What version of PCSX2 are you running? Maybe someone can fix it. This guy doesn't seem to have that issue though. 2013058C 00000000. PS2 60FPS Codes List . The Godfather SLUS-21385 0xD850707E 60 fps, 007: Quantum of Solace SLUS-21813 0x5A6A935D 60 fps, 24: The Game  SLUS-21268 0xF1C7201E 60 fps, Haunting Ground SLUS-21075 0x901AAC09 60 fps, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES SLUS-21621 0x94A82AAA 60 fps, Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht SLUS-20469 0x6D1276AB 60 fps, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 SLUS-21782 0xDEDC3B71 60 fps, James Cameron’s Dark Angel SLUS-20379 0x29BA2F04 60 fps, Portal Runner SLUS-20003 0x101E8C43 60 fps, Jackie Chan Adventures SCES-52412 0xAC4DFD5A 50/60 fps, SWAT: Global Strike Team SLUS-20433 0x6E762B3C 60 fps, The Suffering SLUS-20636 0x0486AD78 60 fps, The Getaway: Black Monday SCUS-97408 0xE78971DF 60 fps, The Suffering: Ties That Bind SLUS-21189 0xC2144770 60 fps, Urban Chaos: Riot Response SLUS-21390 0x17493C04 60 fps, Grand Theft Auto III SLUS-20062 0x5E115FB6 60 fps, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City SLUS-20552 0x20B19E49 60 fps, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas SLUS-20946 0x399A49CA 60 fps, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories SLUS-21423 0x7EA439F5 60 fps, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories SLUS-21590 0x4F32A11F 60 fps, Dragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome SLPM-65555 0xB64E9939 60 fps, Headhunter: Redemption SLUS-20817 0x2F5EB1FF 60 fps, Evil Dead: Regeneration SLUS-21048 0x9DE65987 60 fps, The Great Escape SLUS-20670 0xD600925B 60 fps, Conflict: Desert Storm II – Back to Baghdad SLUS-20689 0x2BE460DF 60 fps, Conflict: Vietnam SLUS-21045 0xCC6CBF20 60 fps, Conflict: Global Terror SLUS-21172 0x005AA020 60fps, Medal of Honor: European Assault SLUS-21199 0xBB70FFB9 60 fps, Medal of Honor: Vanguard SLUS-21597 0xEA1BFC51 60 fps, Call of Duty 2: Big Red One SLUS-21228 0xE66C9699 60 fps, Call of Duty 3 SLUS-21426 0x5E843024 60 fps, Call of Duty: World at War – Final Fronts SLUS-21746 0xBFF3DBCB 60 fps, Medal of Honor: Rising Sun SLUS-20753 0xF22C1E3B 60 fps, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat SLUS-21026 0xAE1F3139 60 fps, Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 SLUS-21163 0xDFC0888A 60 fps, Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood SLUS-21310 0xD371F4DF 60 fps, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down SLUS-21124 0xFAF7FA20 60 fps, Delta Force: Black Hawk Down – Team Sabre SLUS-21414 0x3115A446 60 fps, Judge Dredd: Dredd VS Death SLUS-20869 0x759F05CB 60 fps, Sniper Elite SLUS-21231 0x395779C5 60 fps, Rogue Trooper SLUS-21320 0x2F63F868 60 fps, The Simpsons Game SLUS-21665 0xBBE4D862 60 fps. but can't narrow it down. Resident Evil Outbreak SLUS-20765 60 fps. Fps and animations respectively. (You can find these in the cheats_ws.zip file in the PCSX2 folder). Fixed Issues Glitchy eyes and messed up colors Home » Emulator » Best Setting PCSX2 / Emulator PS2 Fps 60 Full Speed (Configuration). Mainly graphical corr. Jak 3 is an action-adventure/platforming game and the third installment in the Jak and Daxter franchise, as well as the final chapter in the original trilogy. The story begins with Jak's banishment to the Wasteland, a desert environment five times the size of Haven City, with multiple areas, including mines and a volcano. It probably works as well as it does on PS2, which is very very little. patch=1,EE,20115AE0,extended,00000000 patch=1,EE,205C8734,extended,3E400000, Second Sight SLUS-21033 0x16E3BE78 60 fps. I have a question.

