Cette décision est accélérée par le fait qu’Aimé Jacquet ait rendu publique son intention de ne pas le retenir pour la Coupe du Monde 1998.Malgré tout, il laisse un souvenir à jamais gravé dans les mémoires des supporters des Red Devils : son col relevé, ses buts spectaculaires (dont un somptueux lob qu’il fête en restant parfaitement stoïque), son attitude fière, la chanson à sa gloire, les ventes records de son maillot floqué du numéro 7, une citation culte (« Quand les mouettes suivent un chalutier, c'est parce qu'elles pensent que des sardines seront jetées à la mer ») et son titre de Meilleur joueur de tous les temps du club.S’il n’a pas attendu de raccrocher les crampons pour faire ses débuts devant les caméras (Le bonheur est dans le pré d’Étienne Chatiliez en 1995), le jeune retraité peut désormais se consacrer au cinéma.En 1998, Éric Cantona rejoint Cate Blanchett, Vincent Cassel, Fanny Ardant et Daniel Craig, réunis sous la houlette de Shekhar Kapur pour le tournage du long-métrage historique Elizabeth.La même année, il campe un boxeur dans la comédie Mookie, signée Hervé Palud. Football runs in the family as his brother Joel was also a professional who played for Marseille and Stockport County. His cousin, Sacha Opinel, is also a footballer. Leeds were drawn against Rangers in the European Cup, a tie billed as 'The Battle of Britain' by the press. Fotherby had to consult with Wilkinson, but within a few days the deal was complete. Pourquoi Edge of Tomorrow n'a pas arrêté de changer de titre ? The transfer was, however, seen as a good piece of business by most football pundits, removing a turbulent player from the team. [84], In March 2014, Cantona was arrested and cautioned for an act of common assault on Regent's Park Road in Camden, North London. I loved the game but I no longer had the passion to go to bed early, not to go out with my friends, not to drink, and not to do a lot of other things, the things I like in life. He had won a domestic league title with different clubs for three successive seasons, having helped Marseille win the French league title in 1991. [95] Since his retirement from professional football in 1997, Cantona has continued to appear in Nike commercials, often in a non playing role. Il habite d'une façon inconnue à Paris, France. There was no mention of Cantona's first wife, Isabelle Ferrer, a teacher, nor of his two children.

[102] He also starred in a Eurostar commercial in 1996,[103] and an Irish EuroMillions advertisement in 2004.

However, eight months without competitive football had taken its toll and Cantona struggled for form prior to Christmas – by 24 December, the gap between Manchester United and league leaders Newcastle United had increased to 10 points. [30] Having played little football in the six weeks before signing for Leeds, Cantona struggled to find a place in an established line-up, with manager Howard Wilkinson preferring to put him on against tiring defences. Suicide Squad : "les 40 premières minutes" coupées ? [5][117][121][122] Despite his height and imposing physique, he was an elegant player on the ball, due to his long torso, which gave him a lower centre of gravity than most players of his stature, and who possessed strong technical skills and ball control, as well as an excellent first touch. He was summoned to a disciplinary hearing by the French Football Federation and was banned for one month. Taddlr a fait une liste des 20 plus, Un grand nombre de célébrités ne savent plus quoi faire de leur argent. "[136] He also drew criticism from certain pundits for being inconsistent at times,[144] and for his disappointing performances in European club competitions, as well as his lack of significant speed, which was particularly evident in his later career, as he lost some of his pace with age. "[83], He was interviewed in the "Number 7s" issue of Manchester United's official magazine, United, in August 2006, stating he will only come back to Manchester United as 'Number 1' (meaning not return as assistant manager or coach) and would create a team like no other and play the way he thinks football should be played; however, Cantona opposes the ownership of Manchester United by the Glazer family, and has stated that he will not return to the club, even as a manager, while they are in charge.

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