So, it’s possible to divide the symptoms of a bad EGR valve into two categories: EGR Valve Stuck Open. Including it in the vehicle’s framework is a standard government regulation that manufacturers must meet.

As it remains in a closed or open position, the exhaust gas in the chamber is either too less or too much – leading to the idling of the engine.

Some people will only consider you an expert if they agree with your point of view or advice,  when you give them advice they don't like they consider you an idiot, The infamous EGR valve problem (Honda Jazz 2002-2008), My Honda: 2007 Jazz 1.4 Sport Manual (Japanese built). like with the old carb car fuel in and fuel starve problem. i am from Malta and have a 2003 jazz CT 7. love it.

The light flashes if there is a problem with the engine so it will come on when the EGR valve fails. Warning Signs According To The EGR Valve’s Position. Author Topic: The infamous EGR valve problem (Honda Jazz 2002-2008) (Read 140039 times) culzean. My Honda: 2003 1.4 S, the lightest version. How Long Do CVT Transmissions Last? Not assiocated with Honda or its subsidiaries. Fuel odor inside the car’s cabin is one of the most obvious bad EGR valve symptoms. hi mates. The engine control unit (ECU) monitors the activities of all engine components. Well, EGR problems depend on whether the valve is stuck closed or stuck open.

The EGR system is crucial for reducing carbon emissions. Before diving into the signs, here is an overview of what an EGR valve … The EGR valve has an internal electrical component called a potentiometer,  the potentiometer  operates  by the movement of the EGR valve stem and a signal is monitored by the ECU to determine if the valve is in the open or closed position. the result is fantastic and now i can drive very pleasantly also in traffic. but some time ago while driving slow behind cars in traffic it started to jitter forward and slow down again. UK based forum since 2007 for all Honda Jazz and Fit owners offering technical and buying advice. It helps those gases to return to the combustion chamber instead of directing them to the exhaust emission system. Maybe; you need to look at the signs of a bad EGR valve below to understand the facts. when u say misfiring, im guessing its like a jurky feeling under light acceleration? The long-term effects of these issues are bad fuel economy and the vehicle guzzling more fuel than necessary.

Found in most gas and diesel engines, the EGR system keeps the emission of automobile’s exhaust gases in check. Hi, I have have just had the same issue identified at my dealer on my 03 Jazz after months of thinking it was dodgy fuel. Be aware of the EGR valve symptoms because it indicates that your car is emitting more pollutants that the approved limit. Driving a Toyota Land Cruiser: Why Is It Appealing? Not assiocated with Honda or its subsidiaries. You may feel reduced engine power when pressing down the gas pedal or experience acceleration difficulties. so after i read all your write ups which are very helpful i decided to remove the EGR and clean it with carb cleaner. When it’s failing, the exhaust pipe will discharge more pollutants than the approved level. The working mechanism involves creating a diluted air-fuel mixture by allowing a metered amount of exhaust gas into the engine. Toyota Kinetic Dynamic Suspension in Land Cruiser, How To Fix Vapor Lock? What problems does a bad EGR valve cause?

Login with username, password and session length. The Things You Need to Know About Owning a Sports Car, What New Cars to Avoid? The EGR valve is the main component of the EGR system. If you suspect the EGR valve may be the cause of problems on your engine (particularly rough running / cutting out at low revs) try making a temporary metal gasket (a piece of tinplate or aluminium or any thin metal really) to fit underneath the EGR valve and effectively block off the passageway. It always seems worse on vehicles which are used on short runs, or light throttle. The gasoline stink is the result of engine gobbling up more oil than necessary causing the tailpipe to discharge more hydrocarbons. The recirculation is designed to take place when the engine is at the optimum temperature to work properly.

Is your EGR valve faulty? Thats mine too! Login with username, password and session length, perhaps 5 mph and 700 rpm-ish? White Smoke From Exhaust: Main Causes and How to Fix, Top 6 Causes of Steering Wheel Hard to Turn and Solutions, Iwamotocho 3-10-7-7F, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan 101-0032. tickover in first gear...the kind of speeds you do in solid traffic, without pressing the accelerator. The engine underperforms or shows problems when the EGR occurs at the wrong time or does not happen at all. Remember that some symptoms of a faulty EGR are indications of issues within other parts of the system. Author Topic: The infamous EGR valve problem (Honda Jazz 2002-2008) (Read 138181 times)

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