The Civil War was the site’s heyday. In 1901 the heavy artillery companies at all forts were redesignated as coast artillery companies, and in 1907 these units became a separate corps, the United States Army Coast Artillery Corps. In 1865, Fort Richmond was renamed Fort Wadsworth to honor Brevet Major General James Wadsworth, who was mortally wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness during the Civil War. [3] A 16-inch gun battery (Battery 115) was proposed for Fort Wadsworth but not built. Some batteries were directed to be ready to fire 24/7. The view is spectacular. Fort Wadsworth does not receive nearly enough recognition of as other forts simply because no actual battles have been fought there. The 8-inch guns were an expedient conversion of carriages for Rodman guns to allow the modern 8-inch M1888 gun to be brought into service. 10305. The newspaper quoted Col. Richard a. Chidlaw as to why the Fort was closing. The United States and Italy were on two opposing sides.

Once the gun is fired, it is lowered so it is not as visible to the enemy.

Here are some photos of the abandoned Fort Wadsworth. The fort passed into English hands in 1776, when the British took control of New York during the Revolutionary War; then reverted to New York’s control at the war’s end.,,, The of the elite United States military counterterrorism unit was based in "The Pit," a secret underground base beneath the Motor Pool of the Army Chaplains' Assistants School in Fort Wadsworth. [26] Julie Ibbotson, “Longest-Run Fort Wadsworth Is Closing, (1972). See. Take Verrazano - Narrows Bridge from Brooklyn. Fort Wadsworth is located in Staten Island and is deemed one of the oldest military forts in the history of the United States. Joe relocated its headquarters elsewhere. [1][3] In 1847 total reconstructions of both forts began, under the federal third system of seacoast fortifications, an across-the-board program of new forts sparked by the burning of Washington, DC in the War of 1812. 10, no. Worrall, Janet E. “Reflections on Italian Prisoners of War: Fort Wadsworth 1943-46.” Italian Americana , vol. By 1924, Fort Wadsworth had become an infantry post, with the coast artillery batteries in caretaker status, with only a few soldiers garrisoned for maintenance. ‘And the best answer we can give is, well the fort did its job so well that no one bothered to attack’”[28]. Most of the Board's recommendations were adopted as the Endicott program, and that included major changes and improvements for Fort Wadsworth. This place had its fair share of horror over the years. This neighborhood once had a station on the South Beach Branch of the Staten Island Railway; service on this branch ceased in 1953. Not much happened with Fort Wadsworth during World War 1. While there is some possible evidence of this given the previous Dutch occupation of the New York area, including Staten Island, it would be more accurate to say the history of Fort Wadsworth should begin with its first being used as a location for channel-bearing artillery during the Revolutionary War. This did not seem to occur at Fort Wadsworth. [3] These were not replaced.

This fort ended up being one of the main army bases during the British attacks that would happen fairly soon. [2] The North and South Cliff batteries were built flanking Fort Richmond, which was renamed Fort Wadsworth in 1865. The first use of the land for military purposes was as the site of a blockhouse in 1663. Untapped New York unearths New York City’s secrets and hidden gems. Staten Island, NY [9] Fort Wadsworth's heavy guns were gradually scrapped during the war. Photos. However, in April of 1663 Governor Stuyvesant received a letter from the directors of the West India Company which stated, “For the sake of greater safety, we consider it highly necessary and have recommended in the enclosure, that proper attention be paid to the safety and protection of the mouths of the rivers on Long Island and Staten Island”[12]. No purchase necessary. The first fortification on the site was a small Dutch fort built in 1663. Upon visitation to Fort Wadsworth there are various trails to take that can lead to different sectors of the fort.

Interested in the two islands (Hoffman and Swinburne) you can see from the Overlook? Hanc, John. By the 1990s, another article was released talking about the plans to turn the fort into a park. During the Battle of the Wilderness in the American Civil War, Brigadier General James Wadsworth was killed in action, and the fort was named Fort Wadsworth in his honor in 1865. Despite many people leaving, some people chose to stay. [4] Similar to battery Duane, other points that are in the tour of Fort Wadsworth hold old weapons, whereas other points, such as the Mount Sec House, were used to house soldiers or servants.

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