It is easy to load. We used Leupold PRW cross-slot rings on the rifle's supplied bases to mount the VX-R. With the scope mounted, the Long Ranger balances in the middle of its magazine bottom plate, putting the rifle's weight between the shooter's hands, as we prefer. The lever action operated smoothly, and I never had a problem chambering or ejecting a round. As you can guess, there is no range in that spot now, and shooting is strongly discouraged. As a deer gun, I’d likely set the scope at 4X and leave it. What does this have to do with the Henry Long Ranger? Carbines are all well and good in thick brush country or confined spaces, but it takes at least a 22" barrel to come close to realizing the ballistic potential of the .308 Winchester, or any other high intensity cartridge. As a former wildlife manager, I’m no stranger to spending extended periods of time gazing through optics. Those out West would find this to be the perfect combo for a truck or scabbard gun, with 3X dealing with close-up or moving targets handily, but also having enough magnification in reserve to reach out to that coyote some distance away. After a match at Wimbledon in which the American team won in 1875, the coveted Wimbledon Cup was housed at Creedmoor, fulfilling the range’s destiny. Despite the longer-than-normal stroke, I didn’t experience any failures to feed with any of the ammo I used. So, to put the Long Ranger through its paces near the 6.5 Creedmoor’s eponym, I traveled some 60 miles east. Note: A review of the Long Ranger with full shooting results and a Rifle Review Summary can be found on the Product Reviews index page. Being in such a congested area, I was only able to test the Henry out to 200 yards.

The hammer, lever and magazine bottom plate have a matte finish to match the receiver. This item NOT eligible for our “UNDER THE TREE GUARANTEE”. Having your long arm share the same ammunition as your wheelgun meant that you only needed to keep one type of ammo on hand. The group size for the groups we fired with all four brands of ammunition averaged 1.56". At the range, constantly having to eject, reload and reseat the Long Ranger's detachable magazine quickly became irritating to our shooters, who generally prefer open top receivers. Uncle Mike's Michaels of Orego, US FIREARMS, USA MAGAZINES, VANGUARD USA, Copyright © 2003-2020 Meanwhile, the report and recoil surprised me each time—just like the trigger on a serious long-distance rifle should. The Henry® Long Ranger™ Lever-Action Rifle greatly extends the effective range of traditional lever guns by using a 6-lug rotating bolt head, a box magazine, and side ejection that accommodate modern, high-pressure cartridges. I went to the last vestiges of farmland and rural countryside left on Long Island. Henry Repeating Arms ( has long been known for supplying a better grade of American walnut on its standard grade rifles than almost any other US manufacturer and they out did themselves in the case of our test rifle.

In my testing, it took 7 to 7.3 pounds of pressure to break the trigger. We would also suggest a waterproof, semi-gloss stock finish to better show off the nice walnut. Copyright © 2003 - 2020 (CW1). I know I loved it. The NRA would hold its annual matches there in the following decades and attract international competitors. We hope that Henry will see fit to offer a deluxe option as soon as possible. Like most lever action rifles, operating the lever in a hesitant manner (an operator error) can cause problems. The all-new SIG Sauer Custom Works P320 FCU (Fire Control Unit) allows for shooters... by Ballistic Staff / The magazine fed cartridges reliably, as long as the lever was operated briskly and not short-stroked.

It may be on display and is If you want to take distance to a new frontier with a gun similar to those that won the West, look no further than the Henry Long Ranger chambered in the impressive 6.5 Creedmoor. It uses a satin-chromed, machined steel bolt with a rotating, six lug head that locks directly into a barrel extension. The blued steel barrel, fore-end cap, trigger, swing swivel studs and magazine release button are given a medium polish. There is an external hammer and a traditional style lever. Though the AR-15 has cemented its place as America’s rifle, the lever action has retained a loyal following. It balances between the hands and handles well. The wood to metal fit is very good and, despite what is says on the Henry RAC website, the barrel of our test rifle is not free floating. Weight as tested: 8-3/4 pounds w/scope, empty mag. Remove the magazine to feel how smooth the action really is. The receiver that holds the system is formed from aerospace grade (whatever that means) aluminum alloy with a matte black finish. I’m confident the gun would print better under more ideal circumstances. This fine scope features a Duplex reticle with a tiny illuminated center point for use in dim light. As such, the ones that wear glass use lower-power optics, usually in the neighborhood of 2-7X, with an odd-man-out fitted with the ubiquitous 3-9x40mm deer scope. Another characteristic of Henrys is that they are just flat-out fun to shoot. The trigger was smooth and crisp with every pull. I’ve always likened Henry rifles to the finest Swiss chronographs. you will be notified automatically via email One glance tells you that Henry built it with pride. However, it also means that considerable force is required to depress the little release button and drop the magazine. Sideways rain doesn’t make for an especially pleasant day at the range; though every day at the range is a good one. And for those looking to chase larger game, I chose 140-grain Remington Core-Lokt rounds. Henry Long Ranger Deluxe Lever Action Rifle .243 Win 20\" Bar, Henry H014243 Long Ranger No Sights Lever 243 Winchester 20" 4+, Henry H014D223 Long Ranger Deluxe Lever .223 REM/5.56 NATO 20, Henry H014WL223 Long Ranger Wildlife Lever .223 REM/5.56 NATO, Henry H014WL243 Long Ranger Wildlife Lever 243 Win. The lever must be up, or at least not all the way down, to remove or insert the magazine. Steel, detachable sling swivel studs are included. Like all its rifles, Henry built the Long Ranger in America with American steel and walnut. The magazine was easy to load, and inserting and removing it from the rifle was accomplished with equal ease. The action of this new Henry will interest the technically inclined. It is well made, attractive, accurate and reliable. I subjected a rifle that is as pretty as any I have had the privilege of using to nearly 2 inches of rain over the course of a few hours. Core-Lokt 150 grain bullet, which achieved a mean average group size of only 1.15".

However, it does serve as a good test for a riflescope. While semi-autos might be able to dump rounds faster, with a little practice you can work a lever with some impressive speed—faster than most any bolt gun. Now it has and the rifle that is the subject of this review is the result. For more information, please visit or There is a substantial spring behind the magazine release button, which ensures that the magazine will not be inadvertently released.

We used four factory loads for this review. This is much less of a problem in the field, as ordinarily you would only have to load the magazine once a day. Due to time constraints and the warm weather, we were not able to let the barrel cool down between groups, although we did give it a few minutes to at least partially cool between shooters. Copyright 2016 by The oil finish completely fills the wood pores. In 1872, developers from what would become the National Rifle Association purchased a family farm on Long Island with the intent of turning it into America’s Wimbledon. The flat meplats found on typical lever rounds limit their ballistic qualities; long-distance properties typically suffer because of that and the straight-walled cartridges they occupy.

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