I'll be back in a moment.". He knew that if he stayed this cold the homunculus had the likelihood of turning into an ice sculpture. He opened his mouth to speak but all he could do was pant; he could not see, but he could hear very well—in fact, everything seemed obnoxiously and unnaturally loud.

"Don't think this changes anything...I still hate you," He said glaring at Ed with his violet eyes. "We can't stop now. ", He laughed a dry and mirthless laugh. His hair was normally back in a braid, wearing his leather pants covering a human right leg and an automail left, black tank top, black coat with a high collar with silver trimmings, black combat boots, white gloves covering one human left hand and one automail right, and a silver pocket watch chain dangling from his pocket. Ed was staring at her with half closed eyes but all of a sudden they widened and he doubled over, one hand on his stomach. He was busy with his mastication when the stranger casually asked: "Do I what?"

'This isn't good,' Roy thought just when his savior walked in. 5. She sighed. He sighed and looked away. "Hey…where is your tin can baby brother?" Ever wondered about the secret behind Winry's Automail? Slight AU. It traveled from his foot to his hip only leaving the toes exposed. Unfortunately for Envy those thoughts were cut off by the arrival of the younger Elric. ~Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood The Bastard was quiet for a while, looking out the window into the sundrenched hills and fields, where it was as if a storm had not passed at all—a markedly different atmosphere from inside the tense house. He held onto the metal railing and put his automail leg down first. Ed asked looking at Roy. They knocked him out and the doctors set the leg skillfully and swiftly. "I'm sorry to inform you men but the results aren't good. They picked him up and loaded him into the ambulance.

"We are taking him to Central General if anyone would like to follow in the car.". Roy moved to Ed's side to see how bad the wound was. Envy had been alive for over four hundred years, he knew much more about Alchemy than Ed ever could, even if Ed were to study his whole life, which he nearly had, he still wouldn't even scratch the surface of what Envy knew. He sighed and swallowed his pride. He grinned at the imagery of that pink hue under that beautiful blonde hair- wait beautiful? Edward huffed in annoyance, “That could be dangerous for our nations,” he replied.

"The boy did perform human transmutation and soul transmutation." Fighting one of the villains that he had heard Mustang talking about while they were in the office. He hadn't noticed the first changes in Fullmetal however Lieutenant Hawkeye had commented on how skinny Edward had looked and how he seemed paler than usual. “Because only then your little brother can choose his future mate without worrying,” Ling argues, carelessly relaxing against the wall. But by this time reality was lost on him—the pain the pain the pain. Al had backed out midway, left the house and ran out somewhere only to come back right when he was about to perform the transmutation. "Forget it, I just didn't want you freezing my sheets...not like it matters...there's already blood everywhere..." he heaved a sigh. Check out the "fma high school au" tag on the tumblr blog kazooiesart for all my dumb art for this au! "Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. Al had gone to the library earlier and hadn't come back, Ed realized as more worry rooted it's self in the pit of his stomach. Soon he collapsed again. The Bastard glared at him; he smirked back. EnvyxEd EdxEnvy yep, and yes Lemons in later chaps. A bloodcurdling scream that could be heard for hundreds of yards. The doctor looked at the poor kid.

He stood up wincing slightly at the pain in his side. After nearly dying, she was saved by a certain man known as Father and she not having any other purpose to live decided to follo... (Fullmetal Alchemist 2003) Hughes tried to get him to calm down but nothing worked. The military watches my research attentively, and will want for proof. Envy asked curiously, he rarely saw one without the other, if not in the same room in the same building at least. No, Riza’s just one name in his list of exes, sprung another one. ED?" "Very cheap fare. They probably knew it, too, from the set of his jaw and the clench of his fist. his eyes narrowed into suspicious slits of gold, and he glared up at the man, as if to dare. ", Roy paused a moment before he screamed again, 'He would still get locked up? "Yes, indeed." Action Anime/Manga Fullmetal Alchemist Fmab Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Rwby ... Fullmetal Alchemist X Rwby Rwby X Fullmetal Alchemist Rwby X Fullmetal Alchemist Broth Rwby X Fma Rwby X Fmab After their reckless disregard for the laws of alchemy, Ruby and Yang Xiao-Long begin their journey across Amestris to regain their original bodies, chasing after the mythical Philosopher's Stone.

He seriously did not want that. Blinking against the offensively bright white light, he squinted to his left at the figure standing there. Nothing should have happened to him—I don't know what happened to him! "Yeah yeah...ah well...that was almost worth it..."Envy snickered, but stopped abruptly to cough up some more blood, "I take it back," he said before he went into another thrashing episode, only this one was different, it was more violent as one of his hands grabbed a hold of the bed post and tore it cleanly off of the frame while the other hand was clutching onto the sheets only not breaking anything. he asked with a cynical eyebrow raise. Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist and (Y/n) (L/n), the Wind Alchemist.

Lucidity was not lost, however; he was more than glad to still be capable of logical thinking. Homunculus didn't really bleed like this, because of their regenerative abilities they couldn't. He quietly and very subtly inched as far away from the older man as he could without paining his injured leg any more than it already was. Seeing no light, she began to believe the world to be dark and cruel. Edward said as he got up and slammed the door behind him. "How can I be so sure you won't be babbling all the information I just gave to you to anyone else?" Now that he was almost lost…. Well there is a certain someone who designs the automail, her name is Y/N. He only now knew how hard this was to admit aloud; his teeth and tongue refused to cooperate, and he had to pause before continuing, "The Gate took my leg for my Mom's soul.

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