Forbidden Siren 2 SCES-53851 0xC040B6AB 50/60 fps, Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone SLUS-20826 0xC71A6146 60 fps, Death by Degrees SLUS-20934 0xE1D6F85E 60 fps, Tales of Legendia SLUS-21201 0x43AB7214 60 fps, 201BADA0 3C023F80 //cutscene animation speed, 20381E60 3C023F00 //battle winpose animation speed, Shadow of Destiny SLUS-20146 0xF14DFE0A 60 fps, Blood Will Tell: Tezuka Osamu’s Dororo SLUS-20782 0x89954774 60 fps, WinBack: Covert Operations SLUS-20160 0xB88DF765 60 fps, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex SLUS-21006 0x95CC86EF 60 fps, Xenosaga Episode II: Jenseits von Gut und Bose SLUS-20892 0xEB39ABEC (Disc1) 60 fps, Avatar: The Last Airbender SLUS-21395 0x52AC9729 60 fps, Xenosaga Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra SLUS-21389 0x2088950A (Disc1) 60 fps, Ephemeral Fantasia SLUS-20169 0xD4DE7788 60 fps, Red Dead Revolver SLUS-20500 0xE169BAF8 60 fps, Resident Evil Outbreak SLUS-20765 0x0245EF6D (v2.0) 60 fps, Resident Evil Outbreak File #2 SLUS-20984 0x1E65A50E 60 fps, 206920CC 3C023F00 //chara idle animation speed, Resident Evil 4 SLUS-21134 0x013E349D 60 fps, Freedom Fighters SLUS-206058 0x98286E86 60 fps, Grandia III SLUS-21334 0x5B657DAD (Disc1) 60 fps v1. 20212E04 2402003C //cutscene speed. I didn't make these, they're from a user called "asasega". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Character idle animation correct, rest doubled. Best PCSX2 Configuration; Alternative 1; Alternative 2 Cookies help us deliver our Services.

without these at the Persona4 ws patch, 60 fps does not seem to work. 20115AE8 00000000.

Character eyes are missing except Daxter's left eye (to me this made it look like a M-rated game...). Someone said they should be compiled into a list rather than be in individual posts across 21 pages of a forum for ease of access. I just added those at the bottom of the ws patch. Theoretically this is preferred, because the games recalculates timings, but in explore mode the character will traverse double distance.

205C8734 3E800000. Game constantly speeds up and slows down without speedhacks enabled. Dawn of Mana SLUS-21574 60 fps. Jak 2 1080p@60fps Pcsx2 - Jak And Daxter The Precursor Legacy Png is hand-picked png images from user's upload or the public platform.

Silent Hill 4: The Room SLUS-20873 0x3919136D 60 fps. PCSX2 gets a lot of hate by spoiled brats users but it's still the best ps2 emulator out there. Both games need speed modifiers, I had no luck finding them. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition Remix SLUS-21355 0x60A42FF5 60 fps.

There are probably doubles in this list, as I just copied from the thread posted earlier. ShellShock: Nam '67 SLUS-20828 0x38BD8D2E 60 fps, James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing SLUS-20751 0x6848699B 60 fps, Transformers SLUS-20668 0xF40DAE1E 60 fps, SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs SCUS-97134 0x6F4056DB 60 fps, Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain SCUS-97264 0xD5605611 60 fps. Haunting Ground (USA) PS2 ISO High Compressed, LEGO Racers 2 (USA) PS2 ISO High Compressed, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (USA) PS2 ISO High Compressed, Batman Begins (USA) PS2 ISO High Compressed, Legaia 2: Duel Saga (USA) PS2 ISO High Compressed.

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