He … The elder Boccherini started to give his son cello lessons when the boy was five years old. Yet his treatment of instrumental texture was richly varied, emerging as one of the most characteristic features of his music, particularly in his concertante writing, in which he obtained a wide variety of tone colours by writing high viola or cello parts (he was clearly influenced here by his own instrumental facility). Like Vivaldi in relation to Bach, Boccherini is found wanting for the very qualities that established his fame as a composer: melodic fecundity, an emphasis on virtuosity (especially with respect to his own instrument, the cello), fairly undemanding forms, and a lack of the kind of thematic development that had become a hallmark of German music.

Boccherini's cello compositions reveal very advanced cello technique for his time. 11, No. In 1798 the new king of Prussia refused to extend Boccherini’s pension, the duchess of Osuna (another important source of income) moved to Paris, and Boccherini’s financial distress was aggravated by poor health. There he found work at times, but a lot of the time he was very poor. In Berlin he was offered the job of chamber composer to the King of Prussia.

A master of disguise with an interesting personality, Luigi is one of the most interesting characters in the Super Mario Bros franchise. In 1785, when both Clementina and the infante died, the king granted him a pension of 12,000 reals, after which he was free to accept the patronage of (among others) Frederick William II of Prussia, who was an amateur cellist and well acquainted with Boccherini’s music. Yves Gérard’s Thematic, Bibliographical, and Critical Catalogue of the Works of Luigi Boccherini (1969) helped considerably to clarify long-standing confusions regarding the authenticity of Boccherini’s musical legacy; the uncertainties were occasioned in part by Boccherini’s lack of clarity in his own attempts to catalog his works and were compounded by the loss of much material during the Spanish Civil War (1936–39).

Check out our collection of interesting and (some) little known facts about Boccherini. Updates? Luigi Boccherini, in full Luigi Rodolfo Boccherini, (born February 19, 1743, Lucca [Italy]—died May 28, 1805, Madrid, Spain), Italian composer and cellist who influenced the development of the string quartet as a musical genre and who composed the first music for a quintet for strings, as well as a quintet for strings and piano. According to tradition, it was the Spanish ambassador to Paris who persuaded Boccherini to move (probably in 1768 or early 1769) to Madrid, where he began his long sojourn at the intrigue-ridden court of Charles III. The king’s brother, the infante Don Luis, conferred on him a yearly endowment of 30,000 reals as a cellist and composer. Content is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Regrettably, his best-known work remains the Cello Concerto in B-flat, which was actually arranged from two Boccherini concerti and a sonata by the 19th-century composer and cellist Friedrich Grützmacher.

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