He knows that real change comes from the compound effect of hundreds of small decisions – doing two push-ups a day, waking up five minutes early, or holding a single short phone call.

Robin Sharma, Narrated by: This miraculous power will help you reach your destination, solve your problems, liberate you from mental and physical wallets, and lead you on the path of freedom, happiness and peace.

Or is it based on the security directors' maxim "It is not your adversary's intention you should trust, but their capability?"

Swami Mukundananda, Narrated by: HALO: Glasslands: HALO, Book 11 Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Karen Traviss (Author), Euan Morton (Narrator), Simon & Schuster Audio/Halo Books (Publisher) & 4.4 out of 5 stars 487 ratings.

Professor Suzannah Lipscomb, Written by: ", " I was not by fond of this book, there did not seem to be enough action going on compared to previous Halo novels.

Some don’t give a damn. A Suitable Boy is Vikram Seth's epic love story set in India. Still, she has often been portrayed as a frail and meek character.

Sid Sagar, Written by: Fathered by one of the most illustrious sages of the time.

In his groundbreaking Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, T. Harv Eker states, "Give me five minutes, and I can predict your financial future for the rest of your life!". Robert T. Kiyosaki, Narrated by:

Halo: Glasslands (Unabridged) Karen Traviss.

It is supposedly some key piece of story for those who follow "Spartan Ops" CGI series on Halo Waypoint and those who want to know what the hell happened with team blue and Doc.

James Clear, A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, Written by: Stephen Fry - introductions, Narrated by: In his most ambitious and riveting audiobook to date, William Dalrymple tells the story of the East India Company as it has never been told before, unfolding a timely cautionary tale of the first global corporate power. the ending came out of the blue though!!

Dr Tim Sharp, The Secret of How to Harness the Power of Positivity and Be Happy Now, Written by: Ash Ranpura, Written by:

The story of the Ramayana had been told innumerable times.

The theocratic military alliance known as the Covenant has collapsed after a long, brutal war with humanity that saw billions slaughtered on Earth and its colonies.

Devdutt Pattanaik, Narrated by: See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions.

What makes us sapiens? The greatest investment advisor of the 20th century, Benjamin Graham taught and inspired people worldwide. George Newbern, Written by: Jay Shetty, social media superstar and host of the number one podcast ‘On Purpose’, distils the timeless wisdom he learned as a practising monk into practical steps anyone can take every day to live a less anxious, more meaningful life.

₹199 per month after 30-day trial.

Ever since he made his first appearance in A Study In Scarlet, Sherlock Holmes has enthralled and delighted millions of fans throughout the world.

Mark Manson, Narrated by:

A five part series exploring how the story of Western ideology may have unfolded differently in the 20th Century, based on the undelivered speeches of world leaders.

Paulo Coelho, Narrated by: This book is a life-changing guide for personal and professional contentment. An alumnus of IIT and IIM, Swami-ji brings his decades-long mastery of Vedic scriptures to these powerful yet simple techniques for mind management and life transformation.

While navigating their way through Mumbai's horrendous traffic, Gaur Gopal Das and his wealthy young friend, Harry, get talking, delving into concepts ranging from the human condition to finding one's purpose in life and the key to lasting happiness. Extraordinary stories. Jai Khadilkar, Written by: Ramayana is a mythological story, which has been passed down for many generations. You get learned a lot more about them and other characters.

I also recommend her Republic Commando books. Some fight for a better world.

Om Swami, How to Find Balance and Purpose in Your Life, Written by: It is also the story of a Sikh boy and a Muslim girl whose love endures and transcends the ravages of war. It is hard to wait for the next book in this series by Karen Traviss. Money - investing, personal finance, and business decisions - is typically taught as a math-based field, where data and formulas tell us exactly what to do. The first novel of the Kilo-Five Trilogy by #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Traviss—part of the expanded universe based on the award-winning video game series Halo!2553. Luke Daniels, Timeless Lessons on Wealth, Greed, and Happiness, Written by: Robert B. Cialdini, Narrated by:

The first novel of the Kilo-Five Trilogy by #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Traviss—part of the expanded universe based on the award-winning video game series Halo! Can the two amateur detectives successfully solve another murder case that affects them personally?

Mel Robbins, Written by:

Suprisingly entergetic, and interesting. Sita, too, is a pivotal character. Figuring out how to deal with today's critical economic problems is perhaps the great challenge of our time. The enthralling story of Rama, the incarnation of God, who slew Ravana, the evil demon of darkness, is known to every Indian.

The story unfolds through four middle class families: the Mehras, Kappoors, Khans, and Chatterjis.

Robert Kiyosaki has challenged and changed the way tens of millions of people around the world think about money. Stephen Fry, Written by: Tim Wheeler, Written by: But in the real world people don’t make financial decisions on a spreadsheet.

I urge you to study this book and implement the techniques explained in it. Features academics, writers and historians talking to presenter Professor Suzannah Lipscomb. As an actor and singer, he is best known for his role as Boy George in the musical Taboo, which earned him a Laurence Olivier Award nomination. Crossing the globe and drawing on events in London, Mexico City and Afghanistan to name but a few we hear stories including takes from an athlete, journalist, chess player and soldier.

Along the way he meets a Gypsy woman, a man who calls himself king, and an Alchemist, all of whom point Santiago in the direction of his quest. His other stage performances include Leaves of Glass, Sondheim on Sondheim, and Cyrano De Bergerac. Carrie Gibson, Written by:

Bring meaning and joy to your every day with the internationally best-selling guide to ikigai. Since ages, the character that is most emphasized has been that of Rama, who has always been known to keep his word whatever be the circumstances.

", " It's great to see how the story continues after the end of Halo 3.

4.9 • 32 Ratings; $16.99; Listen $16.99; Listen Publisher Description.

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