Burp-Urp-Snurt-Pfsfsfsfst III (portrayed by Christopher Robin Miller[note 2]) is a goblin that attends Witch University with Marnie and the Sinister Sisters. In the end, Gwen rescues Cassie from her prison and returns to the mortal world in time to help stop the plot.

The following is a list of all the deaths that occur in the Halloween series.

Brown in the first three films, Sara Paxton in the fourth film[1]) is the oldest daughter of Gwen and William Piper, the granddaughter of Aggie, and the older sister of Dylan and Sophie.

since. In Return to Halloweentown, 18-year-old Marnie attends Witch University in Halloweentown and discovers a great secret about her family.


Unlike her older sister Marnie, the more advanced witch, Sophie appears to have a stronger hold on her precognitive powers.

Dylan Piper (portrayed by Joey Zimmerman[note 1]) is the middle child and the only son of Gwen and William Piper, the grandson of Aggie, the younger brother of Marnie and the older brother of Sophie. In Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, 15-year-old Marnie and her family combine their magic and create a portal that can be opened at any time around the year to stop a warlock from taking over the worlds. In the second movie, Kalabar’s son Kal casts the Grey Spell on the whole town, turning them into the boring versions of humans, and Gort becomes an opposite version of his true self.

When she was young, she dated Kalabar, and she also went on a date with the bogeyman. His fate or whether he dies remains unknown, as his mask is left on the floor with the needle that was in his neck. They nearly kiss, however, because they both couldn't see the other physically attractive, they couldn't go through with it and decided to stick with being friends.

She volunteers at a place where the patients there have no heads. Oct 10, 2016 Disney. At first, he's a little freaked out but learns to accept it and gets everyone else to accept it in the end.

Later, he becomes the wielder of the gift but decides to hide it in a book. Splendora Agatha "Aggie" Cromwell (portrayed by Debbie Reynolds as an older Aggie, Sara Paxton as a younger Aggie[citation needed]) is the mother of Gwen and grandmother of Marnie, Dylan, and Sophie. It was founded 1,000 years ago where they sought out "The Gift" that would enable them to take over both Earth and Halloweentown. Dylan agrees with her, but Marnie and Sophie do not like that.

Dr. Goodwyn (portrayed by Leslie Wing-Pomeroy) is the elegant and well-spoken chancellor of Witch University. Chester's father was an ogre while his mother was a forest giant making him a cross-breed of both species. He also seems to have an infatuation with Marnie Cromwell. She continued to work in films like Behind the Candelabra and touring her one-woman show all the way up until her death at the end of 2016. In a 2015 interview with Bustle, he said he was married and ran a sales floor for a financial services company.

He is the main antagonist of the first film. Credited as "Christopher Miller" playing "Young Troll" in the fourth movie's end credits even though the film lists him as a goblin. Luke (portrayed by Phillip Van Dyke) is the laid-back friend of Marnie's who resides in Halloweentown. Like most goblins, he tends to drool a lot when near or thinking about food or food-like substances. She teaches mixed martial arts with her family at Surprise Family Karate in Surprise, Arizona.

He strongly dislikes Halloween and everything that goes with magic.

She is the first genie to attend Witch University.

Lit himself and car on fire, immolated in car explosion. Kal (portrayed by Daniel Kountz) is Kalabar’s secret son (his full name is hinted to be Kalabar Jr.[citation needed]) and the main antagonist of the second film.

She subsequently moved to the mortal world and stopped using magic, which upset and possibly angered Aggie, and it is implied that by the time of the movies he died. This is the most times he uses his powers in the movies.

She also has proven to have a knack for remembering spells, something Marnie continues to have trouble with.

Professor Priscilla Persimmon Periwinkle (portrayed by Millicent Martin) is Marnie's literature professor at Witch University. Chester has a pet armadillo named Buster. Her grandmother was played by none other than Debbie Reynolds. The Halloweentown Council later summon Marnie when they voice their concerns about the Knights of the Iron Dagger being sighted near the school.

He dies at the end of the first film when the Cromwell family members join together to vanquish him. Phil also admitted that he couldn't fit his finger into the ring that was associated with the Knights of the Iron Dagger.

In Halloweentown, the 13-year-old Marnie discovers for the first time about her witch heritage and becomes excited to start her training to be a witch. In the end, their plan backfires and they lose their family magic as punishment for their father's crimes.

Like what you see here? Though Aneesa can say his name she mostly calls him "Griff". Aneesa (portrayed by Summer Bishil) is a genie and Marnie's resident advisor at Witch University. [2] She is a pretty and headstrong individual, especially when it comes to magic. Brown), whose life is changed when she learns she's a young witch. According to the pamphlet sent to Marnie, her first name is Luxana. In Return to Halloweentown, he drives Marnie and Dylan to Witch University. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers.

This year, Brown and some of her cast mates met with fans to celebrate.

In Return to Halloweentown, her children flew off for college and witch training, and she became a real estate agent and used magic to make the houses look better. He does not appear in the fourth movie, but his son Ethan reveals to Marnie that his father had lost his magic after the events of the third movie and also that he used to belong to a coven known as the Dominion, formed by seven evil witches and warlocks. Chester (portrayed by Clayton Taylor in human ford, Jesse Harward in monster form) is a blue-skinned teenager from Halloweentown.

Punched through stomach, wires ripped out, Head turned to vermin nest from Silver Shamrock mask, Collapsed and swarmed by snakes and insects, Impaled through chest with shotgun, pinned to wall, Stabbed in stomach through back, entrails slashed, Head bashed 9 times against car steering wheel, Hung with rope noose from 2nd floor window, Impaled and ripped apart on corn thresher through back and stomach, Shot in the temple with silenced pistol by, Pinned to fuse box, head explodes due to electrocution, Debatable, as it is unknown if she was there, Debatable, as it is unknown whether they were all there, Head slammed against and pushed through metal bars, Leg crushed and amputated by dumbwaiter, stabbed 4 times in back, Beaten 10 times, head bashed 4 times with tree branch, blood loss, Throat slit, stabbed repeatedly in chest and face off-screen, Head bashed 11 times with aluminum baseball bat, Stabbed in stomach, back 4 times, 12 more times off-screen, Head bashed against wall, thrown into desk, Head shoved 3 times in sink, TV smashed on head, Slammed 14 times against bathroom stall, stomach stabbed twice, Slammed into a glass table, head pulled back and neck snapped, Nose and lip cut, stabbed in back 10 times and head once, Stabbed in stomach, impaled in stomach through back on deer antlers on hood of truck, Chokeslam, face stomped 5 times, hung by holiday lights, Thrown into walls and shelves, beaten, stabbed, Slashed 6 and stabbed 9 times in chest and face, Head bashed against bathroom wall and stall door, Shoulder slashed, stabbed twice in back with, Stabbed in back, head impaled on gate spike, Stabbed in neck, stabbed repeatedly with pen-knife, Throat cut and stabbed in head with pen knife, Impaled through neck and out of mantlepiece with pole, Hands broken, tongue cut out, face shot with handgun, Stabbed, face contorted to twisted smile with barbed wire, The exact amount of personnel killed by Michael in, The exact number of people killed by Michael in, The exact number of children killed by the, The exact number of police officers killed by Michael in the Haddonfield Police Station in, The exact number of people killed by Michael in the, The exact members of Thorn killed by Michael in the Smith's Grove Sanitarium in.

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