Prior to Oil City High School, he had previously attended Fair Park College Preparatory Academy and C.E. A 1946 graduate of Oil City High School in Oil City, Louisiana, he was Senior Class President and played right tackle on the football team. I always had dogs and cats.

This is something I'm going to take care of. As a kid I had everything. This isn't my property. We even have a food supply for them. A staunch conservative Republican, Holliman campaigned for President Eisenhower's re-election in 1956. Fortunately for him, he was doled out to a Naval force interchanges school in Los Angeles, which allowed him the chance to meet Hollywood stars that demonstrated help to individuals from the military. As is normally the situation, the best film jobs in Hollywood are saved for the best on-screen characters accessible. "The Sundance Cocktail" and "The Mitch Guthrie Cocktail" are adult beverages named in honor of Holliman, having been the title characters he portrayed in the series.

The only movie I remember my father [who died when he was 13] liking was a picture called The Biscuit Eater, made by Warner Bros, I think. Earl Holliman, Actor: Forbidden Planet. Between September 4 and September 9, 1963, he starred in a production of "The Tender Trap", opposite Anthony George, in the role of Charlie Y. Van Cleef was cast with Pippa Scott and again with Chuck Connors in the 1960 episode "Trial by Fear" of the CBS anthology series The DuPont Show with June Allyson . Earl was the seventh out of ten children in his biological family.

He was adopted as a baby by an oil-field worker named Henry Earl Holliman and his waitress wife Velma, growing up in the Louisiana and Arkansas areas. The star of Bridget Loves Bernie, Meredith Baxter-Birney, played the daughter of one of my best friends who had died-a cop who had been killed long ago-and she was like an adopted daughter. He also owned the Fiesta Dinner Playhouse for a decade in the late 1970's and performed there, between film and TV assignments, in such shows as "Mister Roberts," "Arsenic and Old Lace" and "Same Time, Next Year.

He was honored with Sketch of the Day caricatures on the website Star Portraits on August 1, 2019. |  Ruggedly handsome, slack-jawed actor Earl Holliman was born on September 11, 1928, in northeastern Louisiana amid meager surroundings. I think her character's real name was Lee Ann.

Immediately, without hesitation, she replied with, Earl Holliman, and how she hoped that someday she and him would be able to appear with one another in either a film, a television show, or both (which never did transpire). After hearing this, Earl went up to her cabin to introduce himself and when she answered she invited him in to sit and visit with her so she would be able to get to know him somewhat better before they were to begin work on the production. He was considered for the role of Brick Pollitt in the 1958 film adaptation of the acclaimed Tennessee Williams play "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" but lost the part to Paul Newman. The entire Friday night lineup was a smash on NBC: Chico and the Man, Sanford and Son, The Rockford Files-and Police Woman. He supported Ronald Reagan's run for governor of California in 1966 and 1970 and later endorsed him for president in the 1980 and 1984 presidential elections.

Holliman’s stay with the Naval force went on for a year prior to it was found that he had lied about his age. She was gorgeous. Here's a page and a half devoted to Poacher, my dog and my visit there. Earl Holliman Bio, Age : On the eleventh of September, 1928, in Delhi, Louisiana, Earl Holliman was destined to a bereft mother who surrendered him for reception during childbirth.

I raised a little baby named 'Bill' which was a nest egg, but he wandered off and the town sheriff caught him and ate him. Police Officer is kind of generic. Ruggedly handsome, slack-jawed actor Earl Holliman was born on September 11, 1928, in northeastern Louisiana amid meager surroundings. After seeing his dramatic performance of Luhan in the 1971 made for TV movie, Montserrat, a critic in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was noted as saying of him, "I didn't know he could act". What we excel in is spay and neuter, the hot lines, the information, and the medicals. [In one episode,] I had a stewardess at the little bar in my apartment. [on Angie Dickinson] We didn't work on it at all. He played hard-ass, redneck types in the action adventure The Desperate Mission (1969) and in the military drama The Tribe (1970), but did a complete turnaround as a good guy psychologist trying to help get a kid hooker off the streets in Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn (1977). We get anywhere from 100 to 300 calls a day for help in the office and sometimes they expect more than we can do. I thought I'd be able to get a job but I couldn't get one.

He was discharged a year later when his real age was discovered. He also appeared in a number of TV movies that became popular in the late 1960's.

When Elizabeth looked at the cactus flowers, Earl was speaking of she than looked at him and asked, "Do you want one?". From September 15 to October 14, 1981, he starred in a stage production of "Mister Roberts" at his Fiesta Dinner Playhouse in San Antonio, Texas. In 1959, he was featured in LIFE Magazine swimming in a pool at his California home with his dog, whom he named Charlie Brown, jumping in with them both smiling at one another. Biography Ruggedly handsome, slack-jawed actor Earl Holliman was born on September 11, 1928, in northeastern Louisiana amid meager surroundings. It was tiring. [on Hotel De Paree] The edict came down that the dog was too cute. Following that aborted attempt, the teenager returned to Louisiana and immediately enlisted in the United States Navy during World War II by lying about his age (16). I was told that, even though I was a good actor, I wasn't handsome enough to be a leading man and I wasn't offbeat enough to be a character actor. Too many people think of animals as something disposable - or property. He soon rose in rank and gained clout playing jaunty young rookies and tenderfeet and young stud types in rugged westerns, war drama and rollicking comedy. We were paying a gentleman only $1 a day per animal. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. He served as a guest presenter at the 1979 National Film Society Convention. Other non-musical roles included "Sunday in New York," "The Country Girl," "The Tender Trap," "Camino Real," "A Streetcar Named Desire" (as Mitch) and "A Chorus Line" (as Zach).

