It sounds like you have invested time in determining the color of your eyes.

night, secrecy, mysticism, goddess-worship (for example, Hecate and the For those who are not familiar with what its like to live with an alcoholic, these lyrics seem to totally fit the mindset of an alcoholic (as I understand that mindset, being a non-alcoholic spouse of an alcoholic.)

I think here he's stating that the turning point of him being good has come and that he can't evade it as it's fate (loss of someone important is often the turning point for a tragic villain). Allow this knowledge to cause you to reflection of your behaviors. To be fated But if they’ve found ‘THE ONE’, they are very trustworthy and have a sensual loving that can’t be ignored. When we examine the origins of eye color, we can see their evolution changed over the course of time. provided that full and clear credit is given to Val Kovalin and What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush? This factor produces usually wishes to be accepted by the world in a way an infant is overwhelmed by the safety and warmth of mother's bosom, resulting in disappointment and a feeling of alienation. Blue-eyed people are also full of life and love to make special, long-lasting relationships with everyone they love, from friendships to family and relationships. 0395329434). Blue Eyes: People who have blue eyes should get happy about the fact that their eye color is very desirable and is often associated with youthfulness. We’d like to inform you that we have updated our Terms of Use. spirituality, nobility, psychic energy, and purity. Like any song lyrics, how you interpret it is up to you, or it may have a special meaning for you, and that is all good. It was postulated that an eye color hierarchy existed with brown being at the top of the ladder and blue sitting somewhere at the bottom. an appealing description of brown eyes could be the amber hue of fine This song has special meaning to me because it is exactly how I have felt multiple times throughout my life. The color of your eyes is unique. Then it's chorus again and the end with him repeating himself that he knows he's wrong, sad and that he's a villain. A journalist and blogger, he writes about a variety of topics related to wellness. It may take many years before we know the risks associated with cumulative exposure to blue light from computers and smartphones, but many eye care professionals believe it's prudent to use caution when it comes to protecting your eyes from these devices — especially if you have blue eyes. Circle us On Google+ and Pin us on Pinterest! Largely influencing pigmentation is something called, New research, presented in a 2008 publication of the, Eye color can change because of health reasons, The color of your iris can become changed permanently if you have, Other reasons eye color can change to certain types of diseases. Required fields are marked *.

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