|. You can eliminate the need to stack and restack boxes 3.

Then do the math below to convert pounds of paper to gallon sized shred bins for a better feel for the size container you will need for your office. Organizations need a partner who can not only deliver on the services they promise, but in a professional manner.

Large shred bins can be bulky and unattractive to the eye. © 2020 ILM Corporation. Some of the largest agencies rely on our proven past performance with document processing services to ensure their projects get done on time and within budget.

When you choose drawer storage... 1. Different boxes have different purposes. Received my two "heavy duty" bankers boxes today and was disappointed to find that one of the ends on the top - the piece that says "Bankers Box" was broken off inside the box. Small shred bins are often called mini shred bins or personal shred consoles are designed to hold small volumes of paper and fit neatly on or under desks or counter-tops.

You can eliminate the need to stack and restack boxes, You can move and handle records more frequently with stronger boxes, You can store less frequently accessed records safely with safe closures, You can store active files in easy to access drawers, You can store inactive files in safely sealed boxes for long-term storage. Larger shred bins are often called shred totes or carts, and are usually on wheels to make transporting the heavy contents to the shred truck quick and easy. Here’s the dimensions and capacity for a standard banker/copy box: 12.5′”W x 15.5′”D x 10.5′”H. Frequent access, heavy-duty boxes hold up under heavy use and can be stacked higher. Depending on the type of paper and the amount of file folders that you have in each box… Infrequent access, basic-duty boxes are suitable for basic use and lower stacking. ILM Corporation offers a suite of document management services in Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland to help customers transform difficult and unstructured materials that are time-sensitive and mission-critical into digital data. Medium sized shred bins can hold around 100 lbs worth of paper and are designed to stand on floor, looking similar to a trash can, but they are secure and have one small slot for feeding paper into the bin. Letter size drawers accommodate letter size files. For large organizations that handle robust volumes of sensitive information (like hospitals) large shred bins are essential. Letter/Legal Drawers accommodate both letter and legal size documents - This size drawer has the versatility for storing records of varied sizes. Copyright © 2020 Fellowes Brands, All Rights Reserved. Follow this guide to ensure you set up your shredding program with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. String & Button boxes offer maximum security and reliable closure, even when the box is overturned. With capacities up to around 600 lbs, you will always have enough space for your sensitive files. Write a Product Review for your chance to win $500. Whatever your drawer choice, with the stacking ability of drawers, you can maximize your record storage space, save on retrieval time and eliminate box restacking—all while maintaining easy access to all your important records. Get the latest product news, promotions and announcements from BankersBox®. If you have limited storage space and require frequent access to files, Bankers Box® storage drawers would be the best choice. Start here to determine to right storage solution for you.

Continued use of this site or closing this bar using the 'X' constitutes your acceptance of cookies. All Rights Reserved. If you have a lot more storage space available and need to access your files less often, storage boxes are the best solution.

Calculating the amount of paper you have to shred will help you know which type of shred bin is right for your organization.

Extra Space-Saving Drawers stack up to 7 drawers high. Storage solutions for your business can range from a few storage boxes to an entire drawer system. Keep in mind that you can place several shred bins throughout your office, so even if you produce hundreds of pounds worth of paper a month, you can choose to have several smaller bins placed strategically throughout the office for optimal security and ease of use. Privacy Policy | Terms of Service, I would like to speak with ILM about digitizing my documents. Specialty Boxes provide specialized storage solutions for unique document sizes. The size shred bin you select depends on a variety of factors including how much paper you produce, how your office is organized and laid out spatially, how many bins you want, where you want them placed throughout your office, and more. Presto™ instant assembly - sets up to 5 times faster than basic assembly boxes, FastFold® quick and easy assembly - sets up to 4 times faster than basic assembly boxes. Banker Box (L 16″ x H 10″ x W 12″) 1,800 – 2,000 Pages Per Box: Lateral File Cabinet: 5,000 – 6,000 Pages Per Drawer: 4 Drawer Standard File Cabinet: 2,500 Pages Per Drawer: Photographs: 100 – 125 … Professional and scientific associations, housing assistance groups, medical research, and environmental justice organizations trust ILM Corporation as a key partner in fulfilling their mission.

Legal size drawers accommodate legal sized files offering an additional three inches in width for larger record size. Shred bins and regularly scheduled shredding services ease the shredding process and help ensure your organization is secure and compliant.

