but its been one failure after another --all pics /fotos /diagrams -DO NOT SHOW DIMENSIONS -anywhere---have d/loaded hundreds of flintlock types . 1/4" x 32 tap and 4 drill #TAP-3. £2,900.00. Wish List (0) My Account ... Parts Diagram.

There is much close-up detail shown that applies to gunmaking in general, not just to our rifle kits. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecaa5213e4e1aa8 • Do you need a little help assembling your rifle kit? Tumbler Screw—The little screw that fastens the hammer to the tumbler pin. To help support the investigation, you can pull the corresponding error log from your web server and submit it our support team. Parts, Tools, Accessories, and Media Finish Kit. Stock Finish Only: #FK-F, Double set - Double action. Trigger Springs—Small springs invented by Joseph Manton that keep the trigger always pressed against the scear. More Info Add To Cart. The test of a good frizzen was that it should “shut down dull and fly back smart.” Frizzens could be “new steeled,” that is to say, the steel plate welded on to the front of the frizzen renewed, but in most cases it was simpler to put in a new “hammer,” and gunmakers always encouraged this process. T/C Thompson Center Hawken Muzzle Loading Rifle Parts.

Jaws—The lips of the cock or hammer that hold the flint. Some of my plans are based upon photographs of original guns, while others are drawn from actual measurements I have taken. $20 Shipping. Buy It Now . Frizzens and springs were easily worn out and often replaced, and nearly every gunmaker had his own idea about how a frizzen should be made and fitted so as to give good fire and waterproof protection to the priming. We are confident this touch-hole will improve your ignition time by 100%. To use, apply the vise as shown and tighten just enough to allow the spring to slip in or out of the lock. Location: Winston-Salem,NC,USA. • Shipped via UPS only. As a result, the web page can not be displayed. “There are two ways of putting a ‘hammer’ (frizzen) in motion—one with a wheel in a feather spring, the other with a bridge there over which a wheel in the hammer is made to run. Available on DVD only. Rear swivel can be attached to the trigger guard or a stud screwed into the stock behind the guard.

Names of the Principal Parts of a Flintlock Pistol. Circa 1760-1800. Cockscrew—The screw that tightens the jaws to hold the flint. Black Stock 4 BPI cva Magbolt 150 inline 50 Cal muzzle loader $ 95. Details of the sideplate, triggerguard, buttplate, patchbox, and other small parts are typically drawn to scale. Designed by Bob Harn, these offer a quick way to dress up our English Fowler kit or your own custom gun. "Got a Real World Weapons or Armour Question? Circa 1794-1816. They are ideal for target rifles, especially chunk guns.#DST-01, Copied from an old tool. 5/16" x 32 for 7/8" & 1" barrels #THL-02 1/4" x 32 for 7/8" and smaller barrels #THL-03, We also have drill and tap sets for these: Fence—The curved guard of the pan that arrests the fall of the hammer. Cap—Tip of stock or covering for worm of ramrod. Performance & security by Cloudflare.

5/16" x 32 tap and I drill #TAP-2 Good condition. A rare iron barrelled English Flintlock coaching Blunderbuss with a top spring bayonet, made by P. BOND, Cornhill London. Our touch-hole, with its large cone brings the main charge to within a few thousandths of an inch of the pan flash for a virtual instant ignition. #DST-04, These Double set-Single action triggers were made, but never marketed by Bud Siler. Scear Spring—The spring that presses the scear into position.
Bridle—The curved piece of steel which holds the scear and tumbler in position against the lock plate. The stain is a non-grain raising type stain with a golden, reddish brown color specially blended for us to duplicate the color on many old guns. Cloudflare monitors for these errors and automatically investigates the cause. More Info Add To Cart.

Accragard: #AG, The mainsprings for the large and small Siler locks can be removed/installed with pliers. 3/8" x 32 for 1 1/16" or larger barrels #THL-01 Bolts—Pieces of steel that push through the barrel loops to fasten the barrel into the stock. Escutcheons—Pieces of metal or silver to prevent the bolts wearing the stock; also applied to the shield on which crest or monogram was engraved. False Breeching Screw—The screw which secures this to the trigger plate. Video by Jim Turpin. When reading old books, it must be remembered that the term applies to the “flash-pan cover.”. Ref 8990. This is a good way of determining the maker of ‘Manton’ locks—only the Joseph Mantons being of great value to the collector; the other Manton—John Manton—was his rival and brother, and was once foreman to the celebrated Twigg.”. 3/8" x 32 tap and Q drill #TAP-1
Bridle—The curved piece of steel which holds the scear and tumbler in position against the lock plate.

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