In all 3 cituations the throttle went only to … I had a 23p Fury 3 blade on it running 5580 RPMs and had to bottom out the jack plate to hit 64.6. Teague Custom Marine has partnered with Livorsi due to the reputation Livorsi has for quality, reliability and value for custom performance marine parts. The 16 pitch will offer you great handling and top end speed will be about 40 mph with the 1.85 gears. Propeller blades work like wings on an airplane. (661) 295-7000 I am running a 15.6 X 13 Enertia prop. We'll be dropping the boat into Cachuma on Sat. Would a 4 or more blade prop hookup more? 04-06-2008, 08:27 PM. Your calculations are correct, the Spitfire actually runs 1.5 to 2 inches tall in pitch.

One of the most common questions is about prop slip. If an airplane wing were symmetrical (air moves across the top and bottom of the wing equally), the pressure from above and below the wing would be equal, resulting in zero lift. This has been a great series and I have learned a great deal!

The fourth blade should help you stay hooked up. Gear ratio in fact is 1.85:1 ! Note that the Raker has two vent holes on the prop, but the viper does not have one.I calculated the slip to be 30% on the raker 24pitch & 37% on the viper 21". You would be looking for part number 8M0142116 for the Rev 4 XP, and a FLO-TORQ SSR HD hub kit, part number 8M0101601. Once a hub is spun, there generally remains enough friction to operate at low RPM – sort of a “get home” mode.

Boat 1 – 2017 Ranger 619 FS, 225 Verado, kicker However, a prop must slip somewhat to work properly and efficiently. Since the Bravo 1 XS is not offered lower than 22P, I would have to go to the FS prop. Best Regards, What hasn't been mentioned is proper trim. Looking for any advice. One prop to try would be a Revolution 4 of equal pitch. The most RPM’s I am able to turn is 5350 according to the gauge. Calculating Rotational Speed, Blade Tip Speed and Slip Our propeller engineers study props at the 7/10 radius (70% of the distance from the center of the prop … This seems a little high to me as well. If this all seems a little much to perform each time prop slip is to be determined, Livorsi has developed a high performance marine line of gauges that will do the work so you don’t have to. Sounds like you are hitting a rev limiter at 6300? prop , you can get a work of art, or you can get a piece of junk! The Bravo will appear to have more slip if you are hitting the limiter because it is essentially a lower pitch than the Fury. You can try raising the engine up one hole, I’m weary that the prop will start to slip. Nick, QS 26,3 ft (8m) hull length Location: Puerto Vallarta Mx, Lake tahoe Ca. But, when RPM is increased, the engine revs with little or no boat acceleration because the prop begins to spin. I have a 22 B1FS laying around to try and wonder what y’all think about that or the L, or other props for this rig? Thank you for any insight! Thank you for all. Every hull has a different balance and water flow, we adjust our propeller designs accordinly. Do you think I can achieve better results with a Bravo 1 XS or other prop? And nice tip on the baseline, I will pass on the data FYI……….See ya, Mercury Enertia Eco im interested in this prop,im running a 26 tempest to 6100 at 74-75 mph on gps. Speed and hull type are two of the top factors that affect prop slip. If you still have a 27 pitch Bravo I XS, you can plug the 4 forward vent holes and test it. Slight chop on the water

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Any suggestion for dealer ? 2. Per the article written I don’t have enough slip.

To answer your other question, we take the Revolution 4 and fine tune it at Mercury Racing, in doing so we are able to offer different pitches than standard so that we can dial in motors to their peak RPM range. i keep running the number through the slip calc and wind up around 25% slip. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. The raker has a high rake. Note that the Raker has two vent holes on the prop, but the viper does not have one.I calculated the slip to be 30% on the raker 24pitch & 37% on the viper 21".

It really depends on the application. Propeller slip, also known as prop slip, is a critical statistic that directly affects performance. It is also useful to determine if a newly-installed part has a positive or negative influence on prop slip. I have a 27 Tempest, but the boat has a nasty chine walk with this prop…. In some cases a guy will have 35% slip at cruise and 18-20% at wide open, there are ways to address this such as changing props, moving weight around in the boat, etc. Advertising - I needed to drop 200 RPM also.

