This can only be purchased up until the vehicle's first date of registration.

The trim clips holding that area to the dash will pop out suddenly so be careful not to pull back too far when the clips release.

Now you can access phone, text messages, music, Google Maps and more. Position 1: In this neutral position, the wipers are ‘off’.

You only need two things to keep your alloy wheels clean: the right cleaning products and a little bit of elbow grease. Search Owner’s Manual or contact your local Ford Dealer, they’ll be happy to help, With SYNC 3 Navigation, you can get to any destination or place of interest quickly and easily, Use touchscreen or voice-activated commands to input destinations. When you’re finished, screw the cap back on firmly.

If the tread is level with the Indicators, it’s at its legal minimum depth. Follow the same steps you took to set a destination, then press ‘Add Waypoint’. Visually check the fog lights, front and back. Select ‘Nearby’, and SYNC 3 will show a list of local restaurants, Touch the one you want, then press ‘Set as new destination’, You can also set waypoints as stops along your route.

To put the seat back just reverse the process. A wall or garage door will do. Press ‘Search’, input an address, then press ‘Start’ to begin directions. But if there’s anything you’re not sure about, just ask your Ford Dealer. WHEN FOLDING OR UNFOLDING THE SEATS, TAKE CARE NOT TO GET YOUR FINGERS CAUGHT. You’ll see a light on the dash showing they’re on. Lift the bonnet fully, then prop it up safely. It is best to look behind the trim at each stage as certain years and models are equipped with a fastener here or there that will need to be removed with the socket set, screwdrivers or Torx sockets. TOP TIP: Put on your hazard warning lights. Park on flat ground. The high spec units are almost identical, except have a piece of plastic missing which allows air to be output to four vents rather than two. That’s why it’s important to know how to adjust the speed of your wipers (and rain sensing wipers) so you can clear your windscreen quickly and efficiently.Â. Line the seat up with the locks, then click it back in place. And check you've typed in all 17 digits. Now, you and your Ford can stay seamlessly connected wherever you are.

After that, you can buy more per day or month, or for a whole year.

To make calls, use the voice activation button… and talk to Google, just like on your phone, That’s it. Find out more here. Look for the washer reservoir. Here’s what to look out for and how to turn off the airbag: That’s how easy it is to deactivate your front passenger airbag.

Next tap on ‘Connectivity settings’, then turn on ‘Vehicle data & Remote ctrl’.

You can also unlock it remotely. View our legal and privacy policies here. Misted up windows. Q: How many Ford drivers does it take to change a lightbulb?

To check the blades, run your fingers along the window facing edge.Â. All fields are required when adding your address. You can see how to add your VIN in this video. Even though the heater boxes are the same, the heater controls that attach to the dash do differ between dashboard versions, so make sure you have the correct ones and their associated cables and wiring. In just a moment, your car will lock. Stop safely when you can, put the handbrake on then switch off the ignition. TOP TIP: Are your wipers juddering, squeaking, or not clearing your windscreen properly? Loosen the wingnut with your hands, then pull the light unit away. You can also select an app by pressing ‘Voice Control’ and saying the name of the app.

View your Ford’s maintenance schedule, book your next service or view current bookings. Find parking. If your tyre hasn’t inflated after 10 minutes, something’s wrong. Push the new blade into the stalk. If your phone supports ‘Simple Secured Pairing’, the number on your phone will match the one on the screen. When everything’s set correctly, use the lever to lock the steering column. This allows for the fan to stop working, too.

It’s normal for this to take some effort! Expires: ##warrantyEndDate## or ##distance## ##mileageUnit##, Expires: ##contractExpirationDate## or ##contractExpirationDistanceMeasure## ##mileageUnit##.

Use a foot pump to inflate your tyres, or use an air pump machine at a petrol station.Â. View your new vehicle order details here. A new SYNC update is available. A new map update is available.

Squeeze both sides and pull the connector off.Â.

There are manual and digital ones.Â, Unscrew the dust caps on your tyres. Are the nozzles spraying fluid in the right places? The system covers all major and minor roads.

If a bulb fails on your Ford, it’s more than just annoying: it can compromise your safety.Â, So, being able to change a bulb in your main beam, dip beam or indicator light is a valuable skill. Go to the light you need to fix. Can’t remember the whole name of a place of interest? FordPass Connect is a modem that’s built into your car. You’ll feel it, too. And with a SYNC® Connect-enabled vehicle, you can even control your Ford remotely. Place the headlamp carefully on a flat, secure surface. Carrying them in a rear facing child seat? Add your Ford vehicle to unlock the dashboard features. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media. But if there’s anything you’re not sure about, you can always refer to your Owner’s Manual, or simply contact your Ford Dealer.Â. Launch the FordPass app on your smartphone, then press and hold down the 'lock' button. Take the grey cover off, by turning it anti clockwise.

