In a few weeks I will organize a ranking of the units along with the GL. Really good for Epeening, but Lasswell/Sephiroth's Katanas are better in most cases.

Latest changes . This is the ideal accessory on Axter/Yuffie to prevent them from dying - Axter will lose his stacks upon death and Yuffie will lose her skills unlocked via CD once she dies. With IW in play, most buffers are better off grabbing a High Tide dagger for LB Fill %.

MAG & HP Materia wooooo! You are dropping a lot of great stmr (Randi, Tidus, Squall) because 'their usefulness has waned due to 400% cap (which is btw very bad math), but you put an 80% materia in the b tier. +34 DEF, +95 SPR, +30% HP & Auto-Regen (ST ~1800 HP Heal w/ 1x Mod per Turn). +150 MP, +12 ATK, +166 SPR, +30% MP, +50% Water Resistance. BiS for herself especially if you don't have Axter's STMR, otherwise pretty useless atm. +98 ATK, +167 MAG, +75% Damage Modifier For: 完全アルテマソード, +150% Damage Modifier For: アルテマ / アルテマブロウ / 究極魔法・アルテマ, +200% Damage Modifier For: アルテマソード. ), so this is a huge for summoners. Highest ATK accessory with 100% LB Fill rate and +30% MP is insane. BiS for Ultima herself (move to higher tier if she's one of your main units), otherwise a pretty good stat stick for any mages that can use daggers which is pretty much all of them. Good MAG stats on a Rod that also boosts Leviathan's damage by 75%. Not going to go too Ham here, but I don't understand some of your logic. I can't think of anyone who can take advantage of this whip except for Yego.... and unless you REALLY like Yego you probably won't bother pulling 4 of her. Sadly we no longer have a lot of top tier sword users.

Unconditional 60% ATK is fantastic already on its own, but this also provides 100% LB rate & Machine Killer. One hand GS with no elements, won't see a lot of uses other than increasing your e-peen. As if Katana users (Citan/Auron) weren't OP enough, they just got a HUGE buff with Akstar's STMR.

+1000 HP, +62 DEF, +55 SPR & +20% ATK/DEF. It caps the chain by the 3th hit if chained with a dupe whip user (including the first hit that is the base of the chain). It's a 174 attack GS with holy element.

Eliphim also has her weaknesses... she doesn't have any heal or revival capabilities.. she also doesn't have mitigation, the buff is also pretty short as it only last 2 turns. Gravie's TMR gives 70% ATK when equipped w/ Katana & Clothes (which you will most definitely be equipping), so it's hard to move Seph's STMR up.

+25 DEF, +30 MAG, +75 SPR & +20% HP, -20% Song MP Cost. With how powerful LBs are becoming (and will become in the future), this is one of those STMRs that will never become obsolete/useless. From our Discord server . There are currently 155 units in the ranking, listed from highest to lowest. +50% HP, +30% SPR & 30% Counter Mag w/ 絶対の忠義 Self +50 MP (Max:1), (Two-Handed) +180 ATK (+50% Accuracy, Variance: 1x~1.6x). "Holy shit" is right. This STMR is an upgrade from CG Lasswell's since it gives +20% ATK & Man Eater+, and it helps that new katana users such as Auron & Citan himself already have elemental imbued skills in their kit. Other than for Nagi herself, this BiS for DW users to maximize their damage potential.

For the most recent fights, I'm running Yuna as my secondary healer/elemental resist buffer/Leviathan capper with as much EVO MAG & elemental resist as possible and it's been working wonderfully.

Hopefully our 5★ ExDeath can wear robes like Golbez lol.

Come to our server! (PS: All those bold * were escaped out and fuck if I'm going to fix that...). +14 DEF, +77 MAG, +42 SPR, +50% Thunder Resist & +1 LB/Turn. +50% ATK, +30% Esper Stats & +15% HP/MP w/ Swords. BiS for himself since he also has a +30% DEF innate passive when equipped with Light Armors though most other physical tanks only have +DEF passives when equipped with Heavy Armors. I have 3 of her, and am actually looking forward to a 4th at some point. Should be Tier S for anyone not running Gladio as their main tank. +80% ATK, 2000 Self Fixed Damage at the beginning of each turn. Stat stick for the few gun users we have. Decent all around light armor that provides good ATK, elemental resistance and LB fill rate. you'll probably want to drop Kid Rydia/Yuna's STMR down a tier or two if you don't use summoners. His offers a solid 50% attack bonus along with 30% esper stat bonus which is amazing.

S tier if you actively use summoners & utilize damage from Leviathan, B tier if you don't. +45 ATK, +15 DEF, +2 SPR, +30% Dark Resist & Para/Confu/Petrify Immunity. Moved down to A-Tier now that Zack has a better version of the same STMR, sorry Beatrix bae. +52 ATK, Plant Killer (+50% Phys Damage to Plantoid), Stone Killer (+50% Phys Damage to Stone), Bug Killer (+50% Phys Damage to Insect), Machine Killer (+50% Phys Damage to Machina). +160 ATK, HP +20% (+20% HP), MP +20% (+20% MP), +3 DEF, +3 SPR, スリースターズ (+33% MP, 50% MP Cost Reduction). On a serious note, this is slightly better than LV's TMR and will be very helpful for mages to reach the new 400% cap (feel free to bump up a Tier). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the FFBraveExvius community.

Since then, so much has changed in FFBE JP, especially in the leaps the powercreep has given. Again, these are completely subjective. +80% ATK When Equipped with a Sword, +50% Phys Damage to Undead. Only TDH spear user we have in the game is Cid, and this isn't even part of his BiS.

This is more of a low A/high B tier STMR since you rarely have to stack up SPR on your magic tank (and since Lila's enhancements are disappointed as hell) as they tend to focus on elemental resistance instead. I just don't get the logic you are purporting to be using. you can stop. I personally don't mind my units cutting their wrists in the beginning of every turn since I usually have some kind of HP recovery buff on the team. Absolutely agree, TC is making some weird choices on the ranking. Still considered top tier equipment/materias for specific niches, just nothing game changing. Sadly TDW caps at 100% atm so there's no point stacking these, which severely limits the damage potential of TDW units. 2000 Fixed Damage is annoying as hell, but unconditional +80% ATK is pretty OP. I'm just lazy to make tiers in between. This is just slightly below Queen's STMR in today's metagame, but is absolutely insane if you're using a damage dealer that doesn't depend on unlocked skills/stacking skills. +36 ATK, +16 DEF, +22 SPR, +40% Fire/Ice Resist & +50% LB Fill Rate. If you have 4 Orlandus, chances are you either have a 7* Hyoh/Randi/Kurasame or is in the process of getting one of them.

. Suuuuuuuper niche, but super powerful against Demons. For example, some STMRs in the S tier is closer to SS while some are closer to A Tier. please never come back on a GL banner.

200% buffs + 80% breaks + party fire imbue + 150% fire imperil. Elemental STMRs are always nice, but nobody uses fists. In fact, you're much better off running 2x CG Hyous. ok . . So, I did the ranking again bringing the update of the notes of the units. . Really nice balance of stats & elemental resist, I personally use this more than M. Ramza's STMR just for the elemental coverage. Funny thing about that whip: the skill is a chaining move with the same frames as Zidane's.

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