He was a tyrant and a monster, who only wished to see everything bloodied and burnt.

[26] Seren shattered after being forced to leave Gielinor by Guthix - who visited her last. Was struggling with Fragment of Seren and decided to do some slayer instead, only to immediately get this clue step... (On her normal location there is a scout instead that tells me eluned is in the underground pass, but going there starts the fight with fragment) Close • Posted by 2 minutes ago. In her desire to break the elves dependency of being in her presence, Seren and the Iorwerth developed a series of rituals using death energy in the Undergound Pass, leading to the Iorwerth becoming tied to the few "dark" impulses of Seren: this would later manifest itself with the Iorwerth abandoning Seren in favour of the Dark Lord. Following her departure, Seren became aware that what Mah did to Zaros and herself was wrong, even though it felt right at the time. I took that feeling of heartbreak and I filled it with my desire to protect my children. A world full of life, and my beautiful, noble elves. As part of the Light Within quest Seren was reformed in the Sixth Age through the Song of Restoration, with elements of her physical body being combined with elven crystal farmed on the elven homeplane of Tarddiad.

My people collected the pieces and kept them close to themselves, seemingly safe from the pain they suffered before. He tried to control me, even as I unconsciously controlled him. I do not blame him for wanting to escape that. Yep once you start the quest you are stuck finishing it for the clue step. Hello everyone – it’s been a while!

Whereas Mah's children had turned violent, the elves were graceful and peaceful.

I'd like to ask about your life on Freneskae.

There was only her. They use their voices to charm those things connected to the anima. Just as it can bring people together, it can also lead to unbearable pain and a complete loss of self. So, no, I suppose we are not on the best of terms.

But she was asleep and unable to raise them herself. ", "You didn't give us magic! Finally, I could do what I wanted.

Guthix was right, Gielinor is better off without its gods. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Zaros then sent a reconnaissance party to Seren during the Second Age and stole the World Gate from her after she refused to help him. She has informed the Clan Elders of her intentions to shut herself away from the elves in the Tower of Voices so to break their dependency upon her presence whilst also attending to the threat of the Elder Gods and the Great Revision.

Come see me when you learn more about the elder gods, perhaps together we can find a solution.

It is clear that the Dark Lord shares a connection to Seren as the thoughts of the Dark Lord seem to reflect those of Seren's in certain instances. In the Children of Mah quest the player explores Mah's subconscious with the help of Seren to prevent Mah's nightmares from manifesting and tearing apart the planet of Freneskae. Under Guthix's careful minstrations [sic] the Anima Mundi was calm, but strong. Seren is the divine aspect of the anima mundi that the elves revere. I had to escape...and I did.

In time there came other children of Mah.

Following Zaros's departure from Freneskae, Seren opted to remain behind so to care for Mah. Zaros tries to control everything around him. But he wanted more than escape, he wanted to ascend. It wasn't until the younger gods interfered with his plans that this changed. [4] She is also responsible for teaching the Rituals of Rejuvenation and Enervation to the Mahjarrat. [18] Zaros informed Seren of his intentions to abandon Mah on Freneskae, whose life no longer merited his care according to him, and invited Seren to join him in exploring the Multiverse and ascending to Elder Godhood. The fragment of Seren plays a dialogue when various items including the Shard of Zaros, any non-lucky and non-gold godsword, a dragon rider amulet, the Measure, any non-elder Divination energy, corrupted ore and the Enchanted Key are used on it. Map of crystal tree locations, forming the symbol of Seren. ", "It has been many years since I found my beloved elves and still each day feels like a gift. But I also love him. Seren worship has largely remained confined to Tirannwn as a result of Seren and the elves isolating themselves from the other gods and mortal races during the God Wars.

", "Perhaps. I met him there as well.

Love is a mortal word, with mortal restrictions. I found myself glad when she fell into her slumber. I'd like to talk about Haluned, the Dark Lord.

[5] She and Armadyl both share similar views in the fact that they both believe in the importance of peace, although Seren does not wish to be included in another war of gods and believes her followers should live as they choose, in a sanctuary away from the other gods, versus Armadyl who believes injustice should be fought against in order to protect the innocent. Its balanced proportion highlights her amicable nature and its growth illustrates Seren's care for all things that grow.[16]. It's still too painful to discuss.

Since the danger of the elder gods is here and ever present, I shall consider them too. I must say I'm please he's still around. I can't feel his presence anymore. As long as I live, I will stop you from becoming an Elder god.

But I don't.

In addition, an altar dedicated to the goddess can also be found on Freneskae.

Seren describes this as her greatest mistake. I believe that everyone should govern their own actions. ", "I am pleased that you would seek her guidance and protection, and in turn protect her. Those fragments that subsequently establish contacts with the p65‐derived peptide, rather than with 14‐3‐3, efficiently stabilize the 14‐3‐3/p65 complex and offer novel starting points for molecular glues.

For a few years now, I’ve been an indoors person. ", "...And if he can die...can I?

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