Put your wrist on top of the steering wheel.Â, Your shoulders should be touching the backrest. If your vehicle has a spare tyre, the recovery hook is in a tray underneath. You must switch the airbag OFF when using a rearward facing child seat on the front seat. Try refreshing the page or you can come back later. Make sure you've activated your modem and data sharing is turned on, too. Place the whole rear light carefully on a flat, secure surface. You can operate the lights whilst they check they’re working.

To change the height, press and hold the locking button.Â. Baby on board?

And if you find this video useful, check out the others in our ‘How to…’ series: it’s designed to help you make best use of FordPass and FordPass Connect. It will then wipe one more time to clear the window.

Make sure the air distribution is pointing to the windscreen. First, remove both parts of the luggage cover and push the head restraints to their lowest positions.

Unless you are buying a dashboard that has already been removed from a high spec dash, then you will need to carefully dismantle the dash and instrument cluster from a donor car. The low spec dash doesn't have a rev counter or handbrake warning lamp, so you will need to wire those two items up using your own wire to the pins on the high spec dash listed below. Check your dashboard. It enables a range of useful features, including up to 4G LTE WiFi for as many as ten devices. First make sure your handbrake’s on and your ignition’s off. First, make sure your handbrake’s on and the ignition’s turned off.Â, Let your engine cool for about 10 minutes.Â, Reach under the dash and pull the lever.Â. You should have the screw slightly out. Insert your car key. Feel the release catch and slide it to the left.

You'll be notified you're leaving the FordPass app. If not, they’re easy to adjust by hand: use a needle.

Just ask your Ford Dealer.Â, Inside your door frame, a chart shows the correct tyre pressures: they’re marked in PSI and BAR.Â. Search Owner’s Manual or contact your local Ford Dealer, they’ll be happy to help.

And make sure you secure it safely with the strut. Plus, you can search for available parking spaces, check their costs, opening hours and ratings, and even search for refuelling points and compare pricing. or ##baseExpiryMiles## ##baseMileageUnits##, HOW TO ADJUST THE SPEED OF YOUR WINDSCREEN WIPERS, HOW TO OPEN & CLOSE YOUR BONNET CORRECTLY, HOW TO ADJUST YOUR DRIVING SEAT AND STEERING WHEEL, HOW TO DEACTIVATE YOUR FRONT PASSENGER AIRBAG, HOW TO MAXIMISE SPACE IN YOUR 5-SEAT C-MAX, HOW TO CHECK AND REFILL YOUR WASHER FLUID, HOW TO CHANGE THE BULB IN YOUR HEADLIGHTS, HOW TO ACTIVATE YOUR FORDPASS CONNECT MODEM, HOW TO USE LIVE TRAFFIC WITH FORDPASS CONNECT, HOW TO USE REMOTE FEATURES WITH FORDPASS CONNECT,  The wiper controls are on a stalk, next to your steering wheel.Â, You can operate the controls with your finger. To check the brake lights, you’ll need some help.

You can demist the windows manually.Â.

But if you’re not sure how to check your tyre tread depth, this is how to do it: That’s how easy it is to check your tyre tread. Locate the recovery hook into the hole and turn it anti-clockwise.

With the column shrouds removed you can access the four dark grey screws holding in the indicator stalks.

Does your Ford have a MAX button on your heating and ventilation controls? When you reach the right pressure, switch off the compressor.Â.

…the car in in neutral, and the handbrake’s on, A new colour touchscreen displays phone and audio features, You can also ‘swipe’ and ‘pinch to zoom’, A redesigned main menu bar makes things easy, And when the bar goes below the display screen, press ‘Controls’ to make it reappear. Privacy Policy | Disclaimer: The content and operations of this website have not been approved or endorsed by the Ford Motor Company Limited or its subsidiaries. Carefully removing a square of plastic from your low spec box allows it to perform in the same way as a high spec version, please refer to the diagram below for the area to cut, which can easily be removed with a dremel or sharp/knife/ hacksaw blade (think safety first please!). But if there’s anything you’re not sure about, you can always refer to your Owner’s Manual, or simply contact your Ford Dealer. Don’t forget to look in different places around the tyre. Under the steering column, there’s a lever.Â, The top should be about level with your shoulders.Â, You can move the wheel towards or away from you.Â. MAKE SURE THE SEATS ARE FULLY ENGAGED IN THE LATCHES.Â. Most navigation functions can be controlled with voice commands too. That’s where your Ford Tyre Inflation Kit can come to the rescue. Your new Ford may come with a built-in FordPass Connect modem. Then open your bonnet. Vehicles registered up to 31-08-2014 - One year Base and Paint Surface Warranty plus two years No Fee FordProtect. For example, Live Traffic delivers up-to-date traffic information directly to your SYNC 3 navigation system. Putting a new blade on is easy: just follow the removal instructions in reverse. Put the electrical connector back on.

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