One can, for a better appreciation of youth or old age of its hamster, to convert his real age in its human equivalent. This can be helped by giving him a couple of drops of cod liver oil placed on his food. Either you got an Got iPhone, Android or Tablet our teen chat site will run smoothly on any mobile platform. This tells you that 90% of hamsters survive to at least this age (6 months). That doesn't mean you don't take your pet to the vet when he appears ill, but expect symptom management rather than a cure. Please take it as-is. Edited by SyrianPumpkin, 28 March 2013 - 10:11 PM. Then, you go left to find the percentage.

I would need literally thousands of data points to even attempt a correlation study. I will add my hamsters as well. A litter of five to nine pups arrives after a 16 day gestation period. I also want to thank Simi&Chewy, thehammieluv, and eimee7 for their support. Dry flaking skin usually affects males more than the female. If one watches their hamster every day it’s easy to see the changes that come with maturity. Old age related fur loss usually starts around the hind legs and hip area first. R.I.P Babe. The Y-axis is the percentage of total hamsters in the survey that survived to X age.

Thank you all so much for your contributions. They're crepuscular, so play with them in the evening and early morning rather than during the day. A hamster can also suffer heart problems in old age this can lead to breathing difficulty and lack of energy. Most hamsters can breed at the age of 3 months, but some females come into their initial heat earlier. If month and year information is not included, your submission will not be added to the chart! Chronic kidney (renal) failure is one problem seen in old age, and may be accompanied by fur loss this can happen very suddenly when the kidneys start to fail. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Easy online age conversion tool that converts Hamster, golden age to Human years. If she breeds continuously, she'll give birth every couple of months. Or, if you would prefer to PM me rather than posting the information here, that's fine as well. What Is the Record Number of Kittens Born in One Litter?→, How Should I Set Up My Aquarium for My Livebearers?→. Owning a hamster requires that a child take on specific responsibilities. I barely have enough data to make an accurate representation of lifespan overall. I've always had a hunch that robos/chinese have longer lifespans because they're not as commonly bred. Females don't want the males around after copulation. You currently have javascript disabled. Then, you go left to find the percentage. Thinking about getting a hamster for the children, but you are not sure how they will keep track of all of the responsibilities that go with caring for a hamster? I want to avoid getting this thread archived, and I still think it's relevant and useful. Hamster Care Chart. This is Queenie, one of our ex breeding females in her old age. He was retired from breeding at 2 years of age and was 3 years and 9 month old when he died. Are you going to continue compiling data?It really puts it into perspective... that our dear hamster friends are not living very long :/, Thank you for putting in the effort for this chart, Tax!

According to the Louisiana Veterinary Medical Association, amyloidosis is the leading cause of death in hamsters, occurring when protein deposits form in various internal organs. Convert you pet age in human years. For example, people on this forum are more likely to take in sick hamsters / hamsters in bad situations, so the overall average lifespan may be lowered. Otherwise, you're inviting rodent mayhem. I have almost no data for Chinese dwarf hamsters at this point.

Age Converter

They should also have an 11inch or 28cm wheel, and an area with 10 inches of bedding. Only about 30% of hamsters in this survey survived to 2 years, and less than 5% survived to 3 years. I have not forgotten about this. The reason for this is the secretion of sebum is stimulated by hormones (androgens) Testosterone levels decline in the male hamster as he ages and therefore so does the secretion of sebum.

As your pet advances into old age it will be noted that more and more of the hard dry food mix will be left where it is and not taken to his usual food store anymore. Edited by xxLovexx, 29 March 2013 - 09:09 AM. Several functions may not work. It might not be as dramatic as the Marquess of Pembroke's, perhaps, but it won't be without memorable occasion.

The 2 - 3 year figure may be more representative of an expected maximum lifespan for hamsters, as it is incredibly rare for hamsters to make it over 3 years old.

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