Considering that Michael Jordan wore this colorway of the Air Jordan 1 more than any other colorway during his rookie year, and even played in a pair in 1998 during his final game at NYC’s Madison Square Garden as a Chicago Bull, it was obvious the demand for the 2013 Chicago Jordan 1s would be plentiful. However, after seeing a stranger wearing a pair of all-white dunks in an airport, he realized how similar they look to the Jordan 1. Guys, you absolutely HAVE TO follow our Instagram and join our community.

This is an easy way to detect a fake which is through the pair’s hangtag. In fact, excluding the patent leather version that released in 2003, Chicago AJ1s had only released twice before, in 1985 and 1994.

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But let’s leave that aside for a second. The real pair’s hangtag has a darker red shade while the fake has an orange shade hangtag. We hope this guide can help you secure your grail, and of course, feel free to request a legit check on our home page and our experts will get back to you faster than you can say Hydroxyfufu. However, most of the time, fake manufacturers fix a flaw and create 2 other flaws. Here’s something else we want to point out when it comes to showing you how to legit check the Nike Air Jordan 1. There isn’t a lot to cover here, besides the fact that the Nike swoosh has a different shape. If you guys have not realized, there is an “85” branding behind the side flaps. Moving on to the ™ character, the fake example in this case is too thick, quite the contrast from the previously analysed replica. Nonetheless, this is a hard element to point out to the naked eye, yet it might help some of the readers decide, especially if it’s paired with the hourglass shape flaw. Let’s have a look at this real vs fake Jordan 1 shape comparison below: The authentic example’s curvature (highlighted on the upper right side) is not something that you will find on every single original pair, so don’t take that as the go-to way every time. The perforations on the flap of the retail pair is nicely punctured while the fakes only have perforations that are half done (sort of).

Prior to this release, the Chicago version of the Air Jordan 1 had been one of the most rare variations of Jordan retros. That aside, our go-to thing still applies in this real vs fake comparison above: the wings elements are printed in a poorer manner — fuzzy lines and overlapping areas can be noticed. As a consequence, highlighted in the lower left corner, the sneaker’s sole sits higher. On the real Jordan 1, the tag is sewn down on the inside. As you will see in the pictures below, fake manufacturers manage to replicate 90 to 98% of the logo right, but there are some shortcomings. At the same time, the overall quality of the print is lower on the fake. High quality stitching can be hard to replicate. Besides, inspect the Air Jordan logo for any inconsistency such as: overlapping elements, too much space between elements, uneven letters. To learn more, please click on Privacy Policy.

The Air Jordan logo is not perfected even though it’s visible on the outside of the sneaker. Lastly, I’d have a look at the ™ character. JavaScript is disabled. Please note that this flaw is hard to spot when wearing the Jordans but it must be a dead giveaway for a fake. ‘The Ten’ collection definitely changed the landscape of the sneaker scene, making Nike the preferred brand after the recent Adidas Boost madness. On the other hand, the original AJ1 is curving in two places: above and below the medial line. However, most pairs have that kind of curvature, since they’re made using Nike’s higher-quality moulds. How can I spot fake Air Jordan 1’s in a couple of seconds?

Flipping the shoes over and inspecting closely this area, you’ll notice a star/asterisk pattern. Another thing you should take note of is the indented shape of the Wings logo as you may observe in photo 7.

LEGIT CHECK AIR JORDAN RETRO 1 "CHICAGO" 2013 RELEASE. As you can see, the “A” is not entirely legible in the fake example, while the H letter is wider. When we’re authenticating these sneakers, what we keep in mind is that the sole mustn’t be fantastically flat — and that’s all you need to know when it comes to legit checking the sole of the Air Jordan 1. As you would probably expect, there are some big discrepancies between the real vs fake Jordan 1 Chicago.

If there are small plastic bags carrying the extra laces, it is confirmed a fake and if the stitching on the shoes looks half done (similar to the perforations), or inconsistent, the pair is fake as well.

Ths same flaw can be noticed between “D” and “A” on the fake Air Jordan 1.

So close that they’re touching and sometimes even overlapping. Over here, the wavy text we’ve mentioned earlier is a glaring flaw on the counterfeit Air Jordan 1. It’s ironic how top-level fakes have this flaw again, in some cases. The overall font for these numbers is bolder on the fakes, As a consequence of #2, the space inside the holes of the 8 is smaller on the replica Jordan 1 box. For the real pairs, you may observe the symmetrical aesthetics and texture of the material used which differs from the fake pair which does not have a particular pattern. Based on photo 9, you may observe that the real pair’s Swoosh does not exceed the stitching as pointed in the photo. Moving on to the front of the shoe, we’ll have a deeper look at the perforations/holes found on the toe box. As you can see, the curvature of the swoosh is slightly different. All Rights Reserved. As you may observe from photo 5 and photo 6, the font is different from the real pair and the fake pair. Let us finish this way of spotting fake Nike Air Jordan 1 by dropping a second example, just to make everything clear: Something replica creators seem to not get right is the overall shape of the sneaker, making it too bulky. The indented shape can almost be considered a dead giveaway as it is a clear mark that separates the authentic and fake pairs.

Buy it from our partners! On the other hand, the fake Jordan 1 box has visible spacing between these letters and the font is different. Rather, we want to point out how the real Air Jordan 1 box label has these letters almost touching each other. What do I mean by weakly printed text? Let’s have a look at how to spot the fake Jordan 1 this way: There are quite a few things we can look out for but the broad statement is that you need to be aware of two things: The highlighted points show some quick giveaways for the thinner font, but the most important one is the “CHINA” text comparison. On the authentic pair, it seems like the toe box curves a tiny bit. To keep in line with the rest of the collection’s ‘ghosted’ or ‘vulcanized’ color palette, he wanted to release an all-white Jordan 1 High OG. Let’s start with the real vs fake Jordan logo comparison explanation from the left. If you’re wondering how to legit check Air Jordan 1’s, this is one of the fastest ways — look out for inconsistencies on the size tag, such as this one. Another part to look out is the wings itself, where the retail pair is equally distributed and does not combine each other, while on the fakes, some of the wings are attached to each other (check 1, 2, 3 and 4 from photo 2). Check out the comparrison shots below, courtesy of hupu . And remember, we have an authentication service as well — if the situation seems too complicated, we’re happy to help. The cut lace keeper on the left is legit. The steps we’ve written so far are the best ways on how to authenticate this item. © 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. This part is crucial as this is often used to determine whether the pair is authentic or not. Let’s flip the shoe over and have a look at the sole. Click the button below and wait for a message from our Facebook bot in Messenger.

This is the case with the fake Jordan 1 pair above since we can notice different spacing between the formation and the coloured suede panel between the two sneakers. But I digress.

As we’re getting close to the end of the real vs fake Air Jordan 1 comparison, we want to draw your attention to the sole of this sneaker. Fake Vs Real Air Jordan 1 – How To Spot Fake Air Jordan 1. You may remember back then the Fire Red / Toro Bravo Air Jordan 4s released that they were accompanied by some very convincing fakes. Over here we can notice that the fake letters are not bold, like in the previous comparison — but they’re also not getting the right amount of weight. Up next, we want to point out how the “J” and “O” are not completely separate on the fake Air Jordan 1, whereas on the authentic AJ1 example there is definitely spacing between the two. I’d quickly check whether the hourglass shape is present.

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