Analyzing his cooperation with workers, one may state that he uses soft tactics. Before its deal, Musk, who was the organization’s biggest investor, claimed 11.7% of PayPal’s shares. In the meantime, the CEO caught up with a letter on the organization blog, calling the move to go private “the best way ahead.” He guaranteed to hold his stake in the organization, and included that he would make an exceptional store to enable every single current speculator to stay on load up. On August 12, 2013, Musk divulged an idea for a fast transportation framework fusing diminished weight tubes in which pressurized cases ride on an air pad driven by direct enlistment engines and air compressors. Opinions among the analyst community are decidedly mixed about Tesla stock. Musk got US$22 million for his 7 percent share from the deal. Lead With Purpose: –. Moreover, he is a fussy worker. During this venture Elon became Chief Technology Officer and the venture capital firm brought in some different [...], Elon Musk is a CEO and entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded several companies. He may ask the worker to do one thing all the week, and at the end, he may conclude that there is no reason for doing it. Moreover, he even does not concentrate on people who work on the particular object. One of the most important issues to cover is the orientation of Elon Musk’s style. He will find any way to solve the problem even when there is none. He spreads the influence through demands and requests emphasizing the importance of his position.

This paper will discuss the leadership style of Elon Musk, and make an assessment of the pros and cons of this leadership style. The leadership example chosen for this analysis is the case of Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, and his tweeting out in 2018 that he “funding secured” to take the company private at $420 per share. Elon Musk has an inner ability to persuade people. Moreover, he even does not concentrate on people who work on the particular object. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.”- Elon Musk, “Without decisive action to lay the groundwork today, the massive volume of affordable, high efficiency panels needed for unsubsidized solar power to out compete fossil fuel grid power simply will not be there when it is needed,”- Elon Musk, On being a CEO, “it’s eating glass and staring into the abyss”- Elon Musk, “I think you definitely don’t want to grow too fast. In the wake of leaving Pennsylvania, Elon Musk made a beeline for Stanford University in California to seek after a PhD in vitality material science. This leader is a person to follow. Moreover, a few financial specialists recorded claims in light of the fact that Musk was hoping to control stock costs and trap short merchants with his tweet.

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