Lvl 42 Endermen now have a 1/1000 chance to drop Ender Armor (from 0).

Uses Dec 18, 2019 0.7.5: Lvl 42 Endermen now have a 1/1000 chance to drop Ender Armor (from 0).

1 Obtaining 2 Collection 3 Usage 3.1 Crafting ingredient 4 Related items 5 History It is dropped by slaying Endermen, Zealots and Watchers. Ender Armour. Ender Armor is an ​​​​Epic Armor that is obtained as a rare drop from Endermen in The End.


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Type Cookies help us deliver our Services. But yea if you want to progress ender armor is he next big step after hardened, unless you try for perfect armor which compared to the dragon armor is ehh. Ender Pearl is a ​Common item obtained by killing Enderman.


All stats of this armor piece are doubled while on the End Island!

Ender Chest is a feature of the SkyBlock Menu. Join our official Discord server at:, Press J to jump to the feed. Upgrade 2

Armor is a category of equipable items that increase a player's stats when worn, often increasing Health, Defense, Strength and Crit Damage.

Collection item Ender Chest is a feature of the SkyBlock Menu. Although many armor sets and pieces will also increase other stats, some armor sets offer special bonuses for one piece and full set bonuses.

Although many armor sets and pieces will also increase other stats, some armor sets offer special bonuses for one piece and full set bonuses.

All Endermen found on the End Island excluding Zealots have a 0.5% chance of dropping an ender piece. 36 slots

+20  Defense Yes Usage

620.8 coins No 608 coins. Endermen can spawn on a player's island or in The End. Ender Chest

Type Note: In the minion, the pearls will stack to 64.

Storage upgrade  Health

Don’t get why people grind for golem armor tbh getting lapis armor then getting miner armor until you grind enough diamonds for hardened diamond armor is what I did and I found it a lot better since I was also able to sell a lot of the extra miner pieces for 2-4K each. When obtained, it increases the Ender Pearl Collection.

Earning enough money to buy it from the Auction House is usually much more efficient than killing Endermen.


Ender Armor has an extremely low chance of dropping from Enderman that are level 45 or above, as well as from Zealots holding an Ender Chest in The End. Shop

Silent Pearls, not to be confused with normal Ender Pearls, can be bought from the Pearl Dealer for 10,000 coins per 8.

There are many armors in SkyBlock, but not every single armor is useful. It can also be obtained through Enderman Minions on the private island or from Glowing Blocks in The End.

Aug 2, 2019 0.7: Added Enderman to The End.

Each piece is worth 10k coins when sold to an NPC.

Armor can be Enchanted to increase Health and Defense alongside other desirable stats. Reforging the Armor to Fierce will buff the player's.  Health This guide listed the armors you should buy and use in very early to very late game.

The Ender Armor is a set of Epic Armor for The End.Each piece of armor has a special ability that doubles all stats of the armor piece while the wearer is in The End, including Reforges and Enchantments..

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Properties Default

Sell Note: You Can Click on the OrangeButton below to Show/Hide the Piece Bonuses In total, you gain 780 Health and 460 Defense with full ender armor with Growth V and Protection V on the End Island. Collection

Buy (stack) It is a common misconception that, the higher  Health Endermen have a higher chance of dropping one of the armor piece, however this is false. It’s ZachPlaysAN, coming at you with another banger! Enchantable

9.5 coins

Ender Armor completely removed from Ender Chest Zealot loot table.

 Health Total

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