Consequently, W. euGene Scott Ph.D ® is a registered trademark name.

« "Between the RIAA and a Hard Place" from "Recording Industry vs. I have spend $$ and a lot of time collecting these priceless teachings in their entireity.

God never allowed His chosen to go whoreing after other idols or question His authority. His successor is also the same way blessed as evidenced by her teaching every week. To learn more about Pastor Scott or to view her streaming video, please visit pastor richard genereux | Does anyone know who recorded this particular song and also if it is available anywhere? on the subject of giving. I recall watching this guy late night with friends in my dorm room in Rochester NY back in the mid 80's smoking pot and laughing our asses off.

However, I am happy to hear that his "organization" finally admitted to his death - even though I doubt it happened last year. January 07, 2007 at 12:37 PM. I was one of the first congrageants to signe the mandate ordering Those of us who prefer logic to magic will miss him. is back in the DFW area again, but now the sucker is daid! If only Herzog had been able to organize a theology debate between Gene Scott and Klaus Kinski. July 21, 2006 at 12:34 AM. Scott's people gladly accepted whatever pledge Eddie came up with. Pastor Melissa Scott ® is a registered trademark name. I have obtained many of the books he would read from, and since then have a Enornmous Mp3 collection of his complete teachings. July 28, 2008 at 01:56 AM. If I don't send money and become a Kings House tither...should I not listen anymore? I never knew he was out there. July 21, 2006 at 01:04 AM. He puts it all into perspective! After a few joints, ol' Gene started to make sense!

Pastoring/teaching a church of human beings is the gift God gives to the stiffneck and prone-to-wandering people. Posted by: If you are a copyright owner and believe that your copyrighted works have been used in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, here is our DMCA Notice. Posted by: michael | (Not sure I really want to get in that "line" to contact the good Dr. As for writing him a letter, gotta love that! All rights reserved. Pastor Melissa Scott continues to broadcast the teaching of her late husband, as well as her own messages on Eddie Hendricks | Dr. Scott presented the prophets, apostles and Jesus as powerful credible individuals with authority. Dr. Scott conveyed a message so profound that the wise do not hear it. CLICK TO WATCH INTERNET STREAM ON WINDOWS MEDIA. They think they are by definition more intelligent for what they don't believe in. Posted by: I miss his long, drawn out glares at the various cameras. During the 1980's Dr. Scott would play several different songs in between his teachings.

Is Dr. Scott allowed to show his displeasure when people challenge his motives and his ministry? So many think themselves so intelligent yet profess profound faith in government and bureaucracy proving their own mental feebleness. Jesus taught the lesson to His disciples though they didn't get it until He rose from the grave because He was faithing. Dr. Gene was something else. Dr. I place no judgement on the man.

Dr. Gene Scott and Pastor Melissa Scott are the first and only biblical scholars to provide 24/7 global access to pre-recorded and live messages, with students in 180 countries. You can still talk to Gene Scott at his website. God denied access to the promised land to that whole generation. I find this post quite funny. Main Useless factoid: Ron Carey (Carl Levitt from "Barney Miller", y'know, the short shit plainclothesman that tried too hard) is a staunch supporter of Dr. Gene. i will love you and teach you gods word but on gods terms not yours. Jose Mamasita |

Posted by: Copyright © 2012 Pastor Melissa Scott. Another fact about Scott is that she preached the Faith Center Church's 2000th sermon in November 2015.

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