After his adopted father died when he was 13, he worked with his mother waiting on tables for $1 a night and in the oil fields on the side. Aren't they pretty?". He is an awarded actor, having won a Golden Globe Award for his role in The Rainmaker (1956); another notable role was as Police Sergeant Bill Crowley in the TV series Police Woman (1974-1978). But they kept Angie looking as sexy, provocative and beautiful as possible. [on Fossey's War] When she went by she took her knuckles and gave me a big thump right on top of the head! My real name really is Earl Holliman. On March 8, 2006, he was featured in an interview segment of Box Office Mojo. In 1977, he was the celebrity spokesman for United Way. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. At that time, Angie was married to [composer] Burt Bacharach and they had a young daughter, and it was very important for her not to work after six o'clock at night-it was part of her contract-though she got looser about that as time went on, because there were many times when we had to work at night. He loved her, he protected her, he was crazy about her-though he wasn't exclusive about it. I brought along a pair of dark sunglasses, which I associated with Hollywood, and, on my first day in Hollywood, I went to Grauman's Chinese Theater and I remember walking up and down the forecourt of Grauman's [where movie stars put their handprints and footprints] in my dark glasses hoping everyone would wonder who I was. His received mother Velma was apparently a housewife while his embraced dad was an oil field worker. He was able to flirt with other ladies on the show and there was an unresolved, sexual tension on screen. Get me a Earl Holliman Type. It was a natural and I don't know why it didn't happen. His swaggering characters in such films as Tennessee Champ (1954), Broken Lance (1954), The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954), The Big Combo (1955), I Died a Thousand Times (1955), Forbidden Planet (1956), The Burning Hills (1956) and Giant (1956) ranged from dim and good-natured to impulsive and threatening.Holliman won a Golden Globe for his support performance as a girl-crazy brother in The Rainmaker (1956), holding his own against stars Burt Lancaster and Katharine Hepburn. appearing in the role of Curly McLain. Assigned to a Navy communications school in Los Angeles, this re-stimulated his passion for acting, spending much of his free time at the Hollywood Canteen.Discharged from the Navy a year after enlisting when his true age was discovered, he returned home to work in menial jobs and complete his high school education. That's the way it is in this business. They encouraged me to be whatever I can be. That gave me a lot of visibility which was very helpful, since it IS called Actors and Others. © 2020 All rights reserved. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. No, though there should have been. Ruggedly handsome, slack-jawed actor Earl Holliman was born on September 11, 1928, in northeastern Louisiana amid meager surroundings. She was always sexy Pepper. While riding on a train to Marfa, Texas, in 1956 to start filming "Giant", Earl was sitting with the cast and crew in one of the passenger cars when it was announced by one of the conductors that Elizabeth Taylor's club car was up front. Overview (3) Mini Bio (1) Ruggedly handsome, slack-jawed actor Earl Holliman was born on September 11, 1928, in northeastern Louisiana amid meager surroundings. Played the main character in the very first. on Hoping to discovered, Earl ran away from home hoping to be discovered in Hollywood. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. By the mid-50s, Earl Holliman began getting acknowledgment for his exhibitions, as he wowed groups of onlookers in movies like The Bridges at Toko-Ri (1954), I Died aThousand Times (1955), The Big Combo (1955), Forbidden Planet (1956), Gunfight at the O.K.

On April 25, 2019, he was honored with 3 different sketch of the day caricatures on the website, Star Portraits. I think Angie came up with that. She'd get into trouble and I'd run in and save her. Henry Earl Holliman is an actor born on 11th September 1928 in Delhi, Louisiana USA, and is known for his numerous roles in films, primarily of western and drama genre mostly throughout the 1950s and 1960s. I was just kind of in between. In the Spring of 2019, he received a homemade Academy Award for his work in "The Rainmaker" (1956) from a fan of his in Pennsylvania as an Easter gift. In the wake of graduating in 1946, he decided to re-enroll in the Naval force as opposed to going to Louisiana State College, which had offered him a grant. On April 9, 2019, he was honored with a Sketch of the Day caricature on the website, Star Portraits. Although nothing ever came of this, it would have consisted of the following ensemble had it did: Jeffrey Hunter (Martin Heal), Earl Holliman (Christopher Allen), Tab Hunter (Simon Fowler), Lew Ayres (Count Vancott), Robert Wagner (Mitchell Aarons), James Garner (Peter Day), Jerry Mathers (Little Martin), James Stewart (Mr. During World War II, he lied about his age and enlisted in the U.S. Navy at 15.

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