The command takes 2 mandatory parameters: A configuration is a named set of dependencies grouped together for a specific goal. In the Gradle tool window, select a project, on the toolbar, click or select the Show Dependencies option from the context menu. This resulted in conflict resolution to select the most appropriate version.

A variant of a component can have dependencies on other modules to work properly, so-called transitive dependencies. The origin of a dependency can be a declared dependency in the build script or a transitive dependency in graph plus their corresponding configuration. A build script for a project resolves a configuration in another project during evaluation.

Those indirect dependencies are also called transitive dependencies. The result is self explanatory. This might be useful to trim down the output in large graphs. A task specifies a configuration from another project as an input file collection. Be sure to always target the right project when running dependencyInsight. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. To focus on the information about one configuration, provide the optional parameter --configuration. Google Guava. Directories are common in the case of inter-project dependencies to avoid the cost of producing the publishable artifact.

We're interested in unused dependencies. runtime or testRuntime (in a dependency task a configuration was optional to specify) If we use a library with reflection, the plugin does not detect its usage. In the diagram window, select a dependency for which you want to see the connection to a project. Fortunately it is simple to create that task: It accepts all parameters supported by a base dependencyInsight task and: dependencyInsight task can be very useful when tracking down suspicious and not expected transitive dependencies in the project. Now that we have our setup, let's see the basic use-case. Gradle script downloads the JAR from maven central or any other location which we specify. You can work with Gradle dependencies in the diagram format.

( Log Out /  information about the location of artifacts or required transitive dependencies. Each release of a module is optimally represented by a module version.

We stand on the shoulders of giants.

For more information, see the sections on dependency configurations as well as resolvable and consumable configurations. This plugin only works for Groovy-based build files. In the diagram window, IntelliJ IDEA displays all project dependencies including the transitive ones. IntelliJ IDEA locates the needed dependency in the graph. For example, to show dependencies that would be on the test runtime classpath in a Java project, run: The dependencies report provides detailed information about the dependencies available in the graph. A build scan can visualize dependencies as a navigable, searchable tree. If we use a transitive dependency, the plugin tells us to make it a direct one. --configuration – Gradle configuration to search in – e.g. IntelliJ IDEA displays only the specified dependency scope. Others examples are JDK8 and JDK11 variants. Gradle’s dependency resolution is variant-aware and selects one or more variants of each component after a component (i.e.

For more information, see the section on fixing metadata with component metadata rules. The dependencies report provides you with the raw list of dependencies but does not explain why they have been selected or which dependency is responsible for pulling them into the graph. Henrik Kniberg. Promotes transitive dependencies that are used directly by your code to explicit first order dependencies. If we use a transitive dependency, the plugin tells us to make it a direct one. In contrast to resolution rules, component metadata rules are applied before resolution starts.

For example 18.0 represents the version of the module with the coordinates It may also define additional variants, for example sources and Javadoc, with the corresponding artifacts. For more details, see the section on capabilities. The first error roughly says we should reference httpcore directly.

A capability is identified by coordinates similar to the coordinates used for module versions. A dependency is a pointer to another piece of software required to build, test or run a module. But luckily there is a better way. Artifacts are typically designed to be used or consumed by users or other projects, or deployed to hosting systems. If your build has an unsafe access deprecation warning, it needs to be fixed. For example, the java component in its default setup consists of a JAR — produced by the jar task — and the dependency information of the Java api and runtime variants. The dependency has a dynamic version, and some versions did not match the requested attributes. one version of a module) has been selected.

The plugin searches the output jars to detect whether a dependency is used or not. The most widely-used versioning strategy is semantic versioning. The word "configuration" is an overloaded term and has a different meaning outside of the context of dependency management. deployment environment: Java runtime, application server, …​. It makes it very easy to see transitive dependencies and follow them with a single click: As we saw, we do not only depend on a few libraries but on fully-fledged library trees. A task from one project directly resolves a configuration in another project. As a result, we now get three errors. Have a look at the table below to understand the meaning of the different terms used: This means that no other reason than having a reference, direct or transitive, was present. You can think of the dependency insight report as the inverse representation of the dependency report for a given dependency. For example, display dependencies report for a subproject core : $ gradle core:dependencies $ gradle core:dependencies --configuration compile $ gradle core:dependencyInsight --dependency slf4j-api --configuration compile.

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