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} And in 2003, he married Cherie Lim, the silky-haired former actress and Kao Biore girl who was one of Ch 8’s leading ladies back in the early ’90s.

@font-face { font-family:"Belinda-W00-Regular"; @font-face { src: local('Enriqueta Regular'), local('Enriqueta-Regular'), url( format('truetype'); } Category: Actor @font-face { Why do you keep saying you’re fat?KIM LIM: I’ve always been like this. I decided that I should have the right to enjoy my pregnancy and not have anyone question me ’cos I don’t owe anyone anything.So you had a social media detox.Yeah. url("//") format("woff2"), But after becoming a mum, you really start to mature. Earning name and fame, along with wealth, isn’t an easy task. Just last week, I told him that I want to do that and he was like, okay.What do you do there?The operations and the marketing stuff.

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