Silvana, mejor conocida como Chivis, es una mujer rica que pierde todos sus bienes materiales debido a una estafa de su marido, quien huye del país para evitar ser arrestado.

Amistad salvada 44 min. Angie asks her if she has feelings for Manuel. Tayang mulai pada tanggal 28 Oktober 2019, setiap hari Senin- Minggu pukul 16.00 WIB. There is still hope for Vicente and Luc'a. Chivis goes to the salsa club to look for Angie and is met with quite the surprise: Majo seems to be dancing with Vicente and kissing him. Reservados todos los derechos, Hoy 17:30 Instagram Live 'Te doy la vida', Nefes cae en manos de Genko: "Dispárale en la cabeza", El lunes a las 16:30 regresa a Nova 'Muchacha italiana viene a casarse'. Manuel and Chivis almost kiss during the welcome party. Lupita y Angie van a la cárcel a ver a su papá. Carlos Ponce Manuel Gallardo. Manuel dan keluarganya waspada dengan orang orang kaya, karena mereka memiliki masalah dengan orang dengan kelas sosial tersebut.

Antonio José falls apart after hearing a message from Lupita and lets himself get carried away by anger. She tries to convince him that Chivis will get back with her husband and forget all about him. Antonio José is determined to get back with Chivis. Antonio José is free. Stella declares war on Chivis and finds a picture to convince her that Manuel got back together with her. Tidak hanya tentang kepahlawanan dan usaha meraih kemerdekaan. She is outraged by the improvements her ex makes to the apartment and his model behavior. Poncho is still set on bringing down his boss. Then, he follows Manuel to the terminal and spies on him from his office until the police show up.

When Manuel insists, Chivis opens up to him.

Although her first kiss with Manuel is interrupted, Chivis admits that under other circumstances it would have happened. Antonio José is honest with Chivis. La misma es protagonizada por Maritza Rodríguez, Carlos Ponce y Adriana Barraza. Lucha and Andrés say goodbye but still miss each other. The argument escalates but she assures him that they’re just friends. An opportunity arises for the Villaseñors. Poncho shows up at the market with a new look and roses for Stella but Manuel sees them. Stella can’t find an ideal buyer. RS. Margarita's (jorge's girlfriend) grandpa Is a baker. Don Benito de Mendoza. Lucha tries to make peace with Majo. Her new plan is to win Manuel back. Catalina walks in on Chivis kissing Manuel. Chivis complains to Antonio José about scamming Andrés’s father and he accuses her of having a lover. Stella starts therapy but wants someone specific to go with her. Manuel wants his daughter to be happy. Nova » Series » Silvana sin lana MEJORES MOMENTOS Don Benito ha demostrado que es un caballero, se ha puesto de rodillas para pedir a Chivis la mano de su madre Trini .

Mar'a José makes a radical decision about her family and Andrés. Angie exposes her father’s lawyer. She is filled with pain and rage and tells him to stay away from her and her children. Miran, a Reyyan: "No enfades con tu madre, yo no estoy enfadado con ella". Sandra Velasco Creación. Silvana has it made. Anastasia Mazzone Catalina Hernández Pons. Chvis dan keluarganya bangkrut dan akhirnya pindah ke sebuah tempat yang sederhana. Despite the circumstances, she accepts. 2016 Telemundo. Untuk itu perlu adanya fasilitas yang mendukung kegiatan ibadah khususnya... Perkembangan dunia seakan tak bisa lagi dibendung lagi, semua berputar terus seakan tak bisa berhenti. Drama dengan genre komedi romantis ini ditayangkan di televisi Indonesia, yakni di channel NET TV. Luis Manzo Dirección. Stella keeps trying for a relationship with Manuel. Stella and Poncho return from Las Vegas; she doesn’t feel very good. He can’t wait, and decides to ask her to marry him. Antonio José plans some illegal bets to pay his bail. LM. Antonio José disappears.

Manuel le hace una propuesta a Chivis. Drama ini menceritakan tentang kedua orang tetangga yang saling bermusuhan, hingga akhirnya mereka saling menerima satu dengan yang lainnya.

-Estamos viendo Silvana sin Lana Margarita's (jorge's girlfriend) grandpa Is a baker. Later, Chivis gives her ex an ultimatum. Majo and Vicente can’t help speaking shortly after the wedding is called off but she’s hesitant to say anything in front of her father. Meanwhile, Andrés wants to take the next step in his relationship with Majo. O sea para mí fue un momento muy especial y de mis cosas favoritas era que iba a grabar con mis amigos ". ¡Que viva el amor! When her husband flees from police before he’s arrested for fraud, Chivis and her family are left broke and homeless. Manuel doesn’t buy Stella’s pregnancy. Lucha begins her candidacy with a vibrant speech. Esteban invites Stella to a gathering but the date becomes quite romantic - sometimes awkward and sometimes funny. Manuel visits Chivis and asks her what she would do if her husband decided to come back. The series first aired on July 19, 2016. Poncho leaves the house and moves in with Manuel. Poncho se reconcilia con Manuel y habla de más sobre Stella.

Majo hugs Vicente. The Mojarra tells Antonio José that Manuel left Chivis because he is in love with her. Chivis gives Antonio’s gifts to her daughters. Antonio José sends Chivis money, gifts, and a card telling her that he’s coming back. Baca juga: Sinopsis Never Twice Episode 1 – 64 Lengkap, SINOPSIS TELENOVELA NET TV SILVANA SIN LANA EPISODE 1 – 121 TERAKHIR LENGKAP. A high society woman loses everything and has to move with her three daughters, and her mom to a middle-class neighborhood.

Gonül ataca de nuevo, pero Reyyan se defiende, Reyyan le planta cara a Yaren: "Tú mandaste los papeles del divorcio". All of that changes when Silvana loses everything and is forced to move in with her children and mother in a middle-class neighborhood.Silvana Sin Lana is a series that is currently running and has 1 … Stella pressures Manuel to introduce her as his girlfriend but his kids don’t like the idea. Chivis rejects Manuel’s proposal. Stella and Chivis fight.

A heated argument between Chivis and Stella ends in a pitched battle. Stella has made it to the altar. Jorge kisses Angie. Antonio José returns home, a free man. Then, she meets Manuel Gallardo. Luc'a and Vicente console each other. ... don Benito. ¿Por qué Sultana y Azat se reúnen en secreto? Angie Villaseñor. With Maritza Rodríguez, Marimar Vega, Valeria Menendez Rodriguez, Carlos Ponce. By using the site, you consent to these cookies. Chivis doesn’t believe it but he says he is a changed man.

Selain itu, lawan mainnya adalah Carlos Ponce, yang sebelumnya membintangi drama Telenovela dan juga drama Hollywood Height. About. Antonio José sees Chivis and Manuel together.

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