The golden ears of barley typify the town's well-known malting and brewing industries and the two gold swords relate to Towton where the famous battle, during the Wars of the Roses, was fought in 1461 and where more than 30,000 men were slain.

On each wing of the eagle is the badge of the Laceys, Earls of Lincoln and Lords of the Honour in which Castleford used to lie. ARMS: Or a Lymphad sail set oars in action Sable flags flying to the dexter Gules on a Chief of the second three Swans Argent. Richmondshire has had along history of association with Royalty, and Gilling West one of the Parishes to the north of Richmond was one of the seats of Saxon kings. The three white roses refer to Yorkshire and the "engrailed" edge and "cotises" of the red chevron were added to ensure that these simple arms are unique. The new arms are quartered like Harrogate's old arms (see below). The black fess is from the heraldry of the ancient family of Keighley, Lords of the Manor. The division of the shield into quarters is like that of the former Borough of Harrogate and the wavy gold fess refers to the borough's rivers. It is coloured green to represent land. Granted 5th September 1949, to the Spenborough Urban District Council . The ram's head typifies both the woollen industry, which played such a large part in the history of Silsden, and the farming industry of the outlying districts. SUPPORTERS: On the dexter a Buck and on the sinister a Griffin Or each charged upon the neck with a Bar wavy Sable. Motto 'BY INDUSTRY AND HONOUR'. The sheaf of rye alludes to the district name and is also the agricultural importance of the area.

The boundaries were later altered, and the area of the borough lies wholly in Yorkshire, but the red and white roses commemorate its former division between the two counties.

Information and pictures from Wakefield Metropolitan District Council website. The ship represents Goole's seafaring interests, past and present. The muzzled bear is also from the crest of the Bingley family, differenced by the addition of a Saxon crown. Three of England's principal dukedoms are thus represented by the supporters who hold, aloft, a red pointed crosslet from the arms of the Earls of Craven, descended from Sir William Craven of Appletreewick, the "Dick Whittington of Wharfedale" who became Lord Mayor of London during the reign of James I. BADGE: An Octagon gyronny of eight Sable and Vert charged with a Port between two Towers as in the Arms. Scotton History, Family Crest & Coats of Arms. The ram's head and boars' heads refer to the town's main industries - bacon factories and a wool grading plant. The alternate black and red chief with white roses combines the chiefs of the arms of the former West Riding and East Riding County Councils, as the area incorporates parts of both. The black trefoils derive from the arms of the Bingley family, previously used by the UDC. The Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees was formed by the amalgamation of the County Borough of Dewsbury, the County Borough of Huddersfield, the Borough of Batley, the Borough of Spenborough, the Colne Valley Urban District, the Denby Dale Urban District, the Heckmondwike Urban District, the Holmfirth Urban District, the Kirkburton Urban District, the Meltham Urban District and the Mirfield Urban District.

Former pub sign at Bramhope - between Leeds and Harrogate… CREST: On a Wreath Argent and Gules a Pike fessewise Argent in the mouth an Annulet Or. A youth up the Lord's offer, and lay in wait near the well, ready to catch his quarry and thereby claim his reward. Motto 'PRO REGE ET LEGE' - For king and law.

The new arms are quartered like Harrogate's old arms (see below). ARMS: Or on a Pale Sable between two Roses in chief Gules barbed and seeded proper and as many Crescents in base of the second a Lion rampant of the first. On a shield divided across the middle by a wavy line is a conventional representation in white of Pontefract Castle with a red banner flying from three towers.

The gold celestial crown and plain cross represent the ecclesiastical role Pocklington has played in the life of the district, its Church, dedicated to All Saints, being known as 'The Cathedral of the Wolds', and has notable historic connexions with Paulinus and the Archbishopric of York.

