"Thankfully, that decision was reversed when Laurie Oakes and Michelle Grattan stuck up for me.". “They don’t want to lose their own regional offices and studios – that’s a big issue, and I think the ABC has belatedly recognised that and I think is supporting regional Australia a lot more.”, “In more remote communities, I think the ABC is really relied upon, and they’d be devastated to see it gutted.”. "I think the bush gets a bad rap — we see so much negativity, the perception is of whingeing farmers talking about drought and ice epidemics.

"I was working as the AM and PM correspondent at the time and it hadn't happened much before then where you had a press gallery journalist in a relationship with a political staffer and no one quite knew how to deal with it," Ewart says.

(Ewart won a Gold Quill from the Melbourne Press Club for this story. Five years ago, Ewart's career took off in a new direction, exploring Australia's out-of-the-way places on a gentler style of program, Back Roads, which this season is attracting an audience of around 900,000 viewers.

While it’s an exciting place to grow up, presenter Heather Ewart learns how the extended family’s two teenagers and five children under the age of 12, access an education that will allow them to take their place in a fast-changing contemporary society. After working on a variety of rounds in Melbourne, Ewart moved to Canberra, as a junior political reporter, covering the governments of Fraser and Hawke, election campaigns, leadership challenges and scandals.

ABC Broadcasting legend Heather Ewart entertained an enthusiastic audience at this year’s ABC Friends Victoria Annual Dinner in Melbourne recently. Senior global media agency executive Matt James is returning to Nine as Managing Director – Nine Melbourne. I've loved this the most of everything I've done, particularly after years of doing politics," she says. Ahead of the next federal election, the campaign is more important than ever – please help. And she thanked ABC Friends Victoria for its great efforts in supporting the ABC. Old Parliament House in Canberra, though, was blokey HQ. "I've never known anyone else quite like her, in terms of the range of qualities she brings to the table as a journalist. It’s a very different education from the …

"I'd cover council meetings and it's where I became interested in politics. With only one round to impress the judges by featuring either a fruit or a vegetable in their dishes, everything was on the line for these pint-sized professionals. What impresses me the most though about Heather's success with Back Roads — and the faith the ABC put in the product — is that they defied the thinking that exists in so many facets of the media; that a mature-aged woman is not the right person to front programs like this. "In the 70s and 80s, when the press gallery was essentially a white male haven, Heather demanded to be taken seriously," O'Brien recalls. "It was so terrible, seeing people in so much pain, who had lost so many loved ones, and it impacted on me in a way that no other story I've covered has. The rules were simple, the first four cooks to incorrectly identify their chosen flavour of ice cream would be sent to round two, while the remaining three would join Vienna and Dev on the gantry. Donovan and two other producers working on the program actually live in rural communities and the program works closely with ABC teams based in regional areas. Heather Ewart has spent most of her career at the ABC, starting as a cadet in 1980.

During Heather’s visit, the Cook family prepares for a week-long bush ride, initiated by the children’s inspiring mum and aunt, Tiani Cook. Back Roads airs on ABC TV on Mondays at 8:00pm and on iview.

Our membership is open to all who support its objectives. "Can you imagine me doing that? "I always wanted to be a journalist because I loved English and writing," Ewart says. "On top of all that she was always bursting with energy and ideas.".

He was the long-running host of the Sunday morning political commentary program Insiders from 2001 to 2019, and in 2020 took over as the host of the long form interview program One Plus One. "ABC Regional offices do a great job of this but there wasn't much happening at a national level and I think we've tapped into something.

"Eight years later I was stopped in the main street of my local town in northern NSW by a couple who had survived the devastation.

From Alice, they travel west through Tjoritja, the magnificent West MacDonnell Ranges, to the Glen Helen Gorge where their week-long ride back to Alice Springs begins.

Since starting the TV Blackbox website, I have prided myself on delivering exclusives and getting information right. Barrie Cassidy (born 4 March 1950) is an Australian political journalist, as well as a radio and television host and presenter and commentator for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. "It was a baptism of fire and I had to learn fast.". "Politicians don't trust journalists, they always think you are out to get them so it's actually really nice to go into a town to see people who are so pleased to see you and want to welcome you into their lives, they stay in touch after we leave and it's something I've never had before and that's special.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. It’s a very different education from the vast majority of Australian kids.

“And the National Party keeps on putting up candidates that I don’t think are of the quality that they once were, and the Labor Party, half of the time, doesn’t bother going near these areas – they just say “well this is a safe Nationals seat so why bother?”, “So these people are not actually given a choice,” Heather Ewart said.

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