But it happens so often, one may argue, that things go wrong in life and despite our constant begging to Him, He doesn’t give it back to us. It’s all or nothing. (Do) we have to learn these words?” He said, “Yes, whoever hears them should learn them.”, /Allaahumma innee ?abduk (a) wa-bnu ?bdik (a), naaSiyaatee bi-yadik (a), maaDi? It’s also a good replacement for music and allows you to work and have something beneficial on in the background. Having a basic knowledge of the theme, topic, message & meaning of what you are reciting, Lettering doodles as I was going through the chapter on “The fada’il of the surahs and their themes”, from “A Tentative Guide to the Themes of the Surahs of the Qur’an”, by HRH Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad. So we ask Allah to revive our dead hearts through His blessed Words like He revives dead lands through water from the sky and to make the Quran a light in our hearts …

Allah, the Almighty says, which means. There is not a moving (living) creature but He has grasp of its forelock. He is the Just One, Who oversees His servants’ affairs justly. }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-ktcrjifgt")); amzn_assoc_ad_type = "link_enhancement_widget"; His verses are truthful, His Judgment is correct, and His commandments are beneficial. The Turner of the hearts, turn our heart towards Your obedience.” [Saheeh Muslim vol.4, p.1397, no.6418] If anyone performs ablution like that of mine and offers a two rak`at prayer during which he does not think of anything else ..

I recite the same too, and looks shorter than the dua mentioned above.

Salaam Sharaaz Don’t underestimate the value of what you already know, just use it as a foundation to learn and establish a deeper relationship. The Quran is compared to rain because it revives the hearts.

“Whoever is ever afflicted anxiety or sadness and says: ‘O Allah, I am Your slave, son of Your slave, son of Your female slave, my forelock is in Your hand, Your command over me is forever executed and Your decree over me is just. Muslims all over the world Ameen………. He is on the straight path in His words, His actions, His judgment, His destiny, His commandments, His prohibitions, His rewards and His punishment.

The commentary below focuses on the following sentences of the supplication (Dua): “O Allah! Click here to get popular 100+ Du’as from Quran and Hadith. The devil (shaytan) makes us forget these in one of two ways. The Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)  reminded us: “Truly, the deeds are only according to the intentions, and to every man is that which he has intended. “All the hearts of the offspring of Aadam are between two fingers of Ar-Rehman’s Fingers, as one heart. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); amzn_assoc_linkid = "b6266687c47a57c83a8d234269eda3a9"; We often hold the people relaying he words in such a high position that we forget that the threading of verses from the  Quran come from one source, Allah and Allah has sent us the Quran.

And this is the completion of virtues in a created being.”. The sentence (in the Dua), “My forelock is in Your hands,” means, “I cannot act freely as far as my soul is concerned,” for how can he act freely when his soul is possessed by his Lord, his forelock is in His hands, his heart is between two of His fingers, and moreover, his death, life, happiness, misery, good-condition, and affliction are in the charge of his Lord, the Exalted? By no means is the servant in charge of himself. But the Prophet ﷺ didn’t stop there; instead he asked that Allah make the Quran the light of our chests.

Some days I would listen as I was reading the familiar surah and I would ensure I went at the pace of the recitor, I did this for one whole month on my commutes to and fro work, when Ramadan came I started to progress beyond Fatiha and my Arabic had improved, the repetitive looking at the words, grammar, and flow had contributed to my confidence when reading further. May Allah help us all and answers everyone’s Duas.. MashaAllah.

; 2.2 Frequently asked questions Let the Qur’an be Springtime of my heart, the light of my chest, the remover of my sadness and the pacifier of my worries.” For years I carried around the little book of duas, Fortress of a Muslim, the pocket-sized dua book that has every dua you need from morning to night, from when it thunders to when you feel anxious and it’s been my go-to for Ramadan, times of difficulty and as a general reference book. How to keep them and yourself busy during the quarantine, How to make the most out of a socially-isolated Ramadan, 3 Spiritual and Emotional Benefits of Seeking Istighfar, Get instant access to 9 video lessons and learn Quranic Arabic in an EASY, SIMPLE & FUN way, Discover how you can understand the Quran regardless of AGE OR LIFESTYLE, Apply what you learn DIRECTLY to the Quran through application to verses and dozens of Quranic examples.

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This is what the Prophet ﷺ asked Allah for with regards to the Quran – to rejuvenate our faith and re-invigorate our souls. But, what’s the cure for that despair?

Selina is passionate about empowering those around her and just trying to be a better person. IqraSense.com has been relentlessly communicating the peaceful message of Islam to Muslims as well as non-Muslims for almost 15 years now. So the supplication implies that the heart is revived (elimination of worries and sorrow) by the spring of the Quran, for it is the light of the chest, a concept, which combines life and light.

Revive your heart. Dua when your vehicle begins to fail. . اللهم إني عبدُك وابنُ عبدِك وابنُ أَمَتِك، ناصِيَتِي بِيَدِكَ، مَاضٍ فِيَّ حُكْمُكَ، عَدْلٌ فِيَّ قَضَاؤُكَ، أَسْأَلُكَ بِكُلِّ اسْمٍ هُوَ لَكَ، سَمَّيْتَ بِهِ نَفْسَكَ، أَوْ عَلَّمْتَهُ أَحَداً مِنْ خَلْقِكَ، أَوْ أَنْزَلْتَهُ فِي كِتَابِكَ، أَوِ اسْتَأْثَرْتَ بِهِ فِي عِلْمِ الْغَيْبِ عِنْدَكَ: أَنْ تَجْعَلَ الْقُرْآنَ رَبِيعَ قَلْبِي، وَنُورَ صَدْرِي، وَجَلَاءَ حُزْنِي، وَذَهَابَ هَمِّي. Dua for traveling mentioned in the Quran. Your Decree on me is just,” implies two themes. He knows our future. Co-founder of Amaliah amongst many other roles. ibn Al-Qayyim provided the following commentary about this hadith and Dua in his book Al-Fawwaid. This Du`a contains words which glorify Allah and Here are 18 beautiful duas directly from our Holy Quran. JazakAllah kherun for such effort, Alhamdullillah, may the Almighty Allah convert our hearts towards Him and relief us of all burden of our hearts. The Prophet (sa) said, “I am amazed by the believer. He knows ourselves and our condition infinitely better than we do. May god bless us all with more knowledge. Ameen. I beseech You through every name You have, by which You have called Yourself, or which You have sent down in Your Book, or which You have taught to any one of Your creations, or which You have preferred to keep to Yourself among Your guarded secrets, to make the Great Qur'an the springtime of my heart, the light of my chest, the remover of my sadness, and the pacifier of my worries. if (d.getElementById(id)) return;

This made me feel good. Every Muslim convert I have ever spoken with told me that it was the translation of the Quran that strengthened their faith in God. In other words, despite the fact that Allah is the Dominion, the Almighty and the Controller of the destiny of His servants as their forelocks are in His grasp, yet He is on the straight path. Verily, Allah does not decree anything for the believer except what is good for him.” (, “… I ask You by every name belonging to You which You named Yourself with, or You taught to any of Your creation, or revealed in Your Book, or You have preserved in the knowledge of the unseen with You …”, “And to Allah belong the best names, so invoke Him by them.

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