I have been having trouble with, Reply Strictly for educational purposes of course...I made a trebuchet a few years ago for a physics project and it was quite a fun experience, especially with all of the moving parts and the way the sling works. Make a mark 1-3/4" from the side of the 2x4. Move your catapult around to aim at your target. You'll need to make out two holes for the u-bolt about 68" from the base of the pole, a hole for the eye bolt (winding catch) a few inches below that, and a hole for the other eye bolt (firing pin catch) about a foot or so above that. When cocked, your catapult must be no taller than 2 meters. You might try something with less flexibility like a broom handle. on Introduction, 11 years ago I realized that the clothes pin doesn't have very much force to it, so i replaced it with a "Chip Clip." I will see if my son still has his where I can find it and post a picture. Remove the extra blocks and add angle butress' then two blocks of wood on the cross beam and stretch a bicycle inner tube. This is nice if you don't have a larger bit. The parts are going to be a tight fit, and the cement sets relatively quickly, so you have to apply a lot of pressure to make sure your members are in their correct places.When you're done, it should look similar to the 2nd to last picture in this step.Now, compare it to the width of your 'pult, center it, mark the edges, and cut off the excess 2.5" ABS.I would take this opportunity to drill two holes, one 1/3 up the 4" pipe and the other 2/3 up the 4" pipe, one perpendicular to the other. Basically, just weld the pipes together, putting about 2 inch welds every 4 inches or so. The trap machine uses a mechanical arm to fire the clay pigeon into the air. Set them up on s firing line and let kids shoot at targets. Research source

Didn't make 30 meters, but sprung some ideas. Take turns to aim and fire the catapult at the cups.

will this work with a golf ball?

hope this helps. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. By using our site, you agree to our. Make sure that the bolt is facing the opposite way that the u-bolt and eye bolts are facing (which should all be facing the same direction).Non-metallic Arm (fiberglass)You're going to need a drill press and a whole bunch of drill bits. Backyard Ballistics: Build Potato Cannons, Paper Match Rockets, Cincinnati Fire Kites, Tennis Ball Mortars, and More Dynamite Devices; Check out my new article on how to build a mini (desktop-sized) catapult out of things you can find around your home or office, you can just buy your own Desktop-sized catapult kit. omg ive never seen one of your things lol. Attach the milk jug lid to the free end of the throwing arm with a dab of hot glue. From there you can calibrate an aiming system. L, Reply Easy Backyard Catapult for Hero Dads: This is a catapult (ala torsion style) I built inspired from the video a contributor named schoondogs posted. I made sure that these allowed for the pvc pipe to stand vertical, flush with the cross supports.

do you think it could go about 10 meters with a golf ball? Jimmy the jock (author) from Scotland on October 27, 2010: Hi Drake it is a ping pong ball in the picture, thanks for your comment, take care and have fun.....jimmy.

I am wondering if you or anyone else knows what to do with the firing mechanism if using fibreglass pipe. Remember the pivot arm does NOT need to rotate, so it can be a tight fit. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Where can I find one? hammer An old Tupperware container might be your best bet because the plastic is flexible (i.e. *Hero Dad - any dad trying to impress his kids with some type of act or service - in this case (in the steps of my dad) it's building something really cool, Cut the 2x4s into 14" and 30" lengths. You'll use this later to pull down the arm, then unhook it to prepare to fire.To make the firing pin, you're going to need a sturdy hinge, some more steel pipe, and any carriage bolt or smooth piece of metal. If you use the carriage bolt, you'll have to grind it down so that it's smooth. I used a 1" drill bit to make these side holes - this is where the rope will be fed through. I hav seriously 7 days to mak dis and will b headn down to my local bunnings soon..... dude u rock..... PS b4 i make it how far dose it go at its max?? ps my grandson wants to know if that is an egg in the picture? The tighter the rubber bands, the farther the object will go.

