9. You can get The ancient map treasure BEFORE opening the cheast. Quickly sell them all and press fuse. Tap the pulsating circle to get close to it and you’ll have a perfect view of the painting. If it had 2 or more uses, it would have made more sense.

Anyone found them yet? Any help?

Just go to the hideout and tap the animal head above you.

Feel free to help out in the comments section.

Here you’ll be able to find the locations for the treasure maps in Infinity Blade 3. I believe I got a dual wielding weapon called The Tangle. Find with Siris. I really need some help here regarding the animal head at the hideout. If anyone can find kuero’s cache let me know it’s the only 1 I’m missing.

So fight the dragon kill it and you get the map. so far none of these seem worth it except the root map. I’m about to go and get that one now. I beat the game twice and couldn’t get the ancient map. I killed a few titans, but the Clashmob disappeared by the morning. Hey, I just wanted to ask if anybody here read Infinity Blade: Redemption?

Check out my recommended list for other games you might like. That’s what Chair suggests, telling users that it would be a good idea to make shorter swipes instead of drawing one whole line on the screen. Afterwards you have to go to the Vault of Tears (in a new play through if you already passed it), and kill the first 3 enemies.

Thank you for your help. I wonder why they don’t give any feedback like they did in IB2 (it turned gray and said “FOUND”). The e-book “Infinity Blade: Redemption” shows a map at the end. Or after? The map is depicting one of the paintings in Act 1, right after you get the map. I’ve tried after every battle, but no good. I’ve just been wondering about it for a while now. Find with Siris. Just like that, you’ll be able to cast a spell with your magic ring. Did not understand that :/ Sry not that good in English. I got a Rare Prize Wheel. I’ve been through that room like a dozen times now, and I’m pretty sure the only way to get it is while Siris is opening the chest. And that’s the most expensive map… Sad, really. Really weird, as in IB2 the treasures were always accessible while standing still. I want to make sure I get it this time so I don’t have to start the area again. I thought maybe I took a photo of it, but I can’t find any.

I guess it’s buggy and they’re working out the kinks?

However, if you try enough times, you may just get a bag of gold instead (that’s what happened to me). The e-book “Infinity Blade: Redemption” shows a map at the end. One showed up the first night the game was released, but it was really slow. It won’t work otherwise. **Update: Inside the arena itself, all the way to the right (behind Siris) I can see the object that looks like the map drawing. I think that’s it, but my map doesn’t say anything to show it’s been claimed (like they did in IB2). I’ll try it when I get home from work. The dragon will be sleeping when you get there. ***Note about Ausar Rising update 1.2: I see that one of my maps says “FOUND” on it, while the rest don’t. But how do you earn them in the first place?

I still need to kill the dragon (almost there if she’s just show up!)

With this skill unlocked, during some fights against Titans, you'll be given extra tasks such as "Kill the titan with magic". It’s possible I got it through the wall or something.

Sure, we all know combos are very important in this type of game, but what combos should you be using? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Only do this on less expensive gems and gem combinations you know that will work as this doesn't work with all gem combinations.

Tap it. In the last chapter right before fighting the worker – downstairs – I clicked everywhere prior, during and after opening the chest! All I got was a lousy Steel Hatchet, but early on in the game I guess it’s useful. As weapons and armor would be mastered by this point, they’ll sell for much more than what you bought them from. Me too i have the map and i click the egg nothing happening why???? The ancient map marks a panel in the last mission. Why, only the best ones in the bunch, and here’s how you can pull them off. Btw are the clashmob events working for anyone? The mob size was pretty small and the goal was pretty big. It’s at the entrance of the same mission where u find the root map before u go into the building there are 2 spears click the right spear and u should get it. Still, none of the panels that match the drawing will give me anything. Map of Ash and Sorrow I found all but 4/6/7. The location is in the Seccian Desert. The location is in Act 3, the Pit. I’m by the chest, before it’s opened. That, according to Chair, puts your fingers out of reach of the dodge and block buttons. I found it by tapping randomly on the right side at the entrance to the Pit/arena, right before battling the next enemy (the gem cutter is sitting at a table here).

Be Economical On Your Swiping. Without much reward ($2000). So it was just extra work for a prize wheel. ***Note: You can only get the potion, it seems, when the merchant ship is there. Find with Isa, in Drem’s Maw, while standing facing the third Titan, before attacking.

So right before opening the chest? I opened the treasure chest and I see the designs on the upper walls that look like the drawing on the map, but none of them are giving me the treasure. And the ash and sorrow is in vault of tear mission in court yard where u see the dragon and the warrior fighting click the broken egg and u should get it. These allow you to cast various kinds of magic that could inflict damage on the enemy and help you out in battle.

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