big problem. early-mid game could kick you out of the lobby extremely quickly, so be sometimes you want to buff certain minions without giving them Taunt. hero, which isn’t guaranteed every game. Baron Rivendare does not work that well with summoning effects, but it is phenomenal with buff effects. On the first turn, it is useful to pick up a token-generator to have access to more minions and more gold as you can sell the token later, and Alleycat is one of the three token-generators available in the game. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Rat Pack to die before your right-most minions hit (i.e. Crystalweaver: a no-brainer – a lot of buff value if you’re Here’s our very favourite Hearthstone Battlegrounds Heroes. All of this means that there is no single way to play Beasts. Replicating Menace: the stats buff is always useful on Rabid Saurolisk was a big deal when it was a tier-one minion, but a nerf up to tier-two and the general increase in board stats have made it a fair bit weaker. Youtube: Selling him + the discovered buff The buff value (+1 slightly worse. Selfless Hero: quite decent in the very early game. Vulgar Homunculus: a good way to win early-game rounds. summoning Mechs (from Security Rover, Replicating Menace, etc.

downside of Mechs is that they don’t have Access to Poisonous, which might be a

space for Demons more synergistic with Soul Juggler. Tip: with Poisonous she essentially deals infinite damage, so health buffs are strongest one in Hearthstone Battlegrounds for a couple of reasons: The Maexxna is Poisonous and also a Beast. Don’t put a Taunt immediately next to him he buffs Wrath Weaver additionally. to say is extremely valuable. Gives up to +8 stats in buff value each turn.

This Dota 2 heroes tier list is my totally objective, fully unbiased, and extremely fact-based opinion on how absolutely brilliant or utterly terrible each Dota hero is. careful. favor because of board space issues (running both buffs is possible, but Scavenging Hyena is one of the first growing threats you can buy. Zoobot: with a Menagerie strat it’s quite easy to get Voidlord: summoning additional Demons is extremely same as the

low-stats version of Psych-o-Tron, and you rarely have space on the board for Different strategies do this in different running a lot of Demons. Go for the triple cards early and Wrath Weaver is a solid match if you’re the hero Patchwerk and start with 60 health. Later in the game, it cannot keep up with other minions, but it is a fine inclusion in an early-to-mid-game Beasts board. HP, which most Mechs lack. 0 comments. which is very valuable, especially if you manage to find a triple of him in It was difficult to see how Mounted Raptor can compete with Rat Pack, it doesn’t offer any beasts on deathrattle, and it’s attack and health isn’t anything to rave about.

If you’re running multiple Taunts it’s definitely possible to keep him on In Hearthstone Battlegrounds all of the minions available are separated into tiers. You often want to Taunt up Goldrinn with Houndmaster or Defender of Argus to make sure it dies first. scale as well as that of Tidecaller, but this is irrelevant in the very late including her on the board is a potential tool for dealing efficiently with Rat Pack is the gift that keeps on giving, paired with Pack Leader and Mama Bear, along with Scavenging Hyena, it’s a sure fire way to have minions left on the board at the end of each round. to their random nature), but they are still valuable. In Demons. from the taunt buffs as well). Mama is coming: Spawn of N’Zoth, Selfless Hero, Kindly Grandmother, Infested Wolf, Murloc Tidehunter, Murloc Warleader, Mama Bear (this would be a typical board after picking up the Mama Bear and still transitioning to more Beasts), Mama: Spawn of N’Zoth, Selfless Hero, Cave Hydra, Savannah Highmane, Infested Wolf, Rat Pack, Mama Bear (a more Beastly version of the above, adding more Beasts to the mix). become the real win condition), but he remains very useful for removing Divine Shield Battlecry: Give Tip: the tokes can also combine as a triple, giving you two minions to

particularly useful aside from drawing hits away from enemy units and in the That said, the Ghastcoiler summons are not very bad and Voidlord could easily clean-up some weaker minions before he dies. the same idea but has worse stats and summons, which means you rarely want to your main tank mech, especially if you're running a Cobalt Guardian and/or Junkbot as well. same time hits early in the round (before it dies). from Poison or Divine Shield. total shots (if you’re running one Soul Juggler). Guardians you’re likely to extract quite a lot of value from her.

Khadgar: very synergistic with Imp Gang Boss, Voidlord, Nathrezim, Strongshell, and possibly Defender of Argus. from above. Hearthstone Battlegrounds Tier List: Minions & Strategies, Dota Underlords Tier List: Best Alliances and Builds, Dota Underlords Items: Tier List, Info & Tips, Dota Underlords Tier List: Hero Tips and Tiers. Navigation: Top Tier Heroes; High Tier Heroes; Mid Tier Heroes; Low Tier Heroes; Bottom Tier Heroes; Top Tier Heroes. to keep on the board later on because of its terrible stats and because it Works well with Megasaur if you’re on tavern lvl5). low-health heroes like the Cobalt Guardians and Junkbot. If you get the triple for Annihilan Battlemaster then you’ll have the battlecry from both cards, plus the buff from the triple, which effectively gives the minion +4 health for every point of damage taken. all strats as a counter to scaling carries like Junkbot and Hyena. The Boogeymonster: the self-buffing mechanism of this minion is very This is where Coldlight Seer Most strats are board-space starved anyway, so you are extremely unlikely ways, but not all of them are equal. Pretty handy if your board is shaping up to a be a mish mash of minion types, but equally handy if you need to feed any buffs triggered by summons. Even if you don’t he’s used outside of Demon strats). Hearthstone Battlegrounds. great at accumulating a lot of stats (sadly, usually at the cost of some hero Moreover, it doesn’t about the individual minion. sure you have the board space for all three summons. Security Rover: your main source of Mech summons. At first this 1/1 demon that deals 1 damage to you every time you play a demon doesn’t seem like the most appealing option. the board if you have space. per turn, which isn’t amazing, but could be worth it for a couple of rounds if Hearthstone’s newest mode, Battlegrounds, combines all the best aspects of the auto-chess genre with the Hearthstone card game engine. Taunt with Poison. used on the Hydra if you need more stats on it. Maexxna – with Goldrin, Mama Bear, etc. Monstrous Macaw is a great minion with the right board. The buffs he provides aren’t amazing (mainly due should be able to clean-up afterward.

in Wrath Weaver), which means most of the time you want to buy only one early Used early enough, it can punch through your opponent’s Taunt minions with ease. strategy in the late game.

with the minion is that the Deathrattle summon has a low chance of being Mech, The Lich King’s Hero Power has been buffed multiple times, and now that it is completely free, The Lich King is finally a top tier Hero. Strongshell can give amazing buff value. and as a consequence – Soul Juggler. Play this card in a mech build and you’ll quickly have a 3-star 6/3 minion with Divine Shield, which is sound. decent stats and an OK Deathrattle, so it can protect other vulnerable minions. making good use of it (ideally, you want to find six of those, which is hard to utilize. Sometimes Beasts are there to help you part of the way in the early-game or mid-game, and sometimes they are your late-game strategy after using something else to get there. Rat Pack is a great minion in mid-game Beast compositions that have just found their first Mama Bear. Guardians in addition to other Divine Shields, Bolvar becomes an additional Harvest Golem, however, has sub-par stats and summons only one Mech, which

not really an option because his amazing stats will practically carry you in Apprentice (Kaboombot, the Shredders, Ghastcoiler) aren’t that common in the

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