Here’s how I do, The spectra transmits every bit of energy to the tip. Without a doubt it is a dynamite bait that halibut love to eat. To purchase Procure Bait Injector check their website: Colors Cheers. Consider this when shopping for rods. This will help keep them on the hooks. If your halibut is small enough then you can easily grab the spreader bar and the 200lb leader and lift the fish into the boat. We recommend circle hooks with approximately a 1.5″ gap for halibut fishing. 5:24 am said: Robbo on Apparently halibut like stale gym socks because that’s exactly what one of these grubs smells like. Smoked Salmon Time! Here's a circle hook rigged with a giant hoochie skirt and a Mustad Sure Strike Capsule that's worked great for me the last couple of years!

Salmon heads, inject into the meat and the cheeks and anywhere else. Once you find some good spots you will want to take waypoints and then focus on these areas time and time again. Old hooks will still work as long as a hook file is taken to them to hone the point and remove the rust from the hook, but without a touch up they are nearly worthless. After the fish has had a chance to swallow your bait then you want to slowly increase tension on the drag. Once at the perfect depth you can set your rod in the rod holder.

Lots more articles to come so will try to focus on some of those questions in future posts.

Herring Brine Tips for Trophy Chinook Salmon Fishing, How to Land a Halibut – Best Tips and Equipment To Bring Halibut On the Boat Safely, Tweets von @"". With this you can assemble some profesional halibut rigs. A scent that been a winner for me for me in Southeast Alaska is Pautzke’s Nectar. Salmon belly strips work the best, but herring fillets and fish skin soaked in Pautzke's Nectar are also proven fish catching baits. The back 2 will drift a bit further behind the boat and this allows you to cover more area and resist tangles. With the skirt in place all you need to do now is add another crimp at the end of the leader to form the loop that will be connected to the spreader bar. You need a good anchor setup to stick to the bottom with a heavy boat, be sure to ask your marine shop for recommendations. Victoria, BC. Techniques My reel of choice in Southeast Alaska is a Penn 340 GT level wind. Circle Hooks I typically fish water that’s between 150 and 400 feet deep in Alaska, but colleagues that fish the Washington coast will often pound water that is 500 to as deep as 800 feet deep. I recommend you avoid large treble hooks and go with the circle hooks for halibut fishing. Now you want to disengage the free-spool function on the reel, but, do not let it go down full speed in a race to beat your partner to the bottom, this is how you get a snarled leader. Whatever the case…they really work! When I have to rig up a J-Hook rig I go with 8/0 to 10/0 Mustad hooks and as you can tell I'm a fan of plastics, so it usually has some sort of hoochie rigged up in front of the hooks. 1:31 am said: Chris Long on Looking forward to hearing and getting more information on fishing in the Northwest. A solid hookup with a circle hook spreader bar rig will never come free. It’s really helpful for people like me, trying to learn how to fish halibut. Tight lines…FishinBC.COM. Watch the sounder constantly to dodge structure. We tuned our halibut fishing gear to ensure that we can easily release large halibut. Great information and I enjoy watching the video of halibut trying to eat the camera. This is too, Bounce-ball rigs are easy to drop back if you just do a few simple things correctly, . Halibut Weight Length Table – International Pacific Halibut Commission, How to Fillet your Salmon or Halibut with Less Waste. The hoochie rig works in just about any color, but I’ve seen the best results from pink/white, green/white, and plain white hoochies in glow in the dark. This should never ever come off you will need a knife to remove it. My reel of choice in Southeast Alaska is a Penn 340 GT level wind. Great article! The key to bait selection is less matching the hatch and more about finding something that will stay on your hook. Apr 30, 2017 at If you have a skirt on there then try and drag the skirt up the leader before you cut the line this way you can save the skirt. However, if you could provide more pictures of how to tie your hooks and baits then it would be perfect! I use the Lamiglas 6080 stand up rods that are rated at 30 to 80 pound for the bulk of our bottomfishing in Southeast Alaska because they have enough horsepower to haul up a big halibut and they are just sensitive enough to feel a jig hitting the bottom. Rigging is done completely by the BBG crew. Red or glow beads are good. This article outlines all of the tips that you need in order to catch halibut. When there’s a break-off jigging I can quickly tie on a shock leader, spin on a new jig, and we’re back in business quickly.

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