Since its durable and simple designs are a testament to quality, you will be glad to know the knife comes with lifetime warranty. And it would not have fit along the length of a 2.75″ blade. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, and any other website that may be affiliated with Amazon Service LLC Associates Program. The Izula has a small, but able, 2.6” blade on it made of 1095 high carbon steel. In his free time, he enjoys hogging the remote, surfing, scotch, mental masturbation and debate over philosophical topics, and shooting stuff--usually not all at the same time. Known for being tough, aggressive, and particularly for its powerful sting that is said to be akin to being shot. For a lot of people building an emergency bag, I would say this is a really good option if you don’t like knives in general, but want something which you can depend on. There are a lot of reasons to go through for why you would want a small fixed blade knife, but for me the primary reason is that it often makes for a better tool than a more standard survival sized fixed blade, while also being much stronger than your average pocket knife. No matter how much I preach about…, Coleman PerfectFlow 2-Burner Stove Review, Blade Length (end of handle to tip): 2.88 inch, Handles: None (Optional Scales Available), Colors: Black, OD Green, Desert Tan, Tactical Pink. The ESEE Izula is a great little knife that good for tasks from every day to bushcraft. The design of the knife comes with the textured powdered coat which is perfect to prevent slippage and to increase the friction resistance of the surface. But, the Peruvians call this particular genus and species of fierce indigenous ant the isula! Overall, it’s an ESEE knife, and if you’ve had one before then you know what that means. The Izula II and the 3 are both very capable knives and I look for opportunities to carry the 3 any chance I can! ESEE 3 in a AZWELKE sheath ESEE Izula - not the Izula … The manufacturer knows that this design in a lightweight product has an appeal to it which is hard to match with any other alternatives on the market and this is why it can even represent a great gift idea. The manufacturer added the textured finish which means it will have the durability you need in so many situations. This makes it one of the best designs to perfect your sharping skills on and one of the best choices for people looking to maximize their experience with sharpening. Mar 19, 2007. Get yours here. It is a high-carbon fixed blade that is great for EDC. Fix the latter, and things will improve dramatically. The interesting characteristic of the knife comes with the feel-good usability. The knife is made from steel which means that it won`t be too complicated to sharpen. However, because of the minimal size and weight (2oz), the ESEE Izula makes an excellent EDC … There are many people making third party kydex sheaths for these, for about $30-40 each. ESEE Knives (formerly RAT Cutlery) offer some of the most popular fixed blade survival knives in the $70 – $200 range. However for me, and because of the smaller overall size, I find that more often I gravitate to my little Izula.

Personally, I sorely dislike things around my neck. Named after … And one of the most interesting aspects of the knife represents the fact that it manages to be easy to sharpen which means it represents a great solution even for a new user or, if you plan to offer it as a gift, it may also be a top choice. Many people will carry these knives everyday, but I have no interest in that. The knife is also a good option if you will want to work with precision.

If you are not sure what a neck knife is, it’s quite simply a small knife you wear around your neck via a lanyard and sheath. It uses the main characteristics of the bullet ant in Peru which includes aggression to deliver a compact, lightweight and versatile knife. Posted on April 3, 2013 by Wilson. This completely removed the pain of the handle itself. This is par for the course with any of ESEE’s knives, but you just don’t expect it from a neck knife. Members receive access to exclusive content. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Victorinox Swiss Army Hunter Pro Folding Blade Review, Rivers Edge Lockdown 21 One Man Stand Review. Its soft enough to field sharpen easily. All in all, I would suspect most people will get more use out of a small fixed blade than they will a survival knife — especially since it is far less intimidating to use, and overall easier to handle. ((For most people, that is.)) It is small enough to fit in your pocket but strong enough to tackle jobs that your folding knife might not be robust enough for. For that reason, they became one of my go-to brands when I am in the market for another survival/camping knife.

From tree stands and rangefinders to scopes and trail & game cameras you will find it here. Diomedes Industries. The Esee Izula hunting knife comes with an interesting approach. Personally, I sorely dislike things around my neck. You must be quite the completionist. What’s most impressive about the Izula is the sturdiness of such a small knife.

The overall size is closer to a pocket knife than most any other fixed blade knife, with the benefit being that it is as hard use as a fixed blade. To mitigate this, a popular option is to wrap the handle in paracord, which I bought the knife intending to do — once this was done the knife was a joy to use.

Yes. ESEE Izula II scale upgrade Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by PatriotX, ... That Izula looks fake to me, unless they decided to make the hole in the butt of the handle smaller?

With a few minutes on a good stone, the knife can take on a razor-sharp edge and hold that edge exceptionally well. ... Latest Reviews; Paid Subscriptions; Members. He’s the perfect person to tell us about his long term experiences with the ESEE Izula in this Expert Review. Izula is the common name in Peru, a favorite training ground of ESEE founders Mike Perrin and Jeff Randall, for the Bullet Ant.

Each are great, depending on what you want to use them for, but the Izula I strikes the best balance of the three. I have the Izula I, the II is the same knife, but a little longer handle and comes with micarta handle scales standard. The addition of the optional Micarta scales do add to that, but the knife remains relatively lightweight.

It’s like a mini version of my favorite survival knife, the ESEE 4. Discussion in 'Outdoor Gear, Survival Equipment & More' started by Diomedes Industries, Jun 14, 2012. The drop point is excellent as is the 1095 steel. 7,408. I’m sure there are many hikers who would need nothing more than this. I wanted a much smaller knife to keep in my day hiking pack, should I need something more robust than my pocket knife, I have something which doesn’t take up a ton of space, or look like a weapon. The knife performs with aggression in a large number of situations.

It will be one of the best knives to sharp to perfection as it is so light at 2 ounces and you will be able to control it with great precision. The high performance of the blade recommends it for various uses as it comes with a curved design. The Esee Izula hunting knife comes with a survival-style design which is perfect for weight control as it comes with such a lightweight design. Esee Izula Hunting Knife Review The Esee Izula hunting knife comes with a survival-style design which is perfect for weight control as it comes with such a lightweight design. Note: This site makes use of affiliate links, which may earn the site money when you buy using those links.

The lasting sharpness is another important element which you need to consider if you are looking for a knife which can withstand multiple uses before sharpening it. And, the smaller blade means that it’s much easier to use and handle for the majority of tasks you will want it for. I hate this sheath. It’s small enough that you could leave it on your belt at a campsite without turning heads, and use it without feeling like Rambo. It’s shit. The biggest drawback of the Izula over a pocket knife is the coating, which keeps it from being a good slicing blade. But, the usefulness of them is questionable.

I have the Izula I, the II is the same knife, but a little longer handle and comes with micarta handle scales standard. Izula I vs. II vs. Candiru. I love the design of this knife, the open all steel handle looks very cool and keeps the weight down.

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