Ben married Eula Ouida Keene. They will be mentioned in this post in that order. The book does not say how long Grandpa Ben was in prison, but he served his time and was released. Family. Only Feb 5, Oct 12 and 31, and Nov 19. 100 years to the day before my birthday, 19 Nov 1962. I write sooooo much about my mother’s ancestry line.

They divorced when I was small, and he married another woman and had 2 sons. ... Getting married? to the venue; one at 3:45pm and one at 4:30pm. I’ve traced my roots so far back, there is some evidence that I am descended from King Charlemagne. The joy of a new baby, however, was overshadowed in Sep 1921 when Eula’s father died. I called him daddy. Sarah “Sally” Prickett, who married William Howington, 6. He has worked with other television and radio networks including Challenge TV, Bauer City 2, and CITV. He was my 13th generation, 10th great grandpa Zachariah Prickett, born in Burlington County, New Jersey in the mid to late 1600s. He died following a stroke at age 80. Andy body measurements, Height and Weight are not Known yet but we will update soon. I have a lot of 10th, 11th, and 12th generation American ancestors, including a 12th generation on my dad’s Crane side.

Grandpa Ben was born in 1893 and died in 1973. They told him they would throw him overboard for the sharks on the way back. And monkeys. He died in 1959 and she followed in 1964. He/they did.

They were the parents of 3 children: a girl in 1874, another girl in 1878 and a boy in 1841 (my great grandfather Amos Bolivar Crane). That was a few years before I was born, so I did not know him. My father’s death date, Andrew Frank “Andy” Crane Jr. My great great grandparent’s anniversary, Martha Lettie Carpenter and William Henry Blanks III, My great great grandmother’s birthday, Sarah Elizabeth “Betty” Brown Keene.

I don’t remember much of them due to my move to Michigan. He was captured and escaped. He allowed himself to be captured a second time to help others escape.

There is a story that he went down to New Orleans to get her a slave woman to keep the house. They lived in Lauderdale County, Mississippi throughout most of their marriage except for a brief stint in Gulfport, Mississippi in the 1950s. I’ve saved the best two ancestors for last. Cbbc’s Broom Cupboard at 35: Memorable Childhood Moments, Swap Shop and Saturday morning kids' TV 40 years on, Edd the Duck reunites with his old Cbbc co-host Andy Crane on BBC Breakfast, 11 Movies to Watch Before (or After) 'Knives Out', Hacker's Birthday Bash: 30 Years of Children's BBC. I always see the same four dates – the birthdays of my kids, my birthday, and my wedding anniversary. He has been married to Caroline since June 13, 1992. She was the daughter of William Thomas White and Laura Catherine Morrow. , Frank with brothers Horace T. and Thomas Jackson “Tommy”, Earl Wilmer Culpepper 1914-1994 and Ina Inez Burk 1915-1975.

Her mother then died in 1926, and her husband’s baby brother, Joseph Lawson Pickett Jr, was shot and killed by local police in 1928. That moonshiner was my grandpa, Ben Pickett. Frank and Azalea were both born in Mississippi. Prister and Co. Two years later, they had “me,” and I am the only child of the union. They married in 1937 and had 2 daughters who were 7 years apart in age. (…shameless plug), Side note: Mary Ann Rodgers’ brother, Wilson Rodgers, died in the Civil War in 1864 and his widow, Sarah Jane Graham Rodgers, eventually remarried. That’s weird that my birthday and anniversary all coincide with dates on my dad’s side of the family. He was quite dapper, no? I need a place to put all this stuff. His dad’s parents were Amos Bolivar Crane and Mary Elizabeth “Minnie” White. His mom’s parents were Benjamin Berry Pickett and Eula Ouida Keene. They have had 3 beautiful daughters together, Eleanor (born 1993), Annabel (born 1995) and Elizabeth (born 1998).

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