Robert Plot was the first person in the world to describe a dinosaur bone — that we know of, anyway.

A bible thumper… here we go…. Which kind of makes you wonder what those duck-billed dinos were getting into all the time, doesn't it? It wasn’t the apocalypse either. The condition can be fatal. But the thing that's really unique about this fossil is that it isn't just fossilized bone, it's also fossilized tissue. Also, Fossilize and quickly are oxymorons. It weighed 3000 pounds, it would have sank to depths too deep and too cold to be eaten. And millions of years later, we get to see what the dinosaur really looked like — in the flesh. The skeletons of three largely intact triceratops have been found in Wyoming.

The fossils were discovered by the rancher who owned the property late last year.

Worthless: SIRI The Stupid Personal Assistant. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. The most famous Archaeopteryx fossil is the Berlin specimen (above), which is the most complete example of the species, and the first one found with an intact skull. sometimes it hurts peoples brains to think that anything other than humans ruled this earth at some point in time, so they just refuse to belive it… these people are called “closed-minded” . Today, scientists have used the Berlin specimen and many of the other known Archaeopteryx fossils to paint a picture of an animal that could probably fly in the same way a pheasant can fly — in short bursts but not really for sustained distances. In fact, duck-billed dinosaurs in particular seem to be rather fond of becoming mummies — let's just call them the Egyptians of the dino-world.

Based on the condition of the fossils, the two dinos were clearly fighting, and scientists think the velociraptor had just dealt its opponent a fatal blow.

It's also fair to note that Plot had very little to go on. Larson said the site was believed to have been a tyrannosaurus rex feeding ground.

The fossilized flesh, but yeah.

SCIENCE is getting a new look at every child's second most favourite dinosaur - the triceratops. Oh, wonderful.

And the fact that we’re talking about a massive, heavily-armored dinosaur illustrates just how dangerous those predators must have been…. There are facts that support theories, and when a theory is 100% proven is no longer a theory but a fact, so a theory is not itself a fact. The Bible, and Revelations specifically speak about some problems that John and the congregations he corresponded with had with the Romans and other peoples in the Roman Empire about 1950 years ago. its possibly the first intact dinosaur dna. The forearm bone had quill knots, which are the spots where the quills of secondary feathers would have been anchored to the animal's bone. All times AEDT (GMT +11).

The continents we know were just separating from the supercontinent Pangea. Formaldehyde-based plant life?

The quality of the mud and the texture of the animal's skin probably both played a role in creating the tracks and making it possible for them to survive over millions of years. You grab an exception and make it the norm. This is absolutely amazing, me being the dinosaur nerd that I am this totally peaked my interest and brightened my day, Nothing has ever probed creationism… Specially a mummified nodosaur. Usually, all a hungry tyrannosaur would leave behind was the bony head, he said. Newer and better ones even. Thousands of years ago would be close enough that we would also have actual evidence of the event for it to do that, too, and we don’t. “We don’t just have a skeleton,” one researcher involved said. The researchers examining the find were astounded at its nearly unprecedented level of preservation.

It’s fossilized entirely or to a degree.

Funny how those without a REAL response always resort to laughter or belittling.

I don’t believe in the Bible. According to Scientific American, a 2013 paper published in Current Biology described the mummified remains of an edmontosaurus with an ornamental structure on its head that appeared remarkably similar to a rooster's comb.

Halloween? The nearest to complete specimen we have is Sue (SUE the T. rex), who is 85% complete. You have entered an incorrect email address! You can’t, because you were not here when it was alive…. It was found far inland but was in the ocean??? There’s no conspiracy – the universe is just a lot more complicated than your mommy and daddy led you to believe. Perhaps petrified would be a more accurate word than mummified. The nodosaur was found by an unsuspecting excavator operator that uncovered the historic discovery while digging in an oil sands mine, according to the museum’s news release about the exhibit. Thanks for staying true to your kind!

Thank you for your intelligent discourse, it seems to be an anomaly among the comments. That doesn't happen very often, but in this case, the dinosaur's rapid underwater burial allowed minerals to seep in before decomposition was complete.

Dakota gave scientists an opportunity to study the hadrosaur's muscle mass and calculate how fast it might have been able to run, and Leonardo's stomach contents were so well-preserved that scientists were able to identify 400 different species of plants in the ancient stomach-sludge and then use the information to reconstruct the ecosystem where Leonardo lived.

The Canadian nodosaurus might be the best and most-famous example of a dinosaur "mummy," but it wasn't the first (and hopefully won't be the last because let's face it dinosaur mummies are the coolest thing ever). Lol like you actually KNOW that for a fact!! WHY WOULD YOU WANT A CLONE.

Since that first movie, though, we've learned a few things about velociraptors.

There have been human remains left in a similar state.

Christmas? but nice to keep the dream alive. Even your holidays are stolen from pegans.

Unfortunately, they were not able to arrive at a conclusion about whether it could open doors.

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