It is very strong for Biden according to projections, but I have doubts about the man himself because of his age mainly; but also because of the wildcard of the US electoral system  which could still give Donald Trump an edge.

This was shown through the tragic death of this first wife, Neila Hunter Biden, in a traffic accident along with their daughter, Naomi, and which also injured their sons, Hunter and Beau Biden. This makes him incredibly conscious of his own power and authority. Joe Biden would like to be president.

Whenever the Moon squares the Sun in a Lunar Return chart, it shows that it's going to be a climatic month. Biden’s Moon in Aries in the sixth house, opposite Mercury and Mars in the twelfth house has many connections to his life-story. Wonderful analysis. In addition, the synastry (comparison) between Joe’s astrological chart and the chart of the US is not ideal. there is no pure good or pure bad. Further this sign of cancer and jupiter are in the 11th house of gain from the Arudha lagna. I’d be interested in your take on Bernie, too, as I’ve had similar feelings about him as well. It is this grace card which has likely given him the emotional support to handle the difficult tragedies he has faced. There is a “shadow” period lasting about a week on either side when Mercury’s movement is slower than normal. There is clearly energy in his life for change. 3 November 2020: us presidential election. Born on November 20th, 1942 at 8:30 AM in Scranton Pennsylvania, Joe Biden is a Scorpio Sun, with a Scorpio stellium consisting of Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and Venus, all in the 12th house. Many Women Find Their Own Breast Cancer. The planet Rahu is in Leo in the 10th house and the depositor Sun is in the Ascendant. Joe Biden has an angular Uranus on the seventh house cusp. Could you please elaborate on Planets in Cancer giving their results in the second half of their Maha Dasha ? Thus, he can be chosen as the Democratic Party’s candidate for the US Prez election. If I start with the tenth house, the astrological house of reputation and career, the sign of Leo is there disposed by the Sun in Scorpio in the first house along with Venus. Joe is now 76, the same age as Bernie Sanders and older than Donald Trump. Joe Biden is quite popular, liked and appreciated for his contributions to American politics. Dasamsa meaning: success, but success marred potentially by corruption, or potentially success with aggressive use of power which lacks refinement. Please do the others, too! While the political experts and election surveyors have their views and opinion, Ganesha has analysed the horoscope of Joe Biden.

Please note that any comments from either side of the aisle which serve only to inflame and do not add productively to the conversation will be deleted. Scorpio is the sign that is concerned – ok, obsessed – with power and the wielding of it.

If I take a look at his dasamsha chart, the tenth divisional chart in Vedic astrology which highlights one’s public life and career), Biden has the ruler of the first house, Venus, in the twelfth house in fall in Virgo. Also, Sun the Lord of 10th house is placed in the Ascendant, which points to enormous success in the profession. His Moon is challenged in a square to Pluto, creating even more intensity and the deprivation of his early life as well as perhaps reflecting the many losses he has suffered (losing his first wife and daughter in a car wreck, followed by the loss of his son to a brain tumor). Thus, he may face tough competition from democratic rivals. Jupiter and Saturn have moved to the very end of Capricorn, where they form a tight conjunction, less than a single degree apart. It's worth noting that both his Moon in Taurus and his Mars in Scorpio make squares to his Pluto in Leo. In some ways the US system of elections is as corrupt as any third world nation. With Mercury in the 12th house, they might be Freudian slips, or words that reflect his subconscious thoughts in a way that he didn't plan. Nita Ambani Birthday Prediction: First Lady of Indian Business. Rising to the ranks of chairmanships in the Senate Judiciary Committee as well as the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, with the exalted Jupiter in the ninth house in trine to the Sun and Venus in the first house giving him honors and notoriety. In Jaimini Chara dasha Joe Biden would be under Sagittarius-Leo period (August 2020 to March 2021) which is very promising. The Moon here in Aries is that of a fighter, and it’s aspect with Mars enhances that and corroborates his many times pro-war stances with Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria,  and this get-tough stance on crime in the 1990s.

The Ascendant is also in Cancer, the Moon-ruled sign. Joe Biden has Sun and Venus in Scorpio (which is also his, ) in the ascendant. Ketu represents end of Karma, which can mean either end of job/ career as that is the usual karma we do. At the same time he was in the middle of his midlife crisis transits including the Pluto square (a challenge to our personal empowerment which can feel like it’s make or break time) and the Neptune square (confusion can reign during this planetary cycle, and we may be misunderstood or betrayed). Yes, Beyoncé Has 80,000 Bees. Joe (to me he is just Joe, rather than Mr. Biden) was born with four planets in Scorpio which qualifies him as much as any other candidate, since more US presidents have had the Sun in Scorpio than any other astrological sign except for Aquarius, with which it is tied.

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