He was selected behind Hakeem Olajuwon (who was picked by the Houston Rockets) and Sam Bowie (who was picked by the Portland Trail Blazers). Wilt Chamberlain holds a lot of records in the NBA. 7 Min, 5 Minute Quiz The only other rockets in the league were the Denver Rockets from 1967-74. As a result, this is a trade that we can say they wish they had back. 2.9K PLAYS. This definitely seems like a record that will never be broken. Today it is the most global of all the professional sports.

He was traded to the San Antonio Spurs for George Hill. The Boston Celtics have won the most NBA championships with 17. The answer is Allen Iverson, who won the scoring title 4 times in his career (1999, 2001, 2002, and 2005).

How much do you know about dinosaurs? The Bulls and Spurs are third and fourth with six and five championships, respectively. The answer is Hakeem Olajuwon, who finished his career with 3820 blocks and 2162 steals.

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The Heat have won three titles since coming into the league (in 2006, 2012, 2013). Allen had an incredible career and was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2018. Harden played two years at Arizona State University before declaring for the NBA Draft in 2009.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has won the most MVPs with six. This was because Isaiah Thomas was wearing #3 at the time. He finished the game with 15 points and the Washington Wizards lost 107-87. By clicking "Sign Up" you are agreeing to our You answered a solid amount of questions correctly. The first hoops he used were peach baskets. He hit 84 of them consecutively in a single season, and the second-place leader (Calvin Murphy in 1981) hit 78 in a row. EASY EDITION I will make a medium and hard edition later on. Scottie Pippen was selected fifth overall in the 1987 NBA draft by the Seattle SuperSonics. In the 1988-89 season the LA Lakers were on the verge of winning three championships in a row. The Los Angeles Lakers went on a 33-game winning streak during the 1971-72 season when they went on to a 69-13 regular season record and an NBA championship. Here are all of the potential answers that you could have landed on and a few additional details about each of them:. Karl Malone is in second place and Michael Jordan is in fifth. Shaquille O'Neal is not only Superman on the hardwood but also Superman in the entertainment industry. The longstanding rumor is that Michael Jordan didn’t want Thomas on the team, which is something that MJ has denied. Tim also has more finals MVP awards with 3 (1999, 2003, and 2005). 10. AVG SCORE:  54% The Timberwolves have never won. This draft also included big names like Vince Carter (5th overall), Dirk Nowitzki (9th overall), and Paul Pierce (10th overall). You need to brush up on your NBA knowledge!

As a result, we can safely assume that the Pacers wish they had this trade back.

There has never been a quintuple-double in the NBA, and there have only been four quadruple-doubles. A lot of players have won back-to-back MVP Awards, but Bird, Russel and Wilt are the only three to three-peat the award. The next time they played each other, Shaq dunked so hard he ripped the rim off the backboard. Giannis Antetokounmpo was selected 15th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2013 NBA Draft.

Wilt was a member of the Globetrotters from 1958–59. Wilt averaged 30.07 in his career. California has the most of any state with the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers and the Sacramento Kings. 5) Which Current NFL Quarterback Are You? He never won the award with the Dallas Mavericks though. Lloyd's game was played one day before the others. There will also be links to some of our other basketball quizzes that you can check out.

This is a pretty wild number, considering that he only played 13 total seasons in the NBA. Today he is considered the greatest to ever play the game. Dwight Howard is the only active player in the top 20 leaders. Who Would Be Your Best Friend In The NBA?

The 1995-96 Bulls had a record of 72-10 for the league's previous best. Do you know who has the most MVP Awards? LeBron, Jordan and Kareem, among others, have done it more than once. There are currently 30 NBA teams and about 500 players in the league, but there have been more than 3,000 players in the history of the NBA and dozens of teams.

Lakers guard Byron Scott coined the phrase "three-peat" and shortly thereafter, Lakers coach Pat Riley trademarked the phrase to be used on merchandise. Wataru Misaka is a Japanese-American former professional basketball player who played three games for the New York Knicks in the 1947-48 season, making him the first non-white person to play in the NBA. Legend has it that Shaq has the biggest shoe size in NBA history. This is false as Don Nelson won the award with the Milwaukee Bucks (twice) and the Golden State Warriors (once). 2) How Much Do You Know About Mike Trout’s Career?

Martin had a solid career in the NBA, even becoming an All-Star in 2004. Quiz by definitechosen1 NBA Top 20 Players Each Position (2019-2020) Quiz - By definitechosen1

The answer is Wilt Chamberlain, who had his jersey retired by the Globetrotters in 2000 after his death. Brown would later go on to win an NBA Championship as the head coach of the Detroit Pistons (in 2004). In this section, we provide some additional context to the answers that you got wrong on our NBA trivia game.

If Vince Carter of the Atlanta Hawks plays one more year, he will have played 22 seasons. The NBA was founded in New York City in June of 1946 as the Basketball Association of America (BAA). 7th - 12th grade. Copyright © ClutchPoints. Which player scored 100 points in a single game? Make sure that you are ready to challenge your brain as it will test even the biggest basketball fans. You answered more than half of the questions correctly. The Houston Rockets were once called the San Diego Rockets and the Dallas Mavericks have been in Dallas since 1980. If you don't, you may want to brush up before you try this quiz because it's our hardest one yet. The 76ers won the game against the Los Angeles Lakers, 108-91. Played 314 times. Good job. There have been 72 NBA Championships in the league's history. Robert Horry won 7 rings in his career. Vince Carter was selected 5th overall by the Golden State Warriors in 1998 but he was immediately traded to the Toronto Raptors for Antawn Jamison, who he played with at North Carolina. Joe Dumars won the award over Thomas in 1989. Edit.

Until 1966, the NBA offered teams the chance to forfeit their first-round draft pick and pick any player within a 50-mile radius of the team's headquarters before the draft began. Lewis would subsequently go on to win nine Olympic gold medals in track and field. The answer is Steph Curry, who signed a 5-year, $201 million contract extension with the Golden State Warriors in 2017.

Nate Thurmond (1974), Alvin Robertson (1986), Hakeem Olajuwon (1990) and David Robinson (1994) are the only players to do it. Phil Jackson won a total of 11 NBA Titles in his coaching career. LeBron James and Kevin Durant are the only active players in the top 10 with 27.16 and 27.02 ppg, respectively.

The answer is Chauncey Billups who won the first and only ring of his career.

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