Yes, saving this particular Libram against mid and late-game threats can be vital; however, being able to trade with that little Light's Justice turn after turn may also decide the game! Our Pure Paladin deck list guide goes through the ins-and-outs of this powerful Priest build for the Scholomance Academy expansion! All in all, Pure Paladin just happens to rise up in the right place at the right time. Try to use the card as often as possible, especially when it’s discounted to 0 mana, which should happen throughout almost every game. Lightforged Crusader serves as the main card generation engine for our list. One of Pure Paladin’s greatest “side advantages” is that many of its minions just happen to have Taunt. With Descent of Dragons, Team 5 started to support an archetype called Pure Paladin, a deck that oozes with class fantasy by only running Paladin class cards. In the history of Hearthstone, Divine Shield has been a “side mechanic” that never really took off in combination with a certain archetype. Gold Guide. Similar to archetypes like Mid Range Paladin back during Un’Goro, locking out aggro opponents in the mid-game thanks to buffed-up Taunt minions still serves to be one of the best strategies against these kinds of archetypes.

Julian "Tharid" Bischoff, a dinosaur in the fast-changing world of esports and self-proclaimed Warcraft expert, already created Hearthstone-related content for Red Bull, ESL and Hearthhead.

In the last years of Hearthstone, Equality became a “game changer”, especially paired with Consecration. Against control opponents, Pure Paladin’s patience is key. makes it an effective choice for a player looking to play Aggro.For a list of cards to craft in priorty, see our Paladin crafting guide. But Divine Shield isn’t only there to value trade. The next featured group of cards lines up perfectly with the advantages of Paladin Librams. Last but not least, Argent Braggart combines all beforementioned strengths – by simply copying them from another of our buffed-up minions. Pure Paladin Mulligan Strategy & Guide Vs Aggro Decks. Leveling Rewards. Pure Paladin’s Divine Shield package containing Murgur Murgurgle, Goody Two-Shields and Devout Pupil beg to be buffed and to trade into 1-health minions. Agreed! More often than not, these smaller minions weren’t able to attack during the same turn anyways, which makes Blessing of Authority‘s restriction easy to accept.

Its ability to create random spells over and over again provides Highlander Mage with a ton of tools to control our buffed up minions over multiple turns – not to speak of Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron.

Hearthstone expansion: Scholomance Academy.

We've got all the decklists and the latest guides. Love me some good old mid-range paladin. It copies each individual spell cast on friendly characters, which almost always results in a hand full of Librams. The Paladin class is a highly effective Control or Talking about bolstering your minions, the Buff package is another important group of cards in Pure Paladin’s toolkit. 61.0% Winrate 1.8% Popularity Avg. Midrange class. For just one more mana it doubles the buff effect compared to Blessing of Kings, with the only restriction of not being able to go face. We still don’t know how this minion made it through internal testing, but we love to play an enlightened Paladin version of Faceless Manipulator for only two – yes, I repeat, two – mana. In extremely long games, the incremental value you gain Ashes of Outland’s Hand of A'dal, which is actually named after a famous player title in World of Warcraft, is just a really good card on its own, and as we already know, only gets better when used on Divine Shield minions – not least because of much-needed card draw. You may even want to think about teching in Consecration, depending on the meta development. Lower Priority (keep only if certain conditions are met). With a strong emphasis on Divine Shield minions such as Goody Two-Shields and Devout Pupil, Pure Paladin’s buff-centric playstyle shook up Scholomance’s early meta already and looks to be a top tier contender for the remainder of the expansion. Another important minion in the card generation department is Lady Liadrin. Don’t be afraid to use your weapon utilities for trading with “your face” to establish dominance, because that will enable you to build up our much-desired mid-game Taunt wall. To survive the early game, First Day of School should always be our highest priority card – not only because it provides actual board presence, but can also snowball against strong aggro openers, for example Risky Skipper, Frazzled Freshman or Flame Imp. Try to take risky trades, and you shall be rewarded.

All minions are designed with their base stats in mind, and buffing them up even with a mere +1/+1 token can change everything – especially if they are protected by Divine Shield. The third and last Libram is Libram of Hope, or as we should call it, Paladin’s very own and slightly less broken Ultimate Infestation. This blood elf is the main reason for it. Mostly generated through random cards, it is a welcomed mechanic that changes the way to play the board. from the Paladin Hero Power can be a big advantage. PURE PALADIN Updated Nov 01, 2020. Lightforged Zealot has to be one of the strongest value 4-cost cards that ever existed in Hearthstone, and despite the fact that we have tons of weapon utility in this list already thanks to Libram of Justice, it should always find its way in a Pure Paladin deck.

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