Christopher Columbus had a geographical book (printed by movable types) bought by his father, and fortunately he got stimulated by it.

At the same time, the press was also printing other, more lucrative texts (possibly Latin grammars). Gutenberg avait également une demi-sœur, issue du premier mariage de son père. Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. En garantie d’hypothèque, Gutenberg devra engager sa presse et les outils et réglera 6 % d’intérêt l’an. His truly epochal invention was the combination of these elements into a practical system which allowed the mass production of printed books and was economically viable for printers and readers alike. Insolvable, Gutenberg tente de relancer un atelier d'imprimerie et participe en 1459 à une édition de la Bible dans la ville de Bamberg. The house of Gänsfleisch was one of the patrician families of the town, tracing its lineage back to the thirteenth century." Around 1427, the name zu Gutenberg, after the family house in Mainz, is documented to have been used for the first time. Il n'existe aucune trace de son activité sur les quatre années suivantes[9]. Gutenberg was born in the German city of Mainz, the youngest son of the upper-class merchant Friele Gensfleisch zur Laden, and his second wife Else Wyrich, who was the daughter of … Legend has it that the idea came to him "like a ray of light". Fust obtient alors la gestion de l'atelier et la mise en gage de la presse. At least up to 1444, he lived in Strasbourg, most likely in the St. Arbogast suburb.

Ses travaux ne portant ni date ni nom, il est encore difficile d'identifier avec certitude les documents provenant de son atelier. Geni requires JavaScript! Gutenberg apprit dans sa ville natale, ville artistique très importante à l'époque, le métier d'orfèvre.

Alors que son invention est considérée comme un événement majeur de la Renaissance, Gutenberg connut une existence difficile. It was in Strasbourg in 1440 that Gutenberg perfected and unveiled the secret of printing based on his research, mysteriously entitled Kunst und Aventur (art and enterprise). Gutenberg's year of birth is not precisely known, but it was sometime betwee… Around 1439, Gutenberg was involved in a financial misadventure making polished metal mirrors (which were believed to capture holy light from religious relics) for sale to pilgrims to Aachen: in 1439 the city was planning to exhibit its collection of relics from Emperor Charlemagne but the event was delayed by one year and the capital already spent could not be repaid. The Bible sold for 30 florins each, which was roughly three years' wages for an average clerk. Ce livre, remarquable par sa qualité d’impression, par son texte imprimé en noir et rouge et par la régularité de la fonte des caractères, décoré de lettrines ornées et filigranées, apporte alors une certaine notoriété aux deux hommes.

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