The white roses indicate the situation of the town in the West Riding of Yorkshire. Granted 30th September 1952. Transferred by Order in Council 11th April 2001. The chequers are from the arms of the Earls Warenne who held it in Norman times. The green at the head of the shield and the gold wheatsheaf represent the district's predominantly rural character. Motto 'PROVIDENTIA PROFICIEMUS' - By foresight we progress. ARMS: Or three Bars wavy Azure issuant from the base a Sun in splendour Gules a Chief wavy Sable thereon a Fountain between two Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper. Granted 7th February 1883, to the Keighley Borough Council. The main colours of red and silver are the principal colours in the arms of the former Malton UDC, Pickering UDC, the North Riding CC, Rievaulx Abbey, Kirkham and Malton Priories and in the arms of more than twelve of the important families of the Ryedale district. wapentakes of Strafford and Tickhill. Motto 'SIC VIRESCIT INDUSTRIA' - Thus industry flourishes. The two roses can also be under­stood to have reference to the Three of the quarters are charged with symbols of the towns merged in the new district. Incorporated into the Metropolitan Borough of Calderdale in 1974. The white rose shows that the borough lies in Yorkshire and the heraldic fountain is for Harrogate, a famed spa resort. ARMS: Per pale Sable and Vert a Fesse wavy Argent charge with another wavy Azure and surmounted by a Port between two Towers the portcullis raised proper in chief and in base a Rose of the third barbed and seeded also proper. Wishlist To Cart Details. The dray horse with pack saddle and harness alludes not only to the country areas, but also historically to its excellent means of communication. BADGE: A Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper charged with a Lozenge Sable dimidiating a Garb Gules. The wavy fess represents the River Calder which, at the time the arms were granted, was the boundary between Yorkshire and Lancashire. The motto suggests the Council's care of Old and New Malton and its concern with the town's ancient history and modern development. 53.993185, -1.542789. Arms : Vert on a Chevron Or between in chief two Stags' Heads caboshed and in base a Fleur de Lys Argent a Chevronel Sable surmounted by a Tudor Rose barbed and seeded proper all within a Bordure also Argent thereon six Horseshoes also Sable. The falcon and padlock are taken from the arms of Joseph Locke, the eminent civil engineer who was responsible for the construction of many railways in Britain and abroad and whose widow gave the beautiful Locke Park to the town in his memory. CREST: On a Wreath of the Colours upon a Mount Vert an Obelisk proper. SUPPORTERS: On either side a Stag reguardant Gules that to the dexter gorged with a Chain pendant therefrom a Bugle Horn Or that to the sinister gorged with a like Chain pendant therefrom a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper. Harrogate Key Chain. Motto: Arx celebris fontibus. The heraldic fountains or roundels of wavy silver and blue bars represent Harrogate's many medicinal springs. The supporters stand on a gold mount (a rich mound) through which run three blue wavy horizontal lines which represent the Rivers of Richmondshire namely the Swale, Ure and Bain.

The astral crown likewise reflects the link between the Royal Air Force and the Council and the mound of ling, refers to Dales National Park, a substantial part of which lies within the District. The undersides of the wings are lozengy Or and Vert in reference to the wealth produced by new ideas and experiment in many fields of endeavour. The Wavy black bar on the neck of each supporter alludes to coal, as does that in the arms. The golden Roman Eagle indicates the strong Roman influence in Ryedale. CREST: On a Wreath Argent and Vert out of a Mural Crown a Rose Tree of nine branches proper each terminating in a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper. Televising all live sporting matches and events. The blue waves and rising sun refer to the town's position on the east coast, and the roses represent Yorkshire. ARMS: Argent on a Cross Gules five Lions passant guardant Or. The white rose on the red roundel represents the County of York. It also approximates to the type of cross worn by the Knights Templars and Knights Hospitallers, and recalls the connection of these Orders with Kellington and Whitley. The motto is derived from that of the Bosviles of Ravenfleld. SUPPORTERS: On either side a Viking supporting in the exterior hand a Spear proper. Motto 'OPES INDUSTRIA PARIT' - Industry begets plenty. Arms and crest granted 19th October 1869. The arms have however been used by the charitable trust known as The Lords Feoffees and Assistants of the Manor of Bridlington. Motto 'INDUSTRIA OMNIA VINCIT' - Industry overcomes all things.

Each lion is collared with a wave of blue like that in the arms of the Borough of Todmorden shield, where it alluded to the Calder. The whole character of Ryedale with its good agricultural background and mainly pastoral life can be traced back to the influence and education of the monks. The oak trees refer to the Forest of Galtres and the boar rests its foot on another Yorkshire rose. ARMS: Per chevron Argent and Vert in chief two Trefoils slipped Sable and in base a Fleece Or on a Chief Gules a Millrind Gold between two Roses Argent barbed and seeded proper. The golden eagle a reference to the Roman aspects of the area, especially Castleford. CREST: On a Wreath Or and Azure within an Astral Crown Or a Mount of Ling proper thereon in front of two Swords in saltire points uppermost proper pomels and hilts Or a Rose Argent barbed and seeded proper; Mantled parted Gules and Azure doubled Or. This took place in 1138, when English forces repelled a Scottish army on Cowton Moor near the town. The arms have been in use on seals of the City since the fifteenth century. The boar duly arrived, and was shot by the youth, who cut out the boar's tongue as proof of his victory and set off for the Manor House. The white rose refers to Yorkshire and the crossed swords, like those in the arms of the Richmond RDC, commemorate the very close association between the military at Catterick Garrison and the Council. The blue and white patterned cross comes from the arms of Bolton Priory, thus combining references to the two dominant historic influences in the Skipton area. Harrogate Coffee Mug. The motto relates to the refusal of the garrison at Pontefract Castle to surrender the Castle when called upon so to do, following the execution of Charles I in 1649.

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