Since you're drilling into fiberglass, you have to slowly step through all of the sizes of the bits, until you reach the final bit. Range: after all modifications this baby can chuck a tennis ball easily 60 feet Load your catapult by placing a ping pong ball into the bottle lid. this is helpn loads! References. Anyone have any ideas what i could do for the firing mechanism? Today, however, catapults are more likely to be found launching candy across the office or ping pong balls in science class. These supports are 13" tall. Keep turning until the little pointy part sticks out of the other end of the wood, then re-clamp it and finish up. Never fire rocks or other sharp projectiles with your catapult, and never aim your catapult at pets or people or at least don't shoot at the face. Make sure they are alligned, otherwise your pivot arm will not go through both of them!Next, you're going to need to drill holes into your standing pieces of wood.

A few months ago, I made the same toys for my sons and they are now getting adept at making them for themselves and their friends. Catapult Target Game. You can use either the standard 4.5" craft sticks, or the jumbo 6"craft sticks for this project. It depends on the force generated where the two popsicle sticks are joined by the rubber band. Add additional craft sticks to the bottom of the catapult that out as needed to keep the machine stable while firing.

For building the more advanced torsion catapult, can I use jumbo Popsicle sticks instead of regular? and how far??? i wounder if that thing really shoots far, does it show kinetic energy potintial energy and energy tranfer. Now, start screwing your lag bolts into the cross-brace piece. thanx! Made a projectile seat out of card stock and hot glued it on. Cut and place a metal pipe into the holes, and leave a bit sticking out on each end - this will be the spool.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. A simple toy catapult that you can use for target practice games. 9 years ago The holes should be a bit bigger than your carriage bolts, and will be used to hold the arm in place.Slide out the aluminum pipe, and slide it back on so that the Rotating Arm Holder is able to Rotate about it.

Be CAREFUL! POINTS 4 THIS PROJECT, THANX SOOOOO MUCH, Thanx so much for the catapult plan, you helped us make a great catapult for our D.T project although i must admit ours looks a lot better than urs!!! To adjust the range to add a movable plank-limiter at the top. Can I use larger ammunition in my catapult? The arm should be firmly standing at a 90 degree angle, tight against the stopper bar. it was awesome thanks it made a really awesome science fair project, hey jimmy. Year 7 will naever be the same. Thanks again!! Then, align the side of the two foot piece of wood with the top of the three foot piece.

Anything that will hold it in place is fine. Then, place the other three foot piece of wood aligned with the opposite corner of the two-foot piece. Also copied a protractor and taped it to the side for calibration. Divide kids into building teams and compete to see whose catapult flings the furthest. Take your arm to the drill press, if available, and make 2 1-1/8" holes at your marks.

hey im doing a physics project and this is like the most simple design i have seen yet..but will it be able to launch a hackey sack 15 feet? on Introduction, Yep, 235m/s according to our triple axis accelerometer! The throwing arm should now be able to rotate freely around the dowel on the straw, and the elastic band will put tension on the throwing arm as you pull it back. Again, washers and nuts are essential, the speed of the arm is likely to rip it out if it is not properly secured. Will be using your design for a Girl Scout Camporee Station. Tie the other end off either on the U-bolt attached to the post or somewhere else - your choice.Make sure you use good knots - you don't want this slipping under high tension. At first the project seemed overwhelming. The u-bolt should line up with the cross-brace, the winding catch should line up close to the winding "spool", and the firing pin catch should line up with the firing pin (this is a must). Did you make this project? 9 years ago His catapult looked simple enough so I thought I'd make a step-by-step with some improvements (that's the American way right? mine went a yard at the most. Tie one end of the nylon rope around the spool and the other end around the S-hook. Experiment with different designs for your catapult projects. on Introduction. Clay pigeons used for shooting practice and sport are fired from a modern-day catapult. Thanks! Especially the eyes.

Before we attach the arm to the catapult, we need to drill quite a few holes in it.Depending on whether you're using a non-metallic arm or a metallic arm, there are two different ways to go about this.Metallic Arm:Start by getting really long lengths of steel pipe. i love this site! on Introduction. With a heavier bar, use 4-6 winds. You're going to need to pre-drill these, otherwise you'll never get them in the wood.You' should use two bolts per post, one through the side of the base frame, and the other through the "indented" 2x4.Cut four 88" pieces of 2x4 to use as the back braces.

Thanks so much for the tutorial. The launch arm will hit that first . I would love to see a photo of what you mean by a movable plank limiter. it is classified as a torsion powered siege engine, This is more like a giant mouse trap with a stopper.

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