Dear Guma, Hope all is well. Charles, My issue is my H’ value is 7,054 and my H’max 4,392 for 21 species so it’s impossible. How do I include this point on a bar graph?

Since some categories from the population may not be present in a sample (especially in a small sample), the sample value of J’ tends to overestimate the corresponding population relative diversity index J′ (which again means that it is a biased estimate). This number represents three standard deviations less than the average.C3: =C2+$B$4 To create a sample bell curve, follow these steps: Enter the following column headings in a new worksheet: A1:Original B1:Average C1:Bin D1:Random E1:Histogram G1:Histogram. I guess I am doing similar thing as you do. The ‘Khasi hill sal’ forest ecosystem in Meghalaya, India represents the easternmost limit of sal distribution. This will generate 2,000 random numbers that fit in a normal distribution. Shannon’s diversity index uses the natural log of pi not log base 10. of each species. For more information about creating charts, click Microsoft Excel Help on the Help menu, type create a chart in the Office Assistant or the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topic. Beside the Simpson Index there are many other indices used to describe diversity.

In particular, for a random sample, we can use Shannon’s index of diversity (aka as Shannon-Weiner’s index), which is defined as, where ni is the number of observations from the sample in the ith of k (non-empty) categories and n = is the sample size. Using cover data for vegetation. J′ can be viewed as a measure of heterogeneity (or dominance). Charles. A bell curve is a plot of normal distribution of a given data set. You now have a chart that compares a given data set to a bell curve. Vegetation was sampled in 11 transects of 10 m width and up to 500 m length covering 5.2 ha area. It is common to consider the following measure of relative diversity (aka evenness or homogeneity): J′ can be viewed as a measure of heterogeneity (or dominance). Subscribe to Comments

Charles. When calculating Shannon’s index, how do you standardize by the number of quadrats sampled when unequal sample unit size occurs among sites? where pi is the proportion of observations in the ith of k (non-empty) categories. My Shannon’s diversity index is superior to my H’max with Ln but also log2 or log10. What do I do if I have “zero” in a certain category? Perhaps I am mistaken, but I understood that log base 2, 10 or e could be used. Several ecological and statistical models of dominance/diversity have been proposed, to explain the curves. The Classification Table compares the predicted number of successes with the number of successes actually observed and similarly the predicted number of failures compared to the number actually observed.. Charles. Charles, Sorry, I meant the last definition where you have both a p and a p_i, Hello David, n the following example you can create a bell curve of data generated by Excel using the Random Number Generation tool in the Analysis ToolPak. I wanted to ask when calculating Shannon’s index, do we use number of the species or abundance number? Alternatively, H′  in cell B8, can be calculated by the formula, =LOG10(SUM(B4:F4))-SUMPRODUCT(B4:F4,LOG10(B4:F4))/SUM(B4:F4). What bar graph are you referring to? Sorry, but I have not understood the issue that you are raising. Another measure of homogeneity is given by the formula Example 1 : Find Shannon’s index of diversity and index of relative diversity for a random sample of 25 observations distributed among five categories as … Charles. I just have a simple question. This formula adds one standard deviation to the number calculated in the cell above. Thanks! Can you guide me? Hill numbers (“true diversity”) and Renyi entropy of order one to four, Diversity as Business KPI – Alpha and Beta Diversity. Do you think that this sample size is enough? We tested if tree diversity and compositional heterogeneity of this ecosystem was higher than other sal-dominated forests due to moister environment. In my video “Diversity Index as Business KPI – The Concept of Diversity” I explain the mathematical concept of diversity introducing the Simpson Index λ and its complement (1-λ) as a measure of product diversification in markets. To generate the random data that will form the basis for the bell curve, follow these steps: In the Analysis Tools box, click Random Number Generation, and then click OK. Click the Name box, and then select cell E14. Instead we use a measure of the distribution of observations among the categories. In the Name box, delete the cell reference, and then select cell E15. A way to represent the dominance and rarity is the relative abundance graph. In the Format Data Series dialog box, click the Axis tab. I think I saw this in Zar’s textbook. In the Standard Deviation box enter the number calculated in cell B4 (14.68722). In this graph, we put on the abscissa the species number and on the ordinate the cumulative relative abundance. KB, Another measure of homogeneity is given by the formula. In the Y Values box, delete the value that's there, and then select the range G3:G10. This article describes how you can create a chart of a bell curve in Microsoft Excel. In this paper the appropriate parameters and methods of curve fitting for plant communities are described for the General Lognormal, Canonical Lognormal, Geometric, Broken Stick, Zipf and Zipf‐Mandelbrot models. Thank you for your post it was very helpfull, but i encountered a little problem. To create a histogram for the random data, follow these steps: In the Analysis Tools box, select Histogram, and then click OK. To create a histogram for the original data, follow these steps: Create labels for the legend in the chart by entering the following: Select the range of cells, E2:H10, on the worksheet. Do you agree? I am comparing H’ for two sites and am unsure which graph type to use and how to calculate SD for a single H’ value. Daniel, In the Output Options pane, click Output Range. Using these counts, students will make a diversity curve in Microsoft Excel that should depict a rough approximation of the paleontological record of the group. An improved version of Shannon’s index, which takes into account that some population categories may not be present in a random sample, is as follows: Hi Charles, how do you calculate standard deviation for H’?

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