Our propeller engineers study props at the 7/10 radius (70% of the distance from the center of the prop hub to the blade tip). boat is a12 250 pro xs 12 Nitro Z8 10 inch hydralic jp i like the 16 inch diameter would this prop work looking for more speed and what pitch would be recommened thank. Question on my center console: I am currently using standard Rev4 17P on the new 200HP Mercury 4 strokes (1.85 Gear Ratio). You don't lose much top end, but get tons of bow lift and hole shot. So, a prop described as 15 x 18 x 4, is a prop with a 15" diameter, an 18" pitch, and has four blades. Bravo 1 FS 21 – 1.5-2 sec less time to plane, 6000 rpm @ 53 mph. In order to achieve maximum performance, prop slip must be determined at a variety of speeds. Our objective to achieve the most efficient angle of attack. Motor height mounted with anti-cav plate 2.25″ above boat bottom. I am currently trying a Fury 4 25p that is allowing me to raise the jack plate and give some transom lift but I am only turning 5500RPMs at 68.5. Each time a screw makes a complete turn, it has completed a “pitch.” Pitch is the distance the screw traveled during one complete turn. Should I be running a smaller diameter prop even though I’m at optimum WOT? Knifing will reduce slip and some RPM. 5860 max rpm at 49.9 mph – max trim limits at 7.9 i also have a nosecone on the drive. With a positive angle of attack, even higher pressure below the wing creates still more lift. The length of the arrows reflect speed in MPH for both the measured speed and the theoretical (no slip) forward speed. Your email address will not be published. I feel your pain my brother, know matter waht I do I can't gain any speed put on an Imco 2" shortie gained some rpm no speed this piece of crap doesn't care if I have 1 pass. I am running a 2015 Ranger Z119C wih G1 E-TEC 225HO and 26P Raker HO. Download it for free from Google Play Store or Apple iTunes. 5940 max rpm @ 53 mph – couldn’t over trim as Verado limit hits 8.1 and stops WOT = 54.1 mph on my Simrad gear @ 6,050 and really about what I expected for this size rig with a T-Top. Revolution 17 P. General Q & A - reducing prop slip - i keep running the number through the slip calc and wind up around 25% slip. I have a manual 10″ plate and twin Talons. Cav to hull 2.75 in. With previous aluminium props I had measured the slip and it was around 3.5% at higher than 5000 rpm’s. Switching to 4 blades will make a big difference.

The slip #s are damn near 30% ???? To properly determine prop slip, users must know several determining factors, including speed, RPM, drive ratio and propeller pitch. I'm wondering if an extension box would help to offset some more weight either that or have my fat sister sit on the swim platform but then I might not be able to plane off. Good luck! Drag--- increases prop slip as well as the design of the prop and the cup, angle of the blade, and how many blades it has on the hub ie...3,4,5 or 6 take your pick. BR Ivica. miksup - Yeah, I'm running the stock aluminum prop. 9,8 ft (3m) beam width

There are many factors that affect prop slip including the actual pitch of the propeller, the condition of the propeller, the design of the hull, the condition of the bottom of the craft, additional weight on the craft, distribution of weight, height the engine is mounted at, engine trim angle and setback, jack plate mounting, speed of the craft, and more. See below for my test results. For mid range cruising, 17% slip is actually not bad. Bill- Your prop slip may not be that high. The lost distance of the pitch due to drag is called the propeller slip, or prop slip for short.

I then went with a 19 thinking it was done at a differnt time and differnt guy doing final prep. Awesome data. I am doing my calculations based on slip.

The slip can be much higher at lower speeds, often above 50%. If you take the rpm’s, gear ratio (1.75), and the max speed according to the prop slip calculator I am only at 2%. coming with boat and make some testing. The longer, flared barrel will help with hole shot and carrying heavier loads.

Without pitch, but with a wealth of installation history, one can estimate likely boat speed – based on power, weight, hull type, drive and prop type, and drive installation parameters. It's weird I'll hit a certain speed maybe 55-60 and it almost feels like I hit something in the water but what I think is happening is the the boat is rising higher out of the water and then starts to nose dive. I have had holeshot issues; had to open up the Raker HO holes a little more than factory to get results. Enertia ECO 17P or I had to close the bottom holes and use the reduced opening plugs on top of the 27 Bravo.

Mostly everybody offers 18 + pitch.

You are at 14% slip which is awesome for a Bravo I XS setup. It is the most misunderstood of all propeller terms. On an occasion where we wanted to get into a slip to port in a narrow channel with a current coming towards us, we opted for a 270 degree right turn again using her prop walk. with a 1/2 tank or 2 pass. As we know, it turns like a 2 inch stiffer prop – and thus the slip #s range from 8 to 16% depending if you use the 19 or 21 in the slip calc tool.

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