If so, how. It’s been about a month before a new account is gifted with Marketplace. If I want something, I know where to get it and don’t need lead around by the nose. Thanks. Yes. There are several ways to view the items you’ve “saved” on Facebook, depending on the device you’re using.

It used to work by clicking on their name. Where can I find out all the different marketplaces the post went to?? After you finish your message, click the Send Message button to send it.

My item ( homemade bar cart)is under review and I cannot click on items for sale. Almost anything (except guns and other restricted items), whether new or old, can be put on sale on Facebook Marketplace. When I press to see conversation nothing comes up and it has me blocked from selling anything what do you think the problem is?

What choice did I have? I’ll set stuff at curb for free! You can remove anything from Facebook, including this obnoxious Marketplace spam boxes, just by using “Social Fixer”. The only thing I had done was upload Google Chrome, so I deleted it…didn’t fix the problem. I can’t even sell within the groups I have posted in before so it’s seems to be universal. Does anyone know how to make all of my listings show under my marketplace profile.? Of course, this article was wrong even when it was written. I only want to sell in and to my local neighborhood. This has been going on since August 2017 and as of 2/28/2018. Accessing Marketplace on Facebook.

My husband has been banned from using market place and doesn’t know why he did not do anything wrong , how can he be allowed to return to market place?

How do I contact someone to find out what the problem was with the stuff I was posting and why exactly I got kicked off removed from Marketplace cuz I see absolutely no reason for it. Really would appreciate help ASAP. Click Your Account.

When you enter it it will show you very old listings and scrolling does not work.

Is there a way around that? I just don’t know how to fix this constant glitch.

Then I have no idea who was next in line in case this lady is a no show.

If you’re using Facebook in a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer you can use either of the following two methods: 1 - First, make sure your Newsfeed is displayed on the screen. What if I received a gift and I want to sell it? All of a sudden for no valid reason my items are under review and I’m removed from Marketplace for no reason. Is there anyway to get those contacts back? 51 people have looked at it and I can even respond to myself? % of people told us that this article helped them. Click the saved item you want to remove.

Any idea how to fix it. Did we miss something? Can’t post any more items to sell, period. Two were refused with the implication they were fakes. Now I have no contact info for the person who is buying it! So far i have tried and failed.

I am trying to clean. The seller might also be managing many incoming messages or people who are interested in the item as well, so try to have patience with each other. However, our research is meant to aid your own, and we are not acting as licensed professionals. FB have banned me from marketplace with no explantation or chance to resolve whatever the issue is, at the moment anyway…, Its ridiculous that I can’t sell my stuff for what I want without imput from Facebook. There is also no comments or review feature on the marketplace yet. She earned an MA in Writing from Rowan University in 2012 and wrote her thesis on online communities and the personalities curated in such communities. They are NOT. Of course there is always Craigslist’s which you have to be way more cautious with as far as meeting people but it never fails, you can post anything in there within reason! Ok,first off it’s great! I currently find Kijiji and Letgo to be the most poorly managed sites with all the perpetually annoying spam (duplicates, triplicates and even quadruple copies of ads) along with a contrived and apparently useless flagging system. You can search as locally as within two miles of your city or town, or as far as 100 miles away. How do I opt out? Account is constantly under review with no clarification on how to fix it. Couldn’t see before picking up, but have always trusted on this site. Thanks …bob, Is there a vacation mode for facebook marketplace?

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You'll see this on the right side of your screen, next to the bell icon.Step 3, Tap Saved. You and the other party get to decide it on your own. You can also add someone as a contributor to the collection. Help please! Keep in mind that items on Marketplace must follow … But who do you tell?

But, now everything is clear by reading this article. I saw anther phone number 800-368-6135 and talked to them about what happened and they said they could get my money back if i would send them $1000.00.

Marketplace facebook the format sucks you can’t look for just what you need for example if you search a “ford f150 4×4” you get cars, trucks, washers, dryers exc. It wants advertisements to be more targeted. Start your search now on this startup guide.

Bear in mind that people sometimes travel between cities and thus are able to plan out online shopping trips. I spend hours looking at items for sale on the Marketplace. Enter a title, price, location, and category of the listing. HELP, This sucks, if you are looking for a specific item ie: wheels for your car. To check out Facebook’s Marketplace, click on the Marketplace link in the left-side menu on your Home page (it has a little storefront icon). So how do I opt out of the Marketplace? Browsing and Buying on Facebook Marketplace, How to View Tagged Photos and Videos of Yourself on…, Safety Tips for Buying and Selling on Facebook, How to Use Facebook Marketplace on Your Phone. There are times when even after seven days, the item for sale remains unsold.

