Read the story of his life in the Old Testament. They bow and stoop and sell out to the machine in order to get a position of prominence. They dare not give their money except through the channels mapped out by the denomination. This series needs to be widely read but, unfortunately, the Star-Telegram’s short-sighted, inflexible paywall will prevent that from happening. He was cited by Ebony as one of the nation’s best black preachers and was in constant demand as a speaker and evangelist. A few dear preachers today are kicking over the traces and demanding liberty for their people. They put Preacher Jeremiah in a pit, but God removed him. Independent fundamental Baptist churches include those loosely ... the quiverfull family made famous by the ... and a propensity for strong white preachers who ran independent … “Come out from among them”! It was an independent church, and it was fundamentalist, and Baptist, but it was not an IFB independent fundamentalist Baptist church. Though not all in the movement look the same, the Duggars showcase several theological and cultural distinctives common among independent fundamental Baptists: adhering to strict biblical inerrancy, usually based exclusively on the King James Version (KJV); homeschooling; abstaining from pop culture as entertainment; and dressing modestly.

The poor fellows have never been saved (Titus 2:11–15; II Cor. While pastors may be preachers, not all preachers become pastors.

Moses preached liberty for God’s people. Many a dear pastor has been crucified because he dared to take a stand against the evils of the brethren. Invite the liberals and modernists to your church. “Reprove”! If you will study the Word, you will find that God’s men in every age since God anointed men to carry His message have been excited.

But his message on “Evil Doings of the Brethren” didn’t make him popular with those brethren. That “space between” he describes as the world of Jerry Falwell has grown over the years. He is also “a consuming fire” (Heb. I doubt if he would get very far in organized religion if he lived today. This is the age of “brotherly love,” “fellowship,” “don’t fight; fellowship instead,” so the big-shot religionists tell us. See her report here: “Hundreds Accuse Independent Baptist Pastors of Abuse.”. He worked on the ark!

These other distinctions, distinctives and emphases all serve, in varying degrees, as proxies for that.). Other Christians who were once, or who would once have been, clearly a part of the fundamentalist camp — Al Mohler, Ken Ham, David Barton, etc. They know nothing whatever about His return. 12:29). SAD, BUT SO: The minute some poor little fellows get a little recognition from the big boys, they forget God and His desires. He did not get an honorary degree from the University of Jerusalem, but he got his man! “God is love” (I John 4:8). “There is good in all men,” so say the modernists—BUT that is not what the Lord Jesus preached, and “he knew what was in man” (John 2:25). They are too busy with the program. A few members of that church were hard-core, old-school fundies. A born-again preacher should want to preach the blessed hope! 6:33). It started as part of the Northern Baptist convention but, concerned about creeping liberalism in that association, split away to join the Conservative Baptists. Then, of course, some preachers could not afford to preach about Jesus’ coming to judge ungodly men. For one, they lack a unified presence since individual churches largely operate on their own. It is not popular today, and the man who is preaching that kind of Gospel is not a popular preacher. I would just like to throw a little bit of motherly advice out there for any moms who might be raising a boy who... Write CSS OR LESS and hit save.

— concerned about creeping liberalism in that association, it opted to go it alone. The seventh unpopular preacher whom we will discuss is Micaiah. Also, send me the Progressive Christian Newsletter. The Word tells us, “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” (John 8:36).

I used to pray with some of the fellows in school when their car payments were due and they did not know from where the money to make the payments was coming. Cigarette-puffing preachers just do not weep over sinners.). “Exhort”!

They sent their kids to Bob Jones and Pensacola — the only choices permitted to them. The same ones need to be preached over and over and over again—that is, if it is Gospel. Young-earth creationism, premillennial dispensationalism, and fervent support for segregation are also not “core doctrines” that could be found among Christians before the 19th century or anywhere outside of IFB’s parochial American context. Preacher Elijah even prayed that God would shut up the heavens and withhold the rain (Jas. 5:17). He would be very unpopular with the “brethren.” He would not be invited to very many of the “big churches.”.

11:13–15). I know that some of you dear people who read these lines hear the blessed truth of the Lord’s return. I am afraid that Enoch would have a hard time getting a convention church today. He set the example. Sign in. There is no need to blame Hollywood and the liquor crowd for the mess in which we find the world today. God can’t bless our fair country today unless we come to our senses and confess our sins; and it needs to begin in the pulpit in many places, and it must begin in the pulpit if it ever reaches the pew. They believed that the neo-evangelical emphasis on cultural engagement with the world, and especially liberal or mainline Protestants, was a mark of unhealthy compromise that would eventually undermine true biblical faith in America. But these folks were seen as a little bit too much by most of the people in the church, whose kids got to choose places like Philadelphia College of the Bible or Northeastern Bible College. “Hundreds of Sex Abuse Allegations Found in Fundamentalist Baptist Churches,” Fea wrote, following the Star-Telegram’s report. His membership did not grow, and his report at the association would not have been so good. A bit later, concerned about creeping liberalism in that association, it split away to join the GARB (the General Association of Regular Baptists — no, really, that’s a thing). “It pays to serve Jesus!” It may cost now, but it pays off later. God pity a person who claims to trust Jesus as Saviour of his soul but cannot trust Him to lead him also concerning where to give his money, where to worship or where to go to school!

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