Well, I finally gave him his house key back and blocked him out of my life.

This guy will simply not be tied down nor will respect the rules.

Your intense urge to connect might only just push him away. You can do this by leaving behind a few small things in his home or car.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'astrologify_com-leader-1','ezslot_10',114,'0','0'])); Think back. You could make him a card. You’ll need to trust that he will do the right thing. I want him back but this time i want him to come back to me .For that what should i have to do? If you want to impress the Aquarius man, you need to discover what makes you special and show it to him. Will an Aquarius Man Apologize After Upsetting You? Welcome to my blog about the Aquarius man. The Aquarius man is someone who’s a humanitarian at heart, and he’d like nothing better than for everyone to get along peacefully, put down the weapons of war and put our minds together solving the great questions of art, science, and philosophy. He will pick up on this and want to fill the gap by leaning into you. They go back and forth analzying what they want. His number one pet peeve in relationships is when his partner doesn’t give him enough personal space. You surely had moments when a passenger leaves that same perfume scent as of your guy, and you feel like he’s there. He is an honest person, so he expects others to be the same. Aquarius men want to take their time and make sure that they’re with the right person before they settle down.

My boyfriend is Aquarius and I am Libra, and we are almost two years together. If he cares then he will get in touch with you without making you wait long. Be the project that he can’t solve by constantly keep him guessing and on his toes. This was supposed An Aquarius man will never pursue a woman he doesn’t have a firm friendship with. So until our meeting he would text me non stop and talk alot, even asked me to give him my number so he could call me but i was like you’ll get my number once we meet in person. He was not capable of expressing his feeling for me… But if you can balance your need for one on one time with quality time among his larger crowd, you’ll be that much more special to him in his eyes – and heart. and then well we got back together and the tension between us was gone….

This makes love and romance a little more scary to an Aquarius man than he wants to admit. Their minds function at speed faster than a jet plane, thinking of 16 billion things all at once. This will allow him to do something he likes and help you at the same time.

Now latest situation is that he has removed me from his life he ignores my all calls messages everything.

But you’ll need to be strong and independent if you want him in your life for a very long time. I love him alot I know he is difficult but still i do accept in all ways I want to be with him forever. If you want to impress the Aquarius man, you need to discover what makes you special and show it to him. Your looks and your usual flirting style are all well and good, but because his brain is so fast and so vast in the ideas it throws around, the ways to make an Aquarius man love you often have to appeal to his mental faculties. Freedom, balance and friendship is what make a good relationship with them. To first get the attention of an Aquarius man, you will need to find some way to stand out from the crowd and get him curious to know more about you. So yeah our “meeting” went well and all, we had long conversations and he even talked about relationships and that he believes in miracles and that even if we didn’t work he wouldn’t want to lose contact and be close friends with me. Win the Aquarius man’s heart with your own bravery and ambition, 6. Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius men are unconventional, innovative, unusual, and analytical. One of the signs an Aquarius man isn’t interested in you is that he stops asking questions. Don’t lose heart though. Go on a quirky weekend trip by yourself or with friends. He’s not wasting time, and he’s always looking to learn new things.

For an Aquarius guy to miss you; he has to be apart from you. The element of mystery is sure to appeal to your Aquarius man, keeping him chasing you. Any ideas? Anyway, we hung out once since the break and it was amazing. Do it anyway. Accept the fact that he’s on his way to the next big adventure, and go with him gladly if he’s open to take you. I’ve seen him few times looking at me when HE KNOWS I can see him in my peripheral vision, with this sort of crude hunger and lust, and when I look back at him, BAM. For an Aquarius man, …

You’ll notice this guide doesn’t focus much on forcing him or manipulating him to miss you. If you are yearning for your Aquarius man but are unsure how he feels about you, then you should know that this sign is reserved with his feelings for everyone.

Capture his attention with a nostalgic scent, The 5 Biggest Signs that an Aquarius Man isn’t into You, 6.

Ample space and non-clingy energy are essential to this man.

Personal freedom, and freedom of the wider world, all appeal to him – and can be part of seducing him too. No matter how many questions he asks you, avoid telling him each and everything in one go. This will keep him interested even long after you go home. How can you make an Aquarius man miss you – What do you think? They want something or someone to stir up their curiosity, to keep them guessing. He tells me so much about him and the things he has been through…. Any solution or any suggestion for this situation. That’s okay. Signs an Aquarius man is falling in love with you – his friends = your friends.

eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'astrologify_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',110,'0','0'])); How to make an Aquarius man miss you? But it’s best to learn the whole strategy behind attracting an Aquarius man. I’m just scared of being used and played. The Aquarius man will love you all the more for it, and will whisk you along for the ride. The problem with this is that your response will likely be reactive and come from insecurities around fear of abandonment. Don’t think he doesn’t love you anymore, he’s just being altruistic and giving. Aquarius Qualities, Positive and Negative Traits, Aquarius Relationship Traits and Love Tips, Aquarius Man in a Relationship: Understand and Keep Him in Love. Related: How to Get an Aquarius Man to Chase You. He may never be the sweeping romantic found in the pages of a slushy love story, but he’ll be a loyal, trusted and deeply intelligent individual who’ll see you as his better half, and treat you as you deserve. 5 Tips to Make an Aquarius Man Obsessed with You, 8 Tips to Win Back the Heart of an Aquarius Man. Of course, a hearty debate about these same big issues, and his individual approach to them, is a great way to make an Aquarius man love you too.

Make him ache for you.

Idk what to say…, I’m dating an Aquarius Man & everything has been perfect for the past almost 3 months we’ve been together then all of a sudden just Tuesday he gets mad at me over a fb status that was just song lyrics that had no meaning told me that I am trying to get other guys attention & that I make guys happy with these statuss’ but like I said it was a status that had no real meaning to it other than I liked the saying & he tells me bye & blocks me completely on both social media and as well but then unblocked me then I tried to message him to talk about this & he blocked me again by then the day after he unblocked my other page then he unblocks me on fb but no messanger & I made a fake account to tell him off basically & told him I didn’t deserve to be left here wondering why when I did EVERYTHING for this man & changed me life for him esp because of his religion & culture. It will also keep you on his mind often and make him miss you. You might think that making him wait might make him lose interest in you. This man has a detached air about him, and at times it can even seem like he’s just not interested. Let’s continue! How? Give him a piece of his own. Keep him curious by gradually revealing things about you.

It would be even better if you pick something by a band he already likes. We haven’t spoken since and I miss him.

Even if he’s not as outwardly ambitious as a Leo or an Aries man, your Aquarius man will want to have a measured feeling of progress in his life. It could be a perfume, a type of incense, an essential oil blend, anything really. He’s pragmatic, so don’t expect him to be romantic or pampering.

Leave him alone and wait. Do interesting things that he’ll notice, 7 Essential Things to Know about Dating an Aquarius Man, 5 Potent Ways to Make an Aquarian Man Obsessed with You, 4. Unlike the Taurus man, he’s actually one that WILL miss you if he’s truly interested in you. Want to make an Aquarius man miss you like crazy? For him to be happy in the relationship, his independence must be honored. Let’s continue! My name is Anna Kovach, and I’m a Relationship Astrologer. It could be because you are always there, always available for him. During all these months he texted me regularly to ask how I was doing, how my holidays would go… His mind is always bouncing between new ideas, so get used to the fact that he can’t stick with something for too long. Don’t try to chase after him or send him endless texts. Huge turn-offs to Aquarius men are rudeness, being closed minded and prejudiced, judging him for how he looks, thinks or acts, or limiting what he can do or how he can do it.

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When you’re feeling distant from your partner it’s understandable to want to grab his attention and put yourself back in his orbit. Trying to win an Aquarius man can be a perplexing experience, because he may display affection or feelings for many people in the same way. Especially when that someone is the notoriously stubborn fixed-sign Aquarius man. Generally, women want to respond back as soon as they get a call or text from someone they are interested in. If anything, that’ll alienate him all the more. He wants independent space, even when he’s deeply in love.

A good way to do this is to leverage social media to your advantage. How to make an Aquarius man chase you – wits! It’s easy to make him fall for you with a nice conversation about politics or the latest in technology. In order to get your Aquarius man to miss you; be yourself.

Believe me when I tell you; the Aquarius man will miss you even if he doesn’t verbalize it. There are plenty of ways you can get an Aquarius man to miss you. So when he’s not with you and you want to make him think of you, just relax. Then just last night he unblocks me on everything & tells my fake profile that he’s is Ohio now but can’t tell me he left New York or even why he hurt me & ghosted me the way he did for no reason when we were perfect that morning he broke up with me without breaking up with me I just don’t understand why. Likewise, he’ll be watching how you fit in with his friendship circle, and he’ll be moving towards you more and more if you mesh well with his chums. Instead, most of my advice centers around changes and adaptations that you can adopt to leverage your feminine charms and passively lure him to you.

The most independent sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is something of a loner who doesn’t have an ideal woman or relationship in mind. Small innocuous items are the best, as they’re subtle and don’t send the signal that you’re trying to get his attention too much.

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