These three riders are none other than a perfect representation of CJ, Ryder and Big Smoke.

This is a reference to. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below. One of the colors that can be picked for neon lights is called Golden Shower, a term for urinating over someone. When finally caught, Bigfoot will collapse from exhaustion and reveal that he is indeed a human. One of the best things about this easter egg is that fact that you can interact with him and have a conversation. Credit must be given to the very studious YouTuber, MaximumGuarded, for spotting this gem. There is a book case in the living room of Franklin's. Upon meeting the above conditions, players will be able to witness a UFO in the distance, which is quite jarring, to say the least. The player has the option to steal this case, but you must be warned that if you do, a gang of drug dealers will pursue you and demand it back. The easter egg shows the aftermath of a drug deal gone wrong, recreating the crime scene in the most minutia of detail. With that being said – and the numbers being acknowledged – it is extremely surprising that despite the amount of players within the community, more and more easter eggs and secrets are continually being found and exposed on a regular basis. This wheel design is based on base, "Lozspeed Mk.V" is based on the wheels of the, "Diamond Cut" is based on the wheels of the pre-facelift. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers, 10 Original Xbox Games That Still (Desperately) Need Backwards Compatibility, 10 Locations In GTA That Are Actually Scary, The 10 Best Rock Songs Featured In GTA Games, Ranked, 10 Easter Eggs Only Hardcore Fans Found In GTA V, The mural present in this area was a message, 10 Secrets In GTA V You Still Haven't Found, Pokemon: The 10 Most Glaring Omissions from Gen 8, Ranked, The 5 Best Things About Watch Dogs: Legion (& The 5 Worst), 10 Pokemon That Are Perfect My Hero Academia Sidekicks, Pokémon: The 15 Least Creative Pokémon Designs, Ranked, Pokemon Sword & Shield: Every Type Uniform, Ranked, The Best (& Worst) Area From Each Resident Evil Game, Among Us: 10 Hilarious Memes About Crewmates That Will Have You Cry-Laughing, Pokemon: Everything In The Johto Region Changed In HeartGold & SoulSilver, 10 Things Everyone Completely Missed In Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Pokémon Sword & Shield: 15 Underrated Pokémon You Should Stop Ignoring & Start Training, The Outer Worlds: The 10 Best Handgun Weapons, Resident Evil: 10 Plot Points That Were Completely Forgotten About, 5 Most Innovative Video Game Controllers Of All Time (& 5 That Made No Sense), 10 Reasons Why Mario Is Actually A Pretty Terrible Hero, Now That We Think About It, Stardew Valley: 10 Details You Missed About The Feast Of The Winter Star. The house is charred and abandoned, with disturbing graffiti all over the wall related to the number 8.

The Grand Theft Auto series is full of movie and television references as the series - especially GTA V - is mostly based around a parody representation of the era's latest pop culture. One such location is the Abandoned Sprunk Factory, with a ton of fan theories around this place.

The Vinewood Zombie, also known as Graham, usually frequents a corner on the Vinewood Boulevard near the Cinema and can be found wearing zombie make-up and tattered clothes. One of the most well-known secrets of GTA V is the presence of the ghost of … If the player chooses to follow his trail, they will be led to a newspaper clipping that details the killer's death in the prison in 2004.

It is extremely surprising that despite the amount of players within the community, more and more easter eggs and secrets are continually being found. "LozSpeed Baller" is based on the optional "Neptune" wheels of the, "Royal Six" is based on the wheels of the 2011 Nissan GT-R Egoist, In the High-End section of wheels, there are more wheels based on real-life luxury cars and aftermarket manufactured wheels:-, "Split Ten" is based on the wheels of the, The Los Santos Medical Center and Los Santos Fire Department variants of the. Once the game has been completed, UFOs can be found in three different locations – Beam Me Up, Fort Zancudo and Mount Chiliad. While you may think it is fun to mess around with the UFOs, you may find that it isn’t that great of an idea. The world of GTA 5 is one of the most fascinating achievements in modern video game development. Whether by accident or design, the map vaguely resembles a human skull. This is similar to, Assuming Roman and Niko are indeed alive, as mentioned above, this would mean that the, In a random event, the player can help two people get away from a robbery or kill the two and take the money. After going past a fake door, players can climb the ladder to witness this monstrosity.

The most interesting aspects of this easter egg is that your conversations change with Graham if you play as Trevor Philips, as he will explain to Graham that he reminds him of his dead brother, Ryan.

GTA 5: Easter eggs - mapa GTA 5 poradnik, solucja.

Players need to land directly at the base of the statue, which is no easy task. Similar juice stands can even be found in three different locations across the map - starting from East Joshua Road, Route 13 (Senora Freeway) in Grapeseed and the San Chianski Mountain Range. GTA IV may have been distinctly lacking in the easter egg department, but GTA V is a very different beast. More Yusuf Amir finishes have been added to different guns in later updates. Players have stated that they've seen alligators and ghosts roaming the area, although that has never been proven. As the officers begin to move in on the vehicle, it will begin to accelerate and drive off the cliff. Viewer discretion is advised. Speaking of well-known and creepy easter eggs, it goes without saying that the ghost of Mount Gordo would definitely make an appearance here. It has been almost four years since the launch of GTA V and the mystery of the Mount Chiliad Diagram still remains.

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