I was wondering why that is no longer happening?? I posted my bike and it sez “Mark as Sold”. No one responds to appeals – my appeal has been “pending” for 15 days (says max 7 days to review).

Click a saved category in the left menu or click a saved item to view it. The told me to combine it all together but they are for different areas and now I dont get anyone looking.

How do I remove her when I share? Tap Saved. You might see this term pop up in descriptions like “DM me for pricing” or “PM me for more info.”. I got kicked off marketplace for listing a pair of leggings and a pair of sneakers. Every time i go on marketplace on my PC I see the same stuff. Can I use my lap top, and email account to buy and sell? How can someone post on FB marketplace without a profile. From your News Feed, click Marketplace. I swear this saves me from lip-syncing a lot of profanity. A trick there is to ‘follow’ items you frequently search for – even if it’s broad term like “TV”, it will alert you to ‘new ads’ and mark them as such in the pile of ads thereafter, however this has repeatedly failed for some technicality as I’d be alerted to ‘new ads’ only to find none or find that the newer ads have been scattered around like usual. Report a problem” and fill out your query in “Something Isn’t Working.” I believe FB should let you know what the issue is regardless. They need a decoder on what key words to avoid! I can’t even sell within the groups I have posted in before so it’s seems to be universal.


On my android phone When I am listing in Market place it only gives me a few group options (some of which are not even relevent to what I am selling) and I have many more groups that are not showing.

3. I have Facebook Marketplace but can’t go to the page to leave a message. How Marketplace helps Facebook in better revenue generation? Can you please tell me why?

It is only allowing me to post 1 item per day. Darlene has experience teaching college courses, writing technology-related articles, and working hands-on in the technology field. Turn it on for me please.

I AM NOT THE LEAST BIT INTERESTED IN THIS AND RESENT IT BEING FORCED ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE. I’m quite sure people are seeing my listings but I have no way of knowing. When not working, he can be found hiking, camping, and stargazing. Anyone have a valid phone number to call that’s not the 650 one ? I have certain brands listed on my recent searches that I check throughout the day. Hence, this was a tried and tested option to roll out. Have been buying and selling with no problem. why must I only be able to post one picture at a time. There is no way you can turn that off.

It’s better than nothing I suppose. In the past it was working fine. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Why I am not seeing pics when I click on a item on the market Place? So I don’t want fb popping up all the time when I’m on my. Many think Facebook to be a better marketplace than eBay as unlike eBay, which is a typical marketplace, Facebook has positioned itself as a social marketplace where you can not just see the seller’s profile but can see the mutual friends you have (in case you want to inquire about him) and can also chat with him using Facebook messenger.

The platform is similar to eBay but with an added touch of ‘Social-ness’. Can you help? Why? Can I change back ?

Yes same here.. both phone and computer are up to date. I don’t think creating a new account would solve this. violated the website’s new policies. When I list something I sometimes get.

I have Facebook marketplace and enjoy it very much but for the last two days I cannot scroll down and see any listings, why is this have I been blocked in someway and how can I fix it?

You can also change the city you are searching in (Facebook will autocomplete a city as you type in the name of your desired location). Because what if I want to sell unwanted gifts from relatives? I WAS USING MARKETPLACE TO BUY AND SELL~THEN I GOT BANNED FOR NO REASON ,AND WHEN THAT HAPPENS YOU CANT GET INTO YOU BUYING AND SELLING PRIVATE GROUPS EITHER ,,THEY SAID I WAS SELLING A LIVE ANIMAL ,WHICH WHAT I WAS SELLING WAS AND ANTIQUE FRAMED PICTURE FROM 197O,CLEARLY ITS SOME KIND OF ROBOT OR SOMEONE THAT CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE ,,IT’S EVEN IN A FRAME AND IN ALL BLACK AND WHITE EXCEPT THE CARPET ITS LAYING N , I PUT APPEAL IN AND THEY BANNED ME THEY SAY FOR GOOD,LOL WISH I COULD POST THE IC ,,THEN LL WOULD SEE ,. Not sure I love the idea of anyone on Marketplace being able to access my FB profile. this is more of a Technical question. Can you post an “in search of” listing on Marketplace? You can use Marketplace to buy and sell items with people in your community on Facebook.

I am new to Facebook and I am trying to sell some items on Facebook.

I have Facebook Marketplace, but when I click on an item I’m interested in, nothing comes up, what’s happening? Go to facebook.com/saved. I used to be able to see how many people viewed my ads but now I can not?? The left-hand menu has links to different sections: Browse (where you start), Buying, Selling, and Saved Items. When it says over a week it could be 8 days or a year. Sadly there is no such button available for us.

You don’t want to start messaging back and forth with a fake or scammy account, so paying attention to when they joined and whether their profile seems fishy is important.

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