Prevatt A. A persistent problem in pediatric patients. Vargas EJ, Am J Emerg Med.

1996; 14:57–8. Nasal positive-pressure technique for nasal foreign body removal in children. 2005;69:657–62.

Manning SC, Backlin SA. 12. Silva AB, / Vol.

The most common foreign bodies in the throat are pieces of plastic, metal pins, seeds, nuts, bones, coins, and dental appliances.14–17 Radiography can be helpful in localizing coins, button batteries, and other radiopaque objects, but most laryngeal foreign bodies, including many fish bones, are radiolucent.13,28 Therefore, the decision to pursue surgical intervention should be based on the patient's history and a physical examination that suggests the presence of a foreign body rather than based on radiography alone.29, Early consultation is advisable because pharyngeal foreign bodies are difficult to visualize without the use of flexible or rigid endoscopy.

Information from references 1 through 18.

An otolaryngology referral should be obtained for patients requiring sedation or anesthesia. Schulze SL,

Puhakka H, The most common ear foreign bodies include beads, plastic toys, pebbles, and popcorn kernels.2 Insects are more common in patients older than 10 years. Iisalo E.
Previous: Pharmacogenentics: Using DNA to Optimize Drug Therapy, Next: Predicting the Likelihood of Successful Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Delivery, Home Ikino CM, Valli P, Plastic laryngeal foreign bodies in children: a diagnostic challenge. This should be done before removal is attempted but should not be used when the tympanic membrane is perforated.20, Irrigation should be avoided in patients with button batteries in the ear because the electrical current and/or battery contents can cause a liquefaction tissue necrosis.21 Acetone may be used to dissolve Styrofoam foreign bodies4 or to loosen cyanoacrylate (i.e., superglue).22, The first attempt at removal is critical because success rates markedly decrease after the first failed attempt. Christenson TE, The throat (pharynx) is bound superiorly by the base of the skull (nasopharynx) and inferiorly by the cricoid cartilage/inferior border of the C6 vertebra (hypopharynx; Figure 2).

Schulze SL, Bowmer H,

Puhakka H, Options include water irrigation, forceps removal (e.g., alligator forceps), cerumen loops, right-angle ball hooks, and suction catheters. Phillips J, Attempts at removal may push the nasal foreign body into the pharynx, creating an airway hazard. Am J Dis Child. In addition, the tympanic membrane can be damaged by pushing the foreign body further into the canal or by the instruments used during removal attempts.

Procedural sedation use in the ED: management of pediatric ear and nose foreign bodies. Laryngotracheal foreign bodies in children.

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Removal of nasal foreign bodies in the pediatric population.

Removal of nasal foreign bodies in the pediatric population. Diagnosis is often delayed because the causative event is usually unobserved, the symptoms are nonspecific, and patients often are misdiagnosed initially.

Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. 1980;9:37–8. Surgical Procedures on the Nose Removal of Foreign Body Procedures on the Nose Removal foreign body, intranasal .
Harrigan RA, Diagnosis is often complicated by delayed presentation. Reprints are not available from the authors. et al. Furthermore, removal attempts are difficult and are complicated by the gag reflex.

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