You can schedule frequent pick-ups to ensure your documents are shredded in a timely manner, and you can consolidate shred bins and just place a few medium sized bins throughout the entire office. One ream of paper weighs about 5 lbs. Now that you know how many pounds of paper you have, and you have considered the pros and cons of each general bin size, use the chart below to find the right shred bin for your needs.

When it comes time to empty the bins there is more work to be done—hauling, unlocking, and emptying shred bins can be hard work, so the more bins you have the more labor intensive it is and the more time it will take. You can stack records higher and save space.

You’ll also want to consider office decor as shred bins come in different styles for more refined offices. Guide for Determining How Bankers Boxes You Need.

If you have limited storage space and require frequent access to files, Bankers Box® storage drawers would be the best choice. Letter size boxes are perfect for high capacity letter size paper storage. Choosing the right sized shred bin can make the document shredding process streamlined and efficient. Of course there was no damage to the outside cardboard box. ... Then do the math below to convert pounds of paper to gallon … ILM provides a range of services including document scanning, data entry, lockbox, and acknowledgement services. Our U.S. based personnel and operation ensure a smooth project life cycle. Legal size boxes are 3” wider than letter boxes and accommodate legal document storage.

Pallet calculator online: calculate pallet capacity - how many items you can put in a pallet of a given dimensions.

Maximum Space-Saving Drawers stack up to 10 drawers high. We can get you free quotes on shredding services from multiple providers in your area so you can choose the best option for your needs. Lift-off Lid boxes allow easy access to records. Look for locking lids to securely store your files. A standard bankers box holds roughly 30 lbs worth of paper, so if you have several boxes of files, multiply that by 30 to get the amount of paper you have in pounds. We offer proven services that ensure financial, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare organizations have the right data they need to achieve their goals. You can move and handle records more f… Individuals can keep bins at their desks, or small departments can each have their own shred bin making proper disposal convenient and making the shred bins more likely to be used. How Many Files Fit in a standard Banker’s Box? With over 40 years of experience in creating custom data processing services, ILM offers document conversion services for organizations of all sizes. This is the perfect drawer if letter size documents are all you need to store.

You can stack records higher and save space.

Use this shredding calculator to convert your file volume to pounds. Letter/legal boxes easily carry and accommodate both letter and legal size paper.

Placement of larger bins requires them to be placed out of the way, where it might be inconvenient for employees to access. 2. If you produce large amounts of documents that need to be shredded, medium sized shred bins can be a good fit. You cut record retrieval time in half When you choose box storage... 1. Without many small bins throughout the office you might risk employees opting for the trash when a file should have been placed in the shred bin. Backed by over 40 years of federal contracting experience and with multiple contract vehicles at our disposal, ILM knows how to work successfully with federal and state agencies.

This free pallet calculator has predetermined standard pallet sizes like EUR, EUR2, EUR3, … If you have a lot more storage space available and need to access your files less often, storage boxes are the best solution. This is an estimation and what causes variations are the number of file folders, fasteners such as binding clips, paperclip, staples, etc, and unwanted materials in the files such as glossy brochures. Choosing the right type of drawer determines how high you can stack your drawers to save space, and the right size determines the size of the contents of the drawer. Call us at (800) 747-3365 or fill out our form for free quotes on secure shredding near you. A standard bankers box holds roughly 30 lbs worth of paper, so if you have several boxes of files, multiply that by 30 to get the amount of paper you have in pounds. Different Sized Shred Bins: Pros and Cons, Larger shred bins are often called shred totes or carts, and are usually on wheels to make transporting the heavy contents to the, How to Calculate How Much Paper I Have that Needs Shredding, Find a Shredding Service Provider Who Can Pick Up Your Bins Regularly. Attached Flip-Top Lid Boxes prevent lost or damaged lids. Occasional access, medium-duty boxes hold up under moderate use and moderate stacking. Shred Nations partners with reliable document shredders across North America. At $23.00 for one plastic box… If space-saving is your primary concern, than drawers provide the best storage solution. Basic Space-Saving Drawers stack up to 2 drawers high. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Knowing which Bankers Box storage box to select, requires understanding your storage needs from type and strength, to size and assembly. ILM specializes in data capture, data entry, digital imaging, document scanning and much more.

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