Such a bad service. At least we host one of the best races of the season. I will update this list.

The home of F1TV on Reddit. I’m not sure you can view them now since they ended the contract but they should be made use of. There is something, if only a short 5 minute video, for every race from 1981 onwards. When I watch with English (tried German too!) Based on the location some replays are time gated, depending on agreements with the local broadcaster who own the rights. '. The idea for sponsorship is the same as in racing -- your logo is displayed prominantly on the website. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Proper F1 fans, like those in this community, will no doubt jump at the chance to watch this stuff if the price point is right. The goal of the site is to make quick and easy to see if something you want to watch is there or not. I’ve always had this idea of alternative era for the graphics and general presentation. I think perhaps, in his mind, he was creating artificial exclusivity of the product.

Required fields are marked *. While live race streaming will only be available in a limited number of regions via F1 TV Pro, F1 TV Access will make parts of FOM’s video archive available to most viewers worldwide. We are also open to traditional banner advertisements. @neilosjames @ecwdanselby Here’s which countries will get F1 TV Pro:, Deej92 (@deej92) 28th February 2018, 13:35. ferrox glideh (@ferrox-glideh) 28th February 2018, 17:35. The upcoming launch of F1 TV Pro, which will allow fans in 40 markets to stream live coverage of races, which has been seen as a threat to those. All of this old, wonderful footage has just been sitting there unused and unavailable unless you were willing to shell out a boatload of money. Your email address will not be published. Rhys Lloyd (@justrhysism) 1st March 2018, 11:43. All comments are moderated. Promoted content from around the web | Become a RaceFans Supporter to hide this ad and others, Paul F (@zapski) 28th February 2018, 13:20, Neil (@neilosjames) 28th February 2018, 13:26. Would be nice to get some dates on these announcements. Keith Collantine (@keithcollantine) 28th February 2018, 14:08, @garns ’86 (If you open the picture, it says!). I just said a percentage of 5 million would be the target from a subscriber base point of view in the near term in terms of addressable markets. @geemac, from what I recall from some commentators here, I though it was more of a case that the effort involved in categorising, reviewing and digitising that footage was the main problem, and that the process of doing so was previously not thought to be worth the time, expense and effort. This isn’t about replacing that, it’s about delivering the really hardcore fans a better service than is currently available in the market.”. If you go to Spain GP on “2019 Season” section you will find all replays from F1, F2, F3 and Porsche Supercup. Only slightly, though.

Arthofer denied the new streaming service is intended to replace the traditional television broadcasting model. Probably not, but neither do I think it is the enormous undertaking that he would have us believe.

save. How he didn’t see value in this I’ll never know. This is the best thing Liberty has done so far. KimiRaikkonen1207 (@kimiraikkonen1207) 28th February 2018, 17:48. F1 TV to launch in 40 countries but VPN access will be blocked“The goal is to have a handful of races, both on a full and highlight basis, available at launch,” said F1’s director of digital and new business Frank Arthofer. Think of how much more money he could have made if he had only embraced the idea of the Internet and social media. And I don’t mean the 30-60 second snippets you often see as ‘highlights’! Paul T Ortenburg 28th February 2018, 21:31, “Murray Walker in the background but he only becomes clearly audible when he gets very very excited”, mantresx (@mantresx) 28th February 2018, 15:27. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Got a potential story, tip or enquiry? At the end of 2018 I was very annoyed by the numerous commercial breaks on the free-TV option here in Germany (RTL). 36. Right now when I log in, I can't see any content, because "my region is not supported". GeeMac (@geemac) 28th February 2018, 15:34. @geemac agreed. added video for PADDOCK PASS: Post race - Emilia Romagna, added video for F1 Live: Emilia-Romagne GP Post-Race Show, added video for RACE IN 30 - Emilia Romagna, added video for FIA Post-Race Press Conference - Emilia Romagna, added video for F1 Live: Emilia-Romagne GP Pre-Race Show, added video for RACE HIGHLIGHTS - Emilia Romagna, added video for F1 Live: Emilia-Romagne GP Pre-Race Show Extra, added video for PADDOCK PASS: Post Qualifying - Emilia Romagna, added video for FIA Post-Qualifying Press Conference - Emilia Romagna, added video for QUALIFYING HIGHLIGHTS - Emilia Romagna, added video for Coming up - F1 Live: The Pre-Race Show - Emilia Romagna, added video for PRACTICE 1 HIGHLIGHTS - Emilia Romagna, added video for FIA Press Conference: Pre-Race, pt 2 - Emilia Romagna, added video for PADDOCK PASS: Pre-race - Emilia Romagna, added video for TECH TALK - Emilia Romagna, added video for FIA Press Conferece: Pre-Race, pt 1 - Emilia Romagna, added video for WEEKEND WARM-UP: Emilia Romagna GP, A selection of races from Ayrton Senna's career, mostly inspired by the 2010 documentary 'Senna. Shimks (@shimks) 28th February 2018, 16:57. It cannot be “replacing TV” when the current broadcaster (specifically TSN in Canada) has nothing other than practice/quali/race and maybe 2 hours combined pre-/post- race coverage. In addition to the other comments will the header image sometimes be the link to the full race. “For context, this type of service typically take about 18 months to build,” Arthofer added. Would love to see Fangio, Moss and others race. pastaman (@pastaman) 28th February 2018, 18:48. I love this photo above as well (1985 I think), you can tell what car it is even if painted all the same colour as they had so much scope in design.

I'll probably keep renewing my subscription every year, because F1 content is harder to find than a race in which Verstappen or Kvyat drove without shunting someone off the track. Scroll down under "Practice Replays" and they are under that incorrectly named header. It’d really help engage anyone who is put off by the basic aesthetics and lack of on-screen information. The footage is not dubbed, so you can still hear Murray Walker in the background but he only becomes clearly audible when he gets very very excited. Building a streaming service is hard. : All currencies accepted. pastaman (@pastaman) 28th February 2018, 13:54. But I really hope the video quality on live and vintage races is at least up to the same standard as the regular TV broadcast 1080p50, otherwise people might not completely ditch their cable service (I know I wouldn’t) and just buy the cheaper subscription for the extras. But the fact that this is becoming available is great for fans. Why?

Clearly I think there’s a role for both products.”, “This is what I would call the very ‘superfan’ product. Now that something official is finally going to fill that void, I am filled with with cautious optimism! Rhys Lloyd (@justrhysism) 27th June 2018, 4:56. I’m sure they could buy him a great home-based mic setup! commentary I get no car, track, FX, etc, sounds. This was the biggest thing that ticked me off about Bernie and his greed. For whatever reason, they've put the full sessions way at the bottom. Is it a small effort? Are there any rules? What I’d really like is for Liberty to start making hour 30-60 min documentaries about classic seasons, stories of drivers, teams, engineers, anybody who has an interesting story to be told. pastaman (@pastaman) 28th February 2018, 15:49.

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