In light of reports like these, Strassman hypothesizes that endogenous DMT release from the pineal gland could account for alien abduction experiences. It is a more perfect archetypal Logos.” Through this medium, they may convey anything, indeed, complicated fractal objects with no chance of being conjured within the narrow bounds of imagination in consensus reality. It’s these we mistake for aliens. He refers to this DMT entity as Mother Ayahuasca. According to Mckenna, “It is a language, but not made of words—a language which becomes and which is the things it describes. At times in life there may be a dream-induced or unusual exposure similar to the effect of psilocybin. They have been reported to warmly welcome DMT travelers. It could take awhile for them for machine elves to warm up to you where they then feel comfortable establishing a connection with you.

According to his statements, he managed to visit the machine elves several times. Since the turn of the millennia the movement has gained momentum. A canon of psychedelic folklore, mixed in with Hindu and Buddhist spiritualism, has taken root in the collective consciousness. It should be no surprise the sudden opening of the portals creates a flood of sensation. Microdosing has become de rigeur in some parts of America, especially in high pressure creative fields. Since it was synthesized in 1956 by Hungarian chemist, Stephen Szara, it has baffled both users and researchers alike. New beings appear as well. Not trapped in a physical body but in a timeless, non-spatial void created and buried by your brain. Some trip reports mention entities that have manifested as deceased loved ones or family members. Communication with machine elves may occur subtly through gesture and movement, but largely it is mental telepathy. It has no intelligence itself but the brain has spent millions of years chasing stable consciousness then millions more improving that protohuman to become intelligent, imaginative, creative, resilient. In a 1990 workshop, Terence Mckenna describes the cultural lens offered to the DMT experience: “I took this stuff to Tibetans, to the Amazon. In this case, their appearance and how the interactions unfold may in part be determined by the psychological and spiritual development of the person having the experience. A link to reset your password has been sent to you. They are beings, traders who are always happy to have an energetic trade. These are ancestor souls. Now, researchers are attempting to catalog these experiences to figure out just what, or who, those DMT entities are. In the Invisible Landscape, Mckenna describes another personal account with the machine elves, stating they’re like “jeweled self-dribbling basketballs” that “come pounding toward you and they will stop in front of you and vibrate.” All of this he describes as happening in a high-speed mode, like being flooded with thousands of details per second.

Communication becomes possible at last and this splits the void split – briefly – long enough to meet the evolutionary stone babies. Hancock says he believes every adult has the right to choose to use cannabis and that he believes it has practical uses, but he found his chronic abuse was beginning to wear on his life and his partner. document.attachEvent('on' + evt, handler); Traditionally, the Celtic people saw them as spirits of the dead, maintaining some ability to communicate with the living. But with DPT, Pinchbeck was subjected to a terrifying world of gothic insects, lizards and winged creatures, describing it as a postmodern demonic MTV psychedelic.

He describes the elves, not like we might imagine elves, but as squeaking, jeweled, self-dribbling basketballs made of grammar and light. Many individuals who’ve had entity contact report the experience as being more real than real, the furthest thing from a mind-altered hallucination. The DMT elves have incredible energies and psychic powers and they are also considered programmers and universal technicians. The ontological status of DMT entities has been debated by scientists, philosophers, theologians, and psychonauts for decades. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Many people find themselves in this domed, usually subterranean, place characterized by its jeweled, geodesic, and fractalized qualities. var wfscr = document.createElement('script'); he painted a picture in his audience’s mind, Hancock also points out that there are other entities in the DMT realm. He realized in retrospect that taking a drug of that magnitude without the shamanic ceremonial aspect was disrespectful and maybe a factor in his frightening experience. Entity contact with aliens typically coincides with experiences of being experimented on by probes, implants, or surgeries in futuristic settings. Their appearance is reminiscent of little goblins with pointed ears, with a wide, funny face and testify to a very fast movement speed. Awake. A snake is a common entity taken by Mother Ayahuasca, and in his book, The Cosmic Serpent, Jeremy Narby asserts that the DNA double helix was shown to humans through the serpentine entities of Ayahuasca. P eople who have experienced the so-called DMT trip usually say that it transcends words, but they often feel compelled to speak incessantly about it anyway. Are White Holes Real And Can They Connect to Parallel Universes? in a nonsensical manner with no clear meaning). Certain questions were repeated time and time again: Is psilocybin a portal to strange new worlds beyond our own solar system? These studies hope to uncover some of the similarities between disparate participants’ trips to see if the DMT realm may actually exist outside human consciousness, rather than being a product of it.

Contact with entities is reported in the majority of DMT trip reports in the West, but also in a multitude of non-Western cultures. An accurate description of machine elves is impossible, as things look different and borderline unexplainable while on DMT, but many artists have tried to recreate them using art as their method. It’s not a gateway for your immortal soul to reach out to the quantum collective consciousness (or whatever). There are, however, marked similarities between experiences with machine elves and old folkloric accounts of elves and fairies. JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE ON SPOTIFY – KEY EPISODES PURGED – CENSORSHIP? Geometric objects may present as giant, multi-colored undulating spheres or other shapes, or more generally, morphing multi-colored, fractal-like structures of various textures. Can we use it to talk to God or maybe his angels? He confirmed the presence of negative energy with others and held an exorcism to rid himself of them. You return not to where you left off, but to where things have gone since you left. Some people go as far as to claim that the machine elves work as architects of the universe. Humanoid beings are a common archetype of the DMT experience. Towards us, at least. Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site. please respond. The fractals are the losers in the Darwinian psyche, earlier attempts at intelligence, weaker personality experiments superseded by superior neurological offspring.

These entities are alive, in a sense. Gifts From the Divine; Lightning Strike Survivors Gain Abilities. document.detachEvent('on' + evt, handler); Hancock stopped using the plant, explaining that it felt as if a monkey was lifted off his back, leading to a mental clarity that improved nearly every aspect of his life. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Divine avatars.

The machine elves are an issue in themselves, because they are beings who live outside the Matrix and have incredible abilities. He references the Pink Floyd lyrics, “the gnomes have learned a new way to say ‘hooray,’” believing they may be referencing a similar psychedelic experience, that same archetype of the machine gnome. Like our members, Gaia staff are driven by curiosity, passion and the desire to grow, as we continue on our own spiritual journeys and quests. They’re usually described as machine elves. For hundreds of years, indigenous tribes have performed shamanic rituals using the ayahuasca plant, where DMT is commonly found. Does DMT unlock the secrets of the universe? In his book, Evans-Wentz claims that the realm containing these little people exists “as a supernormal state of consciousness into which men and women may enter temporarily in dreams, trances, or in various ecstatic conditions.” Along similar lines, perhaps DMT also grants entrance to the realms the Celtic people spoke of more than a century ago.

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