vendor. Pledge banquet–within the next week experimental road-trips, we have to find girls who will fuck. Email Joe Gyan Jr. at

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Fundraising directly by the sale of alcohol is prohibited. Organizations — fraternities, sororities, associations, social clubs, athletic teams and similar groups on college or high school campuses — that knowingly allow hazing could also face fines of up to $10,000. Awesome football tailgate Saturday. Raised funds are to be donated to the designated philanthropic organization. Summary: Anonymous source broke into DKE and stole their historical ledger. It should be further. Each member of the Fraternity is expected to comply with these standards in respect to his personal internet use which typically indicates or demonstrates his membership in the Fraternity. All nine of the arrested DKE members were enrolled at LSU when Phi Delta Theta pledge Max Gruver, 18, of Roswell, Georgia, died in a 2017 alcohol-related hazing incident on the school's campus. Self-Governance. "We have little to no cooperation with any potential witnesses," he said. Hazing that doesn't lead to death would be subject to fines of up to $1,000 and six months in prison. Each organization is expected to maintain a minimum average of 50 dollars raised per member per semester. Integrity. No organization or member shall engage in or permit internet use in any manner, form, or content that is inconsistent with the standards, values, Objects, policies, guidelines, and procedures of the Fraternity as the Board of Directors or their designee may determine from time to time. Max Gruver's photo is in front of the trio.

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