Buildings Lvl. 1 - 49; Products & Rating; Products. xp Exp. It gives players 24 xp when completed.

1 - 20; Products lvl.

Flower shop Level 49. You have to pay 3200 coins and it takes 1 day to build. Jan 14, 2018 - Explore cecile0015's board "HAY DAY FARM DESIGNS" on Pinterest. It's only 1 day.....sounds less long then when you say 24 hours LOL. The game is soon gaining popularity as the most sought-after farming game on android.

21 - 40; Products lvl. Hay Day is one of the most popular farming games on android and iOS devices. Buildings Lvl. Machine Hay Day Calculator Loom. I bought a loom and lost it as I moved it into place.

HAY DAY—IT'S 100% FREE-RANGE FUN! *You do not get spam, we don't like that either.

Information about the game Hay Day from the creators Supercell

Also: Honey extractor Level 39.

61 - 80; Products lvl. The Loom originally has two slots available. Subsribe to the YouTube channel.

Every hour your cows can give milk. Right now you can sign up for the mailing list, so you get updated when the site is updated! Want to get tips, tricks, guides and tools for Hay Day? dia 5 41 - 60; Products lvl.

Not that hard but you need soooooo much ;-), That's fast.....already level 6 and there is your big beautiful Dairy. time 2 h Games Movies TV Video. In this video I explain a solution to countering bots. Puzzles, cute animals and relaxing vibes down on the farm of your dreams. + 61 - 80; Products lvl. Smelter x5 Level 24. Once fed, sheep need 6 hours to make wool. We have 851 questions and 1,175 Hay Day answers. Cow Feed Hay Day is a totally new farming experience with smooth gestural controls lovingly handcrafted for your iPad or iPhone. +

My aim is to create rich in content video's of everything you need to know in Hay Day. Red fabric is being woven.

HAY DAY GUIDE BOOK This is always a work in progress. Then you arrived at the right place. Cake oven Level 21.

Make them and keep them on stock; Wool is the main product you need so keep feed for your sheep and get the wool from your sheep in time; Buying the products is an option but not when you have to buy other area's and production machines; Downside is that all products need wool and take a lot of time.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Every update brings a new machine or a new product.

To make a sweater, players need the following ingredient, in the specified quantity: It takes 2 hours to make one sweater, and 1 hour and 42 minutes in a fully mastered machine. Candle maker Level 48. Duck salon Level 50. 41 - 60; Products lvl. Dairy will be unlocked at level 6. To keep the site up and running we need donations, you can donate via PayPal with the button below, you can donate anything you want small or big amounts!

Sweaters are products unlocked at experience level 17. Making cream, butter and cheese is not for selling but for making other products; The Dairy is one of the "running" machines within Hay Day. Cups and coffee machines are placed inside it and on its counter.

So you don't have to read all that text. When its cold outside with a little snow you want to have some beautiful sweaters to keep you warm.

81 - 102; Places to go.

Jeweler Level 38., All products except cotton fabric require one or more units of. Sewing machine will be unlocked at level 19.

Just keep this one loaded; Keep making feed in the Feed Mill because you need the milk from the cows a lot; When boats arrive and ask for cream or other products from the Dairy, send it away.

Hay Day Wiki Prod.

The machine is compact and easy to place.


xp 18

The Coffee Kiosk is a small wooden hut with a coffee cup logo on its black roof, and white painted sides. To make a sweater, players need the following ingredient, in the specified quantity: It takes 2 hours to make one sweater, and 1 hour and 42 minutes in a fully mastered machine.

Like all products, they are stored in the barn.

You will love it and "hate" it at the same time.

You have to pay 3200 coins and it takes 1 day to build.

They are not used to make any other product.

Bakery  /  Feed Mill  /  Dairy  /  Sugar Mill  /  Popcorn Pot  /  BBQ Grill  /   Pie Oven  /  Loom  /  Sewing Machine  /  Cake Oven, Smelter  /  Juice Press  /  Lure Workbench  /  Ice Cream Maker  /  Net Maker  /  Jam Maker  /  Jeweler, Honey Extractor  /  Coffee Kiosk  /  Lobster Pool  /  Soup Kitchen  /  Candle Maker  /  Flower Shop  /  Duck Salon, Candy Machine  /  Sauce maker  /  Sushi Bar  /  Salad Bar  /  Sandwich Bar  /  Smoothie Mixer  /  Pasta Maker, Hat Maker  /  Pasta Kitchen  /  Hot Dog Stand  /  Taco Kitchen  /  Tea Stand.

Soup kitchen Level 46. Sewing Machine. Lobster pool Level 44. All products take more then 1 hour to make except the cotton fabric that one take only 30 minutes. Wool is collected from sheep which have been fed sheep feed.

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If you find any errors or can add … From the creators of Hay Day comes Hay Day Pop.

Give it a nice place because you will need it a lot..;-).

dia 47. They are not used to make any other product.

Simple but elegant.

Cow Feed Level: 18 Xp: 13 Max price: 108 $ Time: 30 min (★★★ 25 min) x3. Once fed, sheep need 6 hours to make wool. Bots have become a major problem in Hay Day, they are the cause of major issue,s especially in the Daily Dirt and Roadside Shops.

2 slot(s) x1. More about Hay Day.

Mine Level 24. Learn the lay of the land, tend to your crops, and trade goods with neighbors and friends., Sweaters can be bought or sold for a maximum price of 1,512, Buying the ingredients required to make a sweater costs 108. It is because it allows you to trade your goods and crops with friends online. It never rains—but the crops don't die. The loom can make these items, you only need wool and some crops. Ever. Hay Day Calculator Loom.

The Loom is a production building unlocked at experience level 17. Hay Day 1.39.93 Deutsch: Mit "Hay Day" werden Sie der Chef auf Ihrem eigenen Bauernhof. Hay Day Calculator Loom. r/HayDay: Hay Day is a farming simulation game by Supercell for mobile devices. It is used to make espresso, caffè lattes, caffè mocha, caramel lattes, espressos, hot chocolate, iced banana lattes and raspberry mocha. Sharing the farm with our quirky animals only makes things more fun! Products of the Loom.


It is used to make sweaters, cotton fabric, blue woolly hats, blue sweaters , red scarves and flower shawl.

A total of 1,116 hours of production is required to master the Loom: Bakery • BBQ Grill • Cake Oven • Candle Maker • Candy Machine • Coffee Kiosk • Dairy • Deep Fryer • Duck Salon • Feed Mill • Flower Shop • Fondue Pot • Hat Maker • Honey Extractor • Hot Dog Stand • Ice Cream Maker • Jam Maker • Jeweler • Juice Press • Lobster Pool • Loom • Lure Workbench • Mine • Net Maker • Pasta Kitchen • Pasta Maker • Pie Oven • Popcorn Pot • Salad Bar • Sandwich Bar • Sauce Maker • Sewing Machine • Smelter • Smoothie Mixer • Soup Kitchen • Sugar Mill • Sushi Bar • Taco Kitchen • Tea Stand • Wok Kitchen. 21 - 40; Products lvl.

Net maker Level 30. The Town; EGGspress Train ; Personal Train; Sewing Machine.

Want to get tips, tricks, guides and tools for Hay Day? For the most players the Dairy is one of the most important production buildings in Hay Day.

The machine is compact